Blogging again from Manila

Hello…. after my six weeks stay in Doha, I am so back here in Manila. 🙂
Our Doha office was requesting us (the Manila Team)to extend until 1st week of December but our minds are all set to go home. Gusto ko na talagang umuwi…So after some meetings with the Doha team we finally agreed that we will go home.

So ayun nga, I arrived last Nov. 11. I really don’t know why pero parang sobrang namiss ko ang Pinas. Na enjoy ko naman ang Doha. I got friends naman dun,maybe I do wanted to go home because, Christmas na ang ambiance sa atin and I don’t want to miss a Christmas Tradition that I been doing for years and it’s collecting Starbucks stickers.

For this year, I have to collect 17 stickers by buying nine (9) Christmas beverages and eight (8) core beverages or purchase twenty-three (23) core beverages. Well, I decided to do option 1. 🙂

It’s the time of the year that I am a regular or shall I say an avid…coffee drinker at SB. Usually kasi, I try other coffee shops if I wanted a coffee fix. Buti na lang, the sandwhiches at SB are getting good. Actually meron na nga akong fave sa sanwhiches nila, before kasi I just get bagel and cream cheese lang.

My first sticker comes from a serving of Cafe Mocha. I also got a SB clubhouse sandwhich. I must say, this sandwhich is a real yummy. Favorite ko na sya. 🙂

Since I’ve been here in Manila for a week pa lang, 5 pa lang ang stickers ko (I started collecting last Monday lang). So I guess, will be a SB drinker for a moment.

So who wants to have coffee with me at SB?

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Starbucks 2011 Planner

I got my Starbucks planner for 2011.  It was labeled “My Third Place”. Its explanation was in a form of a short quote:

Now may I present my 2011 Starbucks planner.

The Planner comes  in a red packaging like what they had from last year. To get this planner, you have to get 17 stickers. Every sticker card that gets filled up is equivalent to a donation to SparkHope–Starbucks’ charity program with UNICEF.  The design  I chose was the Wood design. I think, the 2011 cover is the best so far since it captures the essence of a rich and relaxing coffee moment.

For this year, the planner has  this neat  metallic Starbucks cup bookmark, so cute!

At the back cover, you will see the discount cards that you can use depending on the dates as stated on the coupon.

I will surely enjoy this year’s planner. Who doesn’t. Having this planner is hard work. 🙂

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