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Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Singapore

Kaya toast is a popular breakfast or snack  amongst Singaporeans and Malaysian.  It consists of kaya, a spread of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan on toasted or fresh bread or cream crackers. Butter or margarine may be spread as well. Singaporean loves to start their day eating kaya, in fact it is almost impossible to find a coffeeshop that doesn’t serve kaya.

I first tried Kaya toast in a Singaporean restaurant in Megamall and at first bite I fell in love with it. So when we visited Singapore last May I aim to have a bite of the authentic Kaya Toast.

It was a good thing that our hotel is near Ya Kun Kaya Toast. One of the best places to get your kaya fix in Singapore .

The typical way to order Kaya Toast is to get a set with Singaporean coffee and eggs.  Singaporean coffee reminds me of what I think is a Vietnamese style, or rather originally French coffee.  Using a tall metal pot and a high pour to add air into the coffee itself is wonderful technique that is employed in Singapore.  They also use condensed milk and hot water to keep the coffee from being too strong.

According to most Singapore locals, Kaya Toast is best eaten with wet and runny eggs with black sauce. Thanks to the waiter (or uncle..they call older men as uncle and older women as auntie), he instructed us how to eat kaya toast, we were  able to enjoy Kaya Toast much like how the locals do.

Uncle said, a bowl of  half-cooked eggs, needs drizzle pepper and put some dark soy sauce on it.  Swirl the thing around until the mixture becomes brown and gooey.

Take a kaya toast and dip it in the egg mixture. That’s when you take a bite of sweet and crunchy heaven.

Grab your cup of  kopi (coffee) or teh (tea) and take a sip. You will find that it is the perfect accompaniment to the kaya toast dipped in egg mixture.

By the way, when ordering kopi or teh in Singapore one must specify how you want it to be served to you,  So here are just some being offered in Ya Kun Kaya Toast:

Kopi, coffee with condense milk
Kopi-C, coffee with evaporated milk
Kopi-O, coffee with sugar only (Coffee Black)

Teh, tea with milk and sugar
Teh-C, tea with evaporated milk
Teh-O, tea with sugar only

That’s it. It is an enjoyable experience. If I were living in Singapore, I’d have this every single morning. True story! 

By the way, there are several branches of Ya Kun Kaya Toast here in Manila (MOA, Robinson’s Place, NAIA, Ortigas)  that I have to visit too 🙂

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