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Clarke Quay, Singapore

Have not updated lately…reason-I’ve been smitten with Anastasia and Christian. 🙂

Anyway, before I get busy with my reading let me share our last night in Singapore.

If you are traveling to Singapore, one of the places you must visit is Clarke Quay!
Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area. The quay is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay. – via

There are lot of things to do here like….

 Dine, Drink and hop around pubs!

The Cannery at Clarke Quay has many pubs and bars for you to drink and chill with your friends. What’s great about drinking there, is that the every pub and bar is unique in a certain way.

Stroll and sit along the river

Not someone who drinks? Don’t worry! Simply spend your time strolling and walking around the Quay. The breeze is cooling a or you can just sit down along the river, and enjoy every moment.

At night, there will also be street performers or buskers performing along the river to add life into the night. Shopping carts are also situated all around for you to shop for your souvenirs. All in all, you won’t feel bored at Clarke Quay!

Party is everywhere in this part of Singapore, even on the steets. Meron performer. 🙂

One thing I noticed,  even though it’s a party place, the place is still trash free. I admire their discipline. Inggit mode!

Scream at the top of your lungs

G-Max Reverse Bungy.  You’re thrown up  that reaches 60 metres in the air at speeds of up to 200 kph and hits G Force 5 — your hair might never look the same again . This is one hell of a ride and definitely not for the faint hearted.  It is located along the Singapore River and within walking distance from Clarke Quay MRT station.

By the way, I am a scardy cat so I did no try it hahaha.

G-Max Reverse Bungee


Would you try?

Aside from the G-Max Reverse Bungee there is also the GX-5 extreme swing, a rapid flying and free fall ride, it’s equally scary but looks fun.  I did not try it also. Yoko nga hahaha!

Ticket coast 49sgd each for G-max and Gx-5 (buti na lang mahal kaya hindi ako nag try hahaha)

A few walk from Clarke Quay is MITA Building.

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MITA) Building was originally the old Hill Street Police Station and Barracks (1934-1997). This colourful 6-storey building was designed in the classical Renaissance style. It comprises blocks arranged around two courtyards.

So that is how we spend our 4th night is Singapore.  I was a bit sad because the next day, we will fly back home. I will surely miss this immaculate clean place. 🙂

My trip was surely over but I still owe an entry about Singapore food….up next 🙂

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Bugis Street and some side trips

After our Esplanade, Merlion visit, we wandered around Bugis Market, one of the biggest and cheapest street market in Singapore, similar to our Divisoria.

 There is a Bugis Junction Mall which is connected to the MRT station. Shops in Bugis Junction Mall are the branded ones however if you really want bargain shopping, just cross the street and visit the Bugis Village. It’s a tiangge set up wherein you can haggle for the prices to be lower. You can buy clothes, Singapore souvenirs (key chains, t-shirts, etc.), food, and many others.  If you are looking for  souvenirs and pasalubong or just about anything, you will surely find it here. I am so sure of that. 🙂

See how crowded the place was. Kakahilo sa init!

I saw lots of street food stand. I initially wanted to try kaso ang mantika ng food. I had too much oil in my stomach since day 1 in sg.

 Red sausage , tempting hahaha!

This is what I want, a refreshing drink. I had a serving of waterchestnut and this time, it was good compared with the one I had in Sentosa.

Syempre a famous pasalubong to friends- Keychains. I think we bought 30 pieces yata. I also bought a sleeveless blouse with layered panels for 300 pesos. Very cheap. 🙂

Saglit lang kami sa Bugis, and init kasi hahaha, So we went back to Bugis Junction mall para magpalamig and I spotted J.Co. My favorite coffee tambayan  sa Pinas.

We had 2 alcapone, 1 green tease with almond (1sgd each).  HUbz and my sister ordered frappe, I had a serving of hot j.coccino. 🙂

After exploring Bugis, we went straight to our hotel and my sister went to her husband office for a bowling session,  we had a quick shower and went out to see my former officemate, hubz was also invited by his former officemate. So we went on a separate gala that evening.

My officemate/friend Mitch invited me to visit her place which is near Ikea.

Armed with a happy heart, we had a quick visit to her place and went to Ikea…Ikea was my favorite place when I was in Australia.  I bought bed sheets for a very cheap price and some mumunting bagay for our home.

If you’ll ask san nagpunta si Hubs…well boy bonding sila ng friend nya dito.

Clarke Quay

Siguro we went home around 12 midnight na. We were so tired but of course very contented and happy. To visit Singapore Icons, buy pasalubong for family and friends and to see your former colleagues  are so so priceless. 🙂

Up Next…day 4 in  Singapore – Chinatown, Singapore Zoo, more on Clarke Quay sight-seeing. 🙂

You might want to check my Singapore Blog series:

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Imbiah Lookout and Merlion
Sentosa Express and Palawan Beach
A bit of Orchard Road
Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place.

I love how Singapore is so clean and its such a safe city, there are so many different cultures and the people there are probably the most friendliest I have ever met on my travel. Native Singaporeans are a cultural mix of Chinese, Malay and Indians, and the rest of the population are expats. English is one of four official languages, though ‘Singlish’ is more widely spoken and the accent takes some getting used to.

Last May 23, hubz and I flew to Singapore to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniv Labs…143  🙂

We left Manila at 10am and arrived Singapore budget terminal at 1pm. By the way, a month before our planned trip, I asked my sister to fly to Singapore to visit her husband who is working there. Syempre para may tour guide kami hehehe. Since she is a masunurin kapatid to her ate, days before our mentioned flight, she flew to sg. 🙂

After boarding out of the plane, we walked directly to the Singapore immigration counters. Checked our passport and arrival cards. After the officer “stamped” our passport, we claimed our luggage and headed to the waiting area where my sister was patiently waiting for us. 🙂

Upon exiting the arrival area, there was a free shuttle service right outside the terminal. We were headed for the Changi Airport MRT station located at the basement level between terminal 2 and 3.

Changi Free Shuttle Service Pick-up Point

I am very impressed on their Airport procedure system. Very efficient. Nainggit naman ako.  😦

We took the MRT t get to our hotel but before that, I top-up our ez link card (my officemate lend us).  When in Singapore, this ez link card is a must have. It can be used in their train and bus system.

Tapping up is easy as 1,2,3 🙂

Passengers waiting for the next train which is a few minutes interval.  Kung nainggit ako sa airport system nila, mas inggit ako sa train system nila! Very efficient.

Anyway, I booked our Fragrance Hotel Riverside through  I picked this hotel becuase of it’s proximity to the MRT station (Clark Quay station) and I’ve been reading good review of this hotel.

So after 45 minutes (I guess) we arrived our hotel.

At the hotel, checking in was also a breeze. If you are booking through agoda don’t forget to bring, the voucher agoda send via email and the credit card you used online, the receptionist (a pinoy)  asked for it for verification purposes.

Our room was at the 2nd floor, rm208. I’ve noticed, while going to our room, the hallway is clean and has this nice smell that i love.

Clean hallways  and scented too, they surely live with their hotel name lah!!!!:-)

Inside our room, it’s a bit small…

When I place our things, see how small the room would be but we don’ t mind. As long as it’s clean.  Besides, we will be mostly out during the morning until evening since I made a jampacked itinerary . 🙂

our bathroom with fresh towels, hot and cold shower

the room also comes with a complimentary bottled water, coffee and a water heater.

After an hour of pahinga, went to Orchard Road, that would be on my next update. Please be back. 🙂

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