Party Friday

Cheers its Friday!

An old shot but it doesn’t mean I am not having a drink tonight. 🙂

So saan ang gimik nyo? Wherever it is, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Have a splendid weekend friends.

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Last Weekend at Sydney

Here is the last part of my Sydney experience. As I was saying before, it was such an awesome 3 months for me.

Now let me share how did I spend my last weekend there….

Thursday evening, I was invited by Ibyang for dinner.

Then she introduced me to Buknoy. Ibyang and Chris’ Canon 7D

Grabe it’s so so gorgeous.  The cam was so lovely, powerful. Kainggit. 🙂

The three of us spent the evening chatting, strolling at Circular Quay and syempre with photoshoot

Oh di ba, so lucky because I have friends like them who love to take photos. Ganyan kami lagi pag magkakasama, they take more of my photos. Feeling ko model ako hahaha. Thanks again sa inyo. 🙂

Friday….was so busy at work. We got deadlines kasi. 🙂

Then  Saturday naman.  I was able to do last minute shopping at DFO-Direct Factory Outlets.It’s no-frills group of discount shopping centres in Australia. So madaming sale talaga.

I think every girl will love shopping here.

Then that evening, I was at ANZ stadium (Z is pronounce as Zed)  to watch a  rugby game.

I didnt expect that I will love the game.  It was exciting  pala. 🙂

The next day…. Sunday after  church. Gumala naman sa city. 🙂

Autumn na….. I was so lucky to experience this too.

I visited Hyde Park again.

Then looked inside  Art Gallery of NSW . A leading museum of art in New South Wales and Sydney.

Then Darling Harbour.  A favorite place for entertainment and leisure.

It was tiring but  its an experience for keeps. 🙂

Oh I yeah…..I love Sydney!

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Coffee and Mate

The usual cup of cappucino from our Sydney office pantry will surely be miss as well as the bunch of awesome mates that I knew here. My working days are totally amazing here.
Wish I could live in two wonderful places. Sydney and my home.

I’ll surely miss Sydney and its people nevertheless I am missing my home more. Uuwi na ko bukas yehey!!!

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My new toy

I was worried that my luggage be overweight so I decided to buy this new toy.

It’s a digital luggage scale. Its so handy for travellers. This digital luggage scales help you check in your luggage safe in the knowledge that you are within the airline’s required baggage limits. So no more paying for excess baggage. 🙂

Anyway, I am still on the process of packing my things up….


Since Im going home na, lets have a welcome party and have a contest. Hulaan time. But before that I’ll finalize everything first I’ll post the mechanics on Sunday na lang. Right now kasi, still busy oraganizing my things. So watch out.

If you like eating chocolates and sweets and if you want some cute souvenirs from OZ (not koala and kangaroo ha), this is the contest for you mate. 🙂

Hope you will join. See yah!

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Homesick ba?

Yeah I believe that shopping is the ultimate stress reliever.

Just look. I need to send some of my stuff through a courier. Hay, imagine, I bought stuffs from keychains, to ref magnets, to bags, shoes, perfume and lately a paella pan.

Funny because there are things I bought that are also available in Pinas. The price difference isnt that big either basta I bought it because I want it and somehow it lessen my homesickness, excuse na naman!hahaha!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Just in one day

Attending Sunday service at Hillsong Church made my stay here in Sydney more wonderful. There is such a strong sense of growing strength, unity, passion and vision. Another thing, I meet a new friend from the church. She was so kind and accommodating. She even brought us to some lovely places outside the city.

So let me share some photos of that exciting day.

We started the day rushing ourselves because we wake up so late and we wanted to catch the 12 noon church service.

We were at the central station for the free bus service from the Church. In less than ten minutes we were at Hillsong located at Young St., Waterloo.

There were lots of attendies but we were lucky enough to be seated on the 3rd row. Ang galing ng music ministry nila. Hoping to see Darlene Zschech and/or Nigel Hendroff before we go home sa Pinas 🙂
It was really an awesome experience. My officemate and I planned to attend the last 3 Sundays that we will spend here in Sydney.

After the church service, we were invited to have coffee at their lounge area.

and this is where we meet B. The nice filo (yeah thats what they call pinoy here) who brought us to clovelly and coogee. It was around 3pm na when we left the church.

Oh…she first brought us to Clovelly beach. It was just a quick visit though as we dont have any place to park.

Then we had lunch at FiveO’s

the three of us ordered fish and chips for take away but we decided to eat in the resto as it was windy outside.

Fish and chips seems to be my favorite food lately. Ahhh thats a different story na pala. Anyway, I paired my lunch with a glass of orange juice. 🙂

While eating I was looking from a far. I just wish hubz was here.

Okay enough of the drama muna, Happy moments for the time being. So after our lunch, we just cross the street and I was like a kid so excited to see coogee beach….

Another lovely place to relax

Awesome isn’t?
We stayed for a few minutes, we were on our feet walking on the sand while the splash touches our feet. Sarap ng feeling. 🙂

After that we had a quick drive through centennial park. Wasnt able to take photos kasi lowbat na ang p&s ko.

So there, another new experience here in Sydney. I will cherish when I get back home. 🙂

Happy Easter eveyone!

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It was a lovely evening, as the wind blows and sways my hair, I can feel the excitement of seeing the lovely sky. I decided to take a photo of the moon and the lovely sky. Awesome isn’t?
Oh that man by the way took a shot of the famous Opera house and Sydney Bridge.

Might take a photo as well. 🙂

Would you believe this place is just a few minute walk from our apartment. Saya di ba?
Have a nice day everyone!

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Update lang

I had a busy week  but as I’ve said before, the splashing sound of water refresh  my tired being.

So there was I, posing with this peace sign at Clovelly Beach.  Glad to meet this nice person from Hillsong Church that we attened last Sunday. She was the one who brought us to that lovely place.  It was really amazing meeting her and most of all she’s pinay.

So yeah that was I with a huge smile….. no traces of boredome nor tiredness.  🙂

Will tell  more about the Hillsong experience and the pasyal that we made outside the city.

Have a great week everyone!

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Emote control

Eating alone is not fun….

Guess I am homesick but then again I know I’m so lucky to be  here.

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Vintage anyone?

Glad I didn’t miss this…

I tagged along with Ibyang and Chris at Sydney Camera Market this Sunday. There were great range of cameras, lenses and other accessories most at pretty good prices. I never actually need anything, I just want to look around and try to have a bit of fun searching for something a little different.

Here are the lovely vintage Slr  cameras and lenses….

and more…..

point and shoot film camera….so fab!

what did you know, I brought this home. 🙂

It was another awesome aussie experience.   🙂

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1st Month

Its March already and it’s my first month here. 8 more weeks and I’m heading home. Cant wait as in I really cant wait to get home, in fact I am starting to buy souvenirs and I am not done yet….

I already bought keychains, ref magnets and coaster and few packs of chocolates. Hay….shopping relieves me from being homesick wag nga lang ma over baggage, hahaha!

Oh what do you want by the way?

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Korean Street food at Sydney

An absolute staple in Korean street-food called ddukboki or tteok – it’s sweet and spicy rice cakes. I bought it on my way home at Pitt St. Since my apartment is just a few minutes away, I decided to eat it at home. This dish consists of cute cylindrical rice cakes, and some pieces of fried chicken fillet pieces.  For 3 dollar per stick, its worth it and yummy too. I think mapapadalas bili ko nito. hehehe!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Chili Choco

This is one unusual chocolate bar so out of curiousity, I opted to try it,

and the experience….

Well at first taste, all you get is the luscious taste of a very rich cocoa but as it melts in your mouth the creamy chocolate melts over your tongue with the a slight hint of chili heat comes through. Kakaiba!!!!

It may not be a favorite but this bar however impressed me. 🙂

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So wonderful

Last Friday afternoon, the sky was dark and it’s almost raining but my officemate and I already planned to see her…

so there…..

Aint she Grand…

Promise to visit her again once the weather is good. Excited na ko 🙂

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Rainy Weekend

We’ve been here for almost two weeks and experienced rainy weekends  but it wont stop us in exploring the streets near the place we live in.

Like this Sunday….

Just a few blocks away there’s St. Mary’s Cathedral. This is one of the heritage building of the city.

Here’s the  other side of the said church. Very intricate design and so grand!

Then just across the street is Hyde Park where the Archibald Fountain is located.

Being the centerpiece of the Hyde Park it features on numerous postcards and in every tourist book as a major attraction. Amazing naman kasi di ba?

Sorry wasnt able to take a good photos as  it was raining and I dont want my camera to get wet hehehe.

Hope next weekend would be a sun shiny day.  🙂

Have a good week everyone!


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