Write it, Right?


Aside from my camera,  I always take with me  my notebook and my favorite green pen.  You can never tell when inspiration will comes out, when a sagacious idea will suddenly pop, when thoughts will cross your mind or maybe when you see a recipe or tips that you find on magazines or books that interest you. You just can never tell right?

Like last Monday, I was inside the lounge area in a tire store, while waiting for the husband, I saw an article about tips and tricks on photography. I got interested so I copied it. 🙂

In the digital era that we have, I still like the real feel of a pen scratching across the paper. It just makes me feel happy doing those stokes from my right hand (please excuse my not so neat handwriting).

Computers are powerful piece of gadget but somehow they do not have the ability to capture fleeting thoughts like a paper and pen can.

So what do you bring along, a digital notebook or the classic notebook and pen?

Have a nice weekend ahead.

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Let the countdown begin!


How time flies so fast as in really really fast.

It’s seem that I was just waiting for the BER months and now look it’s September already and it will be another Christmas within the next few months.

Few more days, many of us will start shopping for Christmas to avoid the rush. In a few weeks, streets and some homes will be lighted with bright chrismassy colors.  Some would  sync Christmas songs in their  i-pods, i-phones or mp3 player. Then the television will soon air Christmas cartoons. Then there would be lots of party to attend. More gifts to give and receive. Oh such a wonderful season indeed.  I really cant wait.  🙂

Now, what’s your wish for this coming Christmas by the way?

if  you’ll ask me, I have one….
Wish my sister will spend Christmas here! But if she cannot there’s always the internet to bond us. Yay!!!! 🙂

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lull me more

It was past midnight.
I can’t sleep….

I turned on my iPod and listens to good old music. I was listening to Martika’s Love thy will be done, I set it in a repeatedly played manner. As the music plays I closed my eyes and felt that I was transported back in time.

As the music plays…..

-many scenarios from my past flashes, some were of happiness whilst others were of sadness.
I remembered there were regretful things that I owe not to make but thinking now, why should I regret it, I’ve learned from those mistakes not to make me perfect but to make me human.

-more from my past shows. Some were heartaches. I then said, I won’t make it, it’s the end of the world for me that time….silly me, however those heartaches made me more passionate not only to love but to be loved.

-names, places, and events slowly sink in my mind. I smiled. I frown, I laugh a bit. It was great to be reminded of those people, of those events of those places, why? Because they are memories, and memories are there not to forget but to reminisce.

As I close my eyes….

-I at once heard myself singing the same song on my mind. What do you know, I still remember the lyrics. It’s more than ten years since I last played that song! 😉

-while the same old song still plays, I suddenly felt that my brain is willing to be in one with my body. Slowly, bit by bit.

This is my way….uniting myself to sleep. What’s yours?

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GO go …

It’s 11:10pm here, five minutes from now, I’ll be leaving the office.

I am so tired. Wish I am like Christensen that could teletransport in no time. I would jump over to be in our house in a sec. That would be great. Then I’ll have a quick shower and flip myself onto bed and be at neverland…woooh!!!

There is no place like home indeed. What the heck I am doing here anyway!!!!

Off I go now. See you all later!


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Hmmm… I somehow feel that I’m at the internet shop today .

Nahhh , I’m at work and not doing any workloads. So I just chat, check emails, surf, go to the rest room from time to time or make my way at the water station and fill my cup with cold water or make coffee. Hmmm…this is life. Hahaha!

On the other hand, this is a bit boring. You know, lots of websites are restricted in our system such as flickr, youtube, friendster, ebay, multiply, blogger, wordpress to name some. If not of the new blogging feature of MS Office word 2007, this update won’t be possible. MS office You rock!

As I was saying, surfing here isn’t that fun but thanks to Mr. IT, he haven’t block twitter yet. Hmmm…actually, he uses twitter too, I stumble upon his account the other day. Maybe that’s the reason why twitter is still accessible. I’ve read his twits and made my brow raise (chika ito, harhar).

Now, it’s about 4:00pm and 2 more hours I’ll be seeing hubz. I missing him already (read mo labs, miss kita). Guess that’s about it. I’ll see yah later.

By the way…how’s work today, hope not boring as mine!

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Moving on

I feel so tired lately. I really don’t know why. My work schedules was not that loaded but I felt I am tired. By the time I arrived home, I wanted to have a decent sleep but “sleep” don’t want to cooperate with me. It’s like, you body is willing but the mind doesn’t, weird right!

A week ago, I bought some sleeping tabs. I asked the druggist if I can buy some without any prescription, I was amaze to know that I could have them without doctor’s prescription. So I bought two tabs for 45php each. So last night, it was almost 2am and what you know, I was still wide awake…bummer! I remembered about those sleeping tabs I bought but it scared me because I might get up too late for work. So instead of taking those, I opted to have a glass of warm milk and put some minty oil on my forehead. The aroma of the minty oil made me sleepy. So the next thing I remember, my eyes were shutting. Now I knew what to do next time, warm milk and the minty oil does the trick

By the way, this weekend, we’ll be at the wake of Dj’s uncle who left the family last Monday. The last time I meet uncle P was five years ago during our wedding and I didn’t expect that I will meet him again on this sad scenario. Guess that’s how life is. I’m just thankful, I was able meet to him.

Have a great day everyone!

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The Drive

driving somewhere?

A typhoon is whirling the city. It’s raining really hard. The roads are slippery, the scene is not that visible. It’s scary to be on the streets right?

Have you been into this situation. Driving in the middle of a typhoon. Care to share you experience.

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Rock On!

Times where Im bored…I’m usually in front of my laptop surf the net, blog, visit friendster, multiply or any site that I dig up interest with while Im playing the music that soothes me.

What music do I usually like. Hmmmm. I love the music of goo goo dolls, 3 doors down, The Creed to name a few. Friends says Im a rakista (rocker) daw. He he he. Methinks, my music evolves from the simple rnb genre to this kind. I have a two college friends whose been playing in a band before and we usually hang-out at mayrics (a small bar infront of UST) after school. Sikat na sikat pa ang ilan sa mga bands like ehead and parokya (sikat pa rin sila ngayon). Well music has been a part of my everyday life. I don’t have an ipod but my v3xx phone is loaded with my favorite music which I always play as I go to work, as I work, as I had my breaks. Hmmm…most of the time pala.

Can I know what music are you into. Can you list your favorite songs. Who knows I might love the song too, just forgetting about it.

Great Saturday to all.

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Wish ko lang

Gosh Im so tired, Been working so hard at the office. Been doing overtime since Tuesday and been doing that for 4 consecutives days already. My oh my wish I could have a job that will allows me to go to work when I wanted. hehehe. But ofcourse it’s impossible if Im just the employee. Good thing we have this biz that hubz and I own and here we are not over work, and here there are no overtime because we are the boss. 🙂

La lang nag papatanggal lang ng pagod. hehehe

Have a splendid weekend everyone

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Virtual Visit

It’s past valetine but for hubz and I, our love will always be in the air. Last night I asked him, if we were given a chance to travel for a short trip where would it be. He answered anywhere as long as it’s with me. So sweet of him. 🙂

Actually, I do want to be with him in Europe, In Ireland to be exact. Got lots of friends settled there and them sending emails and lovely pictures made me so giddy about the place.

One of the great place to visit according to my college friend R (whose been living in Ireland since we graduated in college) is Dublin. Since we both love great architecture, Most of the streets in the centre of Dublin were laid out in the Georgian era of the 18th and early 19th centuries. I find it very romantic, walking down the streets with such awesome touch of building desings. 🙂

Another one she mentioned is Cork City. The place is know as European Capital of Culture in 2005. The city has a rich social life and is the centre each year for the International Film, Jazz and Choral festivals. Aside from great structures, I also would love to roam in a city where culture is rich and Cork is the perfect place to do that. 🙂

Another one I would love to visit if given a chance is Belfast at North Ireland. A vibrant, fast-moving city where great sight seeing can be enjoyed. A nice place to do shopping and dining too. Belfast is a city where lots of restaurant are there to dine. As what friend R said, you’ll find every kind of restaurant you could wish for. Looking for Italian dishes, or Asian maybe or even Indian dishes, name it they have it. Aside from that, Belfast is a known place for drinking. Pubs are almost everywhere. Hmmm…think I’ll be loving Belfast more. 🙂

Friend R also said that a short stay at Ireland is hassle free because there are lots of reasonable places to stay at such as in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Galway.

Oh well enough of the dreaming here. For the meantime, Hubz and I would be contented in just cuddling here in our cozy home but who knows we might be in Ireland hmmmm…in our dreams maybe for the meantime. 🙂

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