Baguio in December

Last December 28.  My husband, my niece Kat and I, went to Baguio City to unwind, bond and syempre to enjoy the cold weather.  We left Manila around 4.30am and arrived Baguio at around 11.30am. I got a deluxe room at Bloomfields hotel which I booked last October pa.

Our Room Number

Our bed.

Actually the room was  small. For P2610 (with breakfast) per night I think it’s  bit overpriced. Yung 2610 is for 2 person lang. Since we  brought my niece it’s an additional 350. If we pick additional person with mattress it cost 550. Eh when I saw how small the room is, yung 350 na lang. Buti na lang, we bring along our handy camping gears (mat, blanket and extra pillow.) So solve na yung niece ko dun.

The only good about this hotel is that, it’s very near to SM Baguio and walking distance to Session Road. 10 min walk to Burnham Park, Market and other business establishments in the city and since the hotel is situated in a busy street, you can hear the vehicular noise during the day and even in the evening.  There was also an on going construction so it added the noise in the morning.

A stone’s throw away to SM Baguio

After placing our things in the hotel, went to SM (san pa…) for a quick lunch and we headed to Mines View. We asked the taxi driver to bring us there, when we were close, it was so traffic na so we decided to walk na lang.  Yun nga lang hindi namin kabisado pag pagpunta kaya we follow our instinct and we  realized that we are in Good Shepherd Convent instead…

It was our first time here, We didn’t know na magkalapit lang pla and Good Shepherds and Mines View.

The Good Shepherd nuns make and sell different kinds of pasalubong items which are very popular among tourists / visitors in Baguio.

long queue of cutomers eager to have those yummy treats. 🙂

So I got, 4 jars of ube jams. 1 peanut brittle, 1 no sugar added strawberry jam, 2 chocolate chip cookies, it all cost, 1200 plus, the prices of Good Shepherd’s products are a little bit pricey.  Well, I just consider this written on the cap of the strawberry jam we bought. It’s for charity 🙂

Ube jam is a must try. It’s smooth creamy, not cloying…in short masarap. The rest of the products we bought, well nothing special, mahal lang talaga….hahahaha.

Good Shepherd also has a store for bread and coffee just across the cashier.

Since, we just had lunch,  we just had, civet coffee


It’s my first to taste this kind of coffee…at first I was hesitant kasi di ba, I know how it  became  civet coffee.  Pero syempre I gave it a try,  I am so glad, I did…kasi the taste  was so wonderful. Would love to have another cup sana kaso haba ng ng pila sa bakeshop. 😦

After that, we headed to Mines View Park.  Although there’s nothing really much to see in Mines View, the place is still one of the top destinations in Baguio. Nothing new to offer, with so many vendors peddling souvenir items, while some offer souvenir photo wearing Igorot costumes for a fee, or ride a horse or pose with a large dog, for a fee too.

Syempre I asked my niece na sumakay sa pink horse 🙂

Ang cute di ba?

Around 5pm we headed back to our hotel.  My husband slept for a while napagod kasi sa long drive….my niece slept din, napagod  ata kahit puro sleeping lang sa car from Manila to Baguio and inatupag, hehehe. While me, I was busy playing angry birds with my new toy 🙂

Thanks hubz for this fab Christmas gift. 143 🙂

Up next more Baguio pics,  most are food. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

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Blogging again from Manila

Hello…. after my six weeks stay in Doha, I am so back here in Manila. 🙂
Our Doha office was requesting us (the Manila Team)to extend until 1st week of December but our minds are all set to go home. Gusto ko na talagang umuwi…So after some meetings with the Doha team we finally agreed that we will go home.

So ayun nga, I arrived last Nov. 11. I really don’t know why pero parang sobrang namiss ko ang Pinas. Na enjoy ko naman ang Doha. I got friends naman dun,maybe I do wanted to go home because, Christmas na ang ambiance sa atin and I don’t want to miss a Christmas Tradition that I been doing for years and it’s collecting Starbucks stickers.

For this year, I have to collect 17 stickers by buying nine (9) Christmas beverages and eight (8) core beverages or purchase twenty-three (23) core beverages. Well, I decided to do option 1. 🙂

It’s the time of the year that I am a regular or shall I say an avid…coffee drinker at SB. Usually kasi, I try other coffee shops if I wanted a coffee fix. Buti na lang, the sandwhiches at SB are getting good. Actually meron na nga akong fave sa sanwhiches nila, before kasi I just get bagel and cream cheese lang.

My first sticker comes from a serving of Cafe Mocha. I also got a SB clubhouse sandwhich. I must say, this sandwhich is a real yummy. Favorite ko na sya. 🙂

Since I’ve been here in Manila for a week pa lang, 5 pa lang ang stickers ko (I started collecting last Monday lang). So I guess, will be a SB drinker for a moment.

So who wants to have coffee with me at SB?

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My friend M asked me to accompany her at Patchi to grab a box of chocolate. When we entered the Patchi store, OMG…the place was chocolate heaven.
This brand of chocolate is known for its line of decorated chocolates. Handmade decorations are wrapped around chocolate pieces and presented in colors and styles that match many occasions and season. I checked the price and they were really expensive ha. I saw one box (half kilo) and it cost 169 riyals (around 2000 pesos). I got curious why this choc is so pricey. So end up buying a box to bring home and share it with my husband in Manila. 🙂

This famous brand of chocolate came from Lebanon and is closer to Swiss or Belgium style chocolate.

I know my husband will go mad when he finds out how much this cost but sabi ko nga sa friend ko, might as well buy it here rather than buying it in Manila. Mag dadalawang isip lang ako. Besides it’s only once you get to have the chance bucks to buy something special.
By the way, the Patchi store in Manila was made famous by Ben Chan when he brought the franchise last year with a store at the Fort. 🙂

I tried a piece and I have to say, I understand why Patchi chocolates are so pricey. Patchi is a brand that blew my mind.  It really good. It is chocolatey delicious.  Really like it.

Maiba naman….

So…how are you everyone. Sorry wasn’t updating lately. Was really busy with work and tons of deadlines but thinking that next weekend I will be home, it ease all the tiredness. 🙂

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HK – Day 3 (Experience the magic)

Getting to Disneyland from NyongPing is easy.  It is just a station away from Tung Chung station, then a Disney train awaits you at the station. 

The train only serves a direct 1 stop route to Disneyland and each train comes pretty fast so you won’t have to worry if you miss one.

Hong Kong Disney train. MTR is super cute with Mickey windows .

and mickey mouse handle 🙂

The Train is spacious with very comfortable seats. They also have statues of different Disney characters.

posing while inside the train with my friends. Ayun si goofy sa gilid 🙂

Theres a short walk from the Station to the Ticket booth. Don’t worry, you’re just going to be walking through the front garden of Disneyland before actually getting in. You’ll feel like you’re already inside because the place is so awesome.

A single adult ticket  is HK$350 (around Php 2100)

When we got inside, the parade was about to start. We were so lucky to get seated in front and saw all the floats up close. 🙂

Hey Woody…why are you staring at me?

I bet there are Filipinos in this band…

and it was indeed a very colorful parade. Full of cheers and happiness.

Then my inner kid grew when I saw Mickey Mouse. 🙂

So after that eye candy parade, with our Disney map, we walked and explore more of the park.

We tried  “It’s a Small World” attraction.

 Take a trip on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Here, the children of the world sing and dance to the song “It’s a small world.” It’s a pleasant boat ride that will show off the  different places on earth and even in space and fantasy land! Kids and kids at heart will absolutely love the colors and all the toys and dolls around and what did you know, there’s a representative from our country….. 

 at ang cute ng tarsier, hehehe.

Then after that,  the very cute Lightning McQueen passed in front of us.

Astig nito!!!

I was able to have a photo with Mickey Mouse….

and saya saya….

Then we tried the Space Mountain. a thrilling high-speed ride.  It’s a space-themed enclosed roller coaster.  Actually, the 6 of us planned to try this but when the staff told that the highest drop would we be about 6 flrs high, 2 of my friends quit the idea of trying and its only 4 of us na lang. So now if you will asked me if how was it, the only word I can say is WOW!!!! This is something you shouldn’t miss as you go around, up and down in total darkness…And don’t forget to smile because they take a photo of you.

After we got tired of trying each and every rides, we then headed to main Street to check out Disney items….

 and i got Mickey’s girl and there were lots and lots of signature toys to choose from. This is my happiest day in Hong kong

Disneyland is all about happiness and magic!  What better way to celebrate a lovely day in Disney is to watch the Stars Fireworks Display at night?  Disneyland shows fireworks displays every night at around 8pm to wrap up the day. No pictures but I took a video. Let see if I can share it here.

There is something magical about a Disney.  It has the power not only to transport visitors back to their childhood, but also to a better childhood than memory serves. 🙂

Yeah…indeed I experienced the magic!

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Fix it

Are you tired? I am….

It’s a very busy week for me at the office…meetings left and right, submissions, deadlines, QA issues. Oh well!  That’s work life. Sometimes, you’re so busy that you suddenly realize that it’s eating too much of your time, that you don’t have any social life at all…or sometimes, your workload is so light that you are so bored and cannot wait for the clock to strike 5pm to go somewhere.

Now since I am so busy these days, I felt that I am losing my sanity…
to retain it, I got these sweet lindt bite size chocolates on my work table  from my ever sweet officemate MJ . Salamat 🙂


Sanity saver indeed!!!

What’s keeping you busy these days?

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Coffee and Freebies

I’ve been into several coffeeshops lately, maybe because it’s been raining a lot these days.
Like the other day, after strolling at the mall, hubz, my niece and I, decided to have coffee at Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme Green Lantern Doughnut and Caramel Chillers

I think, I would often this store because they are giving away Krispy Kreme goodies with their coffee passport promo. 🙂

The Coffee Passport, A cup of Cappucino with the reusable sleeve    and Mango Kruffin

The Coffee Passport  that allows you to collect stamps on every coffee base purchase and get freebies at certain milestones.

I already completed 3 stamps which entitles me to have 6 original glazed doughnuts……                                                                                                                        Collecting 6 more will let you have KK collectible mug and lastly, collecting another 12 stamps, will make you happy with free 12 original glazed doughnuts. Ang saya….I am such a sucker on promos hahaha.

Another thing why I am liking Krispy Kreme more compared to other coffee shops is that they have this reusable cup sleeve that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  It’s done tastefully  and actually has a nice feel to it.  I’m keeping one in my bag.  KK is giving rebates to those who reuse the sleeve on their next coffee order.  Re-use , recycle and get rebates. That is so awesome.  

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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It’s here – Weekend!

It’s Friday. So happy…yehey! Can you feel my excitement. 🙂

I don’t have any special plans this weekend. I will just enjoy the no waking up early days.  Isn’t fab?

It’s been a draining week at work that is why I am so eager to end this work week and now it’s Friday, I am celebrating my morning with a simple yet kick ass breakfast (exag ba?hahaha) Oh well not really a kick ass but a favorite comfort food. Pancake at Mcdo! Super love ko ‘to. 🙂

 A great way to kick off a Friday. Happy weekend everyone!

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Anniv. Getaway – Puerto Princesa Day 1

We left Manila at 8.15 am with cebpac, we arrived Puerto Princesa Airport at 9.30am

The hotel I booked picked us up from PPS airport. It was a 20-30 minutes travel to the our Hotel.

After we had lunch our tour guide Jake fetch us  for our city tour.

Our first stop was at the Crocodile Farm. It’s a breeding house of crocodiles and mini zoo at Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center about 30 minutes away from the city center. Aside from live crocodiles, we also saw the remains of one of the largest crocodile caught in the wild which attacked fishermen in the area.

After that, we visited Mitra’s Ranch, This ranch is owned by the late Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra. The ranch is situated on top of the mountain, overviewing the sea.

Next, we stopped by Baker’s Hill.   Also  known to be a theme park for Puerto Princesa citizens and tourists as well. Baker’s Hill is like a kiddie wonderland filled with fiberglass sculptures adapted from popular Disney characters.
Baker’s Hill started out as a usual bakery but they eventually expanded and decided to make it into a theme park. And now, this has become a popular destination for the Puerto Princesa City Tour.
 Baker’s Hill famous Hopia and Baker’s Kitchen Freshly made Pizza.
Next stop, Palawan Butterfly Garden. Funny, I only saw few as in very few butterflies in this garden.   The butterfly garden in Tagbilaran,  Bohol that we visited last year has way more butterflies and plants than in this one. Anyway, there was this one insect that caught my attention.

Stick Insect

That stick looking thing on top is the Stick Insect.  It’s my first time to see such kaya masyado akong na amaze. 🙂

Then our tour guide brought us to Baywalk where this can be found…

Ang Prinsesa ng Baybay (Princess of Ports)

A fiber glass sculpture by Ronel F. Roces located at the Baywalk. “Ang Prinsesa ng Baybay “Simbolo ng Ating Kultura at Buhay”

Then theres this colorful fish statues also located in Baywalk park. 🙂

After that we headed to The Grim Past of Plaza Cuartel.

Plaza Cuartel, located just a few meters away from Immaculate Conception Cathedral, has a dark past. During the World War II, 143 American soldiers were burned inside the tunnel (see above photo) by Japanese soldiers. Eleven soldiers were able to escape from Plaza Cuartel. In 1997, Plaza Cuartel was transformed into a leisure park after it was occupied by the National Police. 

Our last stop was at a tiangge souvenir shop in the city proper. The shop sells Palawan t-shirts, keychains, pearls, cashew nuts, bags, and many more. I bought, few souvenirs for my family and friend back home.

Palawan City tour is a tiring activity but worth it. So if you are going to Puerto Princesa don’t forget to include this in your itinerary. 🙂

Up next, our Undergound River and Sabang Beach Tour. 🙂

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Quote of the Week

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” Happy weekend everyone and I’ll see you in a few days. Tah-tah!!!!

~ Robert Byrne
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Dinner last night.

Was making another experiment in the kitchen last night. I was planning to make stir fried noodles for dinner but it turned out a bit salty that I could not fix it anymore 😦

I remember, I  have a pack of Japanese miso soup in our fridge. I am not so sure what the noodles will taste like when the miso soup be added,hmmm…

So did some few steps and tadahhhh!!!

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Closing 2010

2010 has been a memorable year for me. Many things happen, blessings were overflowing, love was so abundant and family bonding was countless.

Early 2010 I was sent to Sydney to work there for 3 month. I had never imagined in my entire life that I would see and touch the opera house. It was such an awesome experience, so awesome that I jumped for joy when I first saw the opera house. The only thing was, I missed my family on my birthday and homesickness was so troublesome. Gladly I met Ibyang and her husband Chris. Ibyang is a blogger residing in Sydney.  An awesome couple, super nice nila kaya when its time for me to go home here it was painful din.Hope to see Ibyang and Chris soon.

When I came back here in the country, it’s Bohol that I invaded with the husband on our 7th year. Bohol was so lovely.  Bohol had a lot to offer in terms of adventure and history. Would love to come back again very soon.

This year also, I was given an opportunity to lead our technical team in my work. Being a coordinator is a bit time consuming than my usual work but this role enables me to attend conferences, meetings outside the office, mingle with the aussies and a lot more that enables me to level up my career.

When everything are doing great, still there are things that are beyond my control.
Hubz nephew who was fighting with the big C for almost 2 years was admitted at the hospital this December.He is under coma.  According to his parents he will be discharge from the hospital this Sunday. I never imagine that we would be in this kind of situation.  I cried many times for him.  Please include him in your prayers.  The family and I entrust everything to God.

These are only few events that happened this 2010, events that made me build more of my self confidence, events that ties the family more, and events that made us more spiritually in touch with God and this 2011, I wish for God’s miracle. I am wishing that for my nephew. I wish that each family member be strong in health and in faith. I pray for abundance for our family.

 Happy New year to all.

PS…we got a winner na for the BDJ planner. My dear husband helped me decide.  Will annouce it later!  🙂

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After Christmas

Pandesal and leftover ham, the best post Christms breakfast for me.

How was your Christmas? Ours was a relaxing one. We just stayed home and enjoyed the day with food, lots of food. hahaha!

By the way I am thinking of having a New Year’s give-away. Will post the mechanics on my next post. Stay tune. 🙂

Enjoy the day everyone.

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Quiet time

Warrior is a Child
by Gary Valenciano

Thank you Lord for the strength you are giving us. Thank you Lord for the continous blessing. We experience your mighty power, your mighty hands. Everyday is a miracle. Your such an awesome God.

To God be the glory.

Dante and Jeanny

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Starbucks 2011 Planner

I got my Starbucks planner for 2011.  It was labeled “My Third Place”. Its explanation was in a form of a short quote:

Now may I present my 2011 Starbucks planner.

The Planner comes  in a red packaging like what they had from last year. To get this planner, you have to get 17 stickers. Every sticker card that gets filled up is equivalent to a donation to SparkHope–Starbucks’ charity program with UNICEF.  The design  I chose was the Wood design. I think, the 2011 cover is the best so far since it captures the essence of a rich and relaxing coffee moment.

For this year, the planner has  this neat  metallic Starbucks cup bookmark, so cute!

At the back cover, you will see the discount cards that you can use depending on the dates as stated on the coupon.

I will surely enjoy this year’s planner. Who doesn’t. Having this planner is hard work. 🙂

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Quote of The Week

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
-Mother Teresa

Have a great week everyone!

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