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How am I doing today?

Well…work is still fine. I am still in love with what I am doing. It’s just that, there is someone at work that really pissed me. She used to be a close office mate until she  made lots of stories about herself and about her personal life. It’s like she is living in a world that she wanted.  Im am beginning to unlike her. Sigh…

Hope this box of chocolate will make my day fine

 Are you not in the mood today? C’mon get this piece. 🙂 Let’s all have a happy Monday!

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Holy Week ’09

Happy Easter!

It’s been a relaxing week. I was on leave since Tuesday and took the time off from anything that is related to work. Last week was all mere family bonding. Playing with my niece, talking with my sister about her wedding preps. More coffee talks with the husband, family outing and lots of family related things.

Oh I also got a chance to plurk. hahaha. Actually, I got my plurk account since last year but was not able to explore it and besides I am happy with twitter . Until last week, I decided to gave it a try once more. I never thought that plurking was so addicting. There’s  continuous interaction with one plurker to another. A great place to share ideas. Getting a higher karma is so rewarding and got a chance to interact more with my blogger friends. So fun.
Here’s  my plurk place by the way. Do visit me okay. 🙂

Oh I’m still on leave today (the husband too) I’ll be back to work tomorrow So still got time relax more.

Hope everyone  had a relaxing and meaningful Holy Week! 🙂

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What I feel.

Please forgive me if I was not able to bloghop, I had both hands full. Right now, I am still at work trying to beat our last deadline for our US client. As I’ve said in one of my previous entries, our American client no longer renew their contract. This will end our partnership with them, hence making our team be assigned in a different department.
So how do I feel now? A bit sad. It’s true that saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. A while ago as I was writing my farewell email to the bosses and those people whom I had been communicating for the last two years, I cannot help tears fall. It’s been my diurnal to check their email first thing in the morning and communicate with them through skype. Starting next year, things would be a lot different.

But as spoke…nothing in this world is forever. I am just grateful, I was once a part of the Manila team.

So….Okay enough of the sadness. I will get back to work 🙂

Oh by the way, the husband got the present for me. It’s wrapped already and safely kept under the tree. Actually I knew what it is but I asked him to wrap, hahaha. 🙂

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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Baking 101

Last Saturday I was able to heed a six hour class on Baking 101 with Chef Patti Loanzon of Heny Sison Culinary School.
Based on the lecture, the objective of the class is to introduce basic approach and vocabulary to make each to follow simple recipes and will enable to outstrip a more complicated and complex recipes.

Yes I knew a little on baking and yes I can follow recipe instructions but sometimes, there are question that pops my mind. I am desirous to find answers. The internet is of great help but of course, having a first hand knowledge from real experts will always be the best way of learning. I am more confident now after I attended the class because somehow, I not only knew how to bake goodies but also I now knew some technical aspects on baking.
I know I have a long long way to go but at least I have begun a percentage of it.

Glad I enrolled myself.

Oh you might asked what did we baked, we prepared Lola’s Yellow Cake, Chocolate Banana Cake, Snickerdoodles, Chocochip cookies, After Eight Brownies and Caramel bar.

So last night, I wanted to try the recipe myself so I made two of my personal favorites


Yellow Cake

It’s been a long time that I wanted to bake a great tasting Yellow Cake and this recipe is just plain perfect and I bake this too for my sister’s birthday. She just loved it. (Happy Birthday lil sister. love yah)

Caramel Bar

And these caramel bars are simply yummy. Hubs also favored this 🙂

So after the basic 101 class I wanted to try different lecture. Attending baking classes is so addictive. lolz!!! Hopefully my work sched will cooperate.

So that’s it for now….have a great week everyone!

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Making my dream come true.

I will take a short class (1 day only for 6 hrs) on baking. It’s always been a dream of mine to learn from the real experts so I could be an expert too hahaha. Then I hope next time I could take classes here. Glad they conduct training here in Manila. 🙂

I am making my dream come true one step at a time. I’m so happy 🙂

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I love celebrations. Whatever it is. say Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Graduation, An addition to the family, A successful exam, a great interview or any reasons to celebrate.
I love taking part in the preparation. Yes it is tiring but after the party itself, it is fulfilling to know that I somehow made the celebrant happy!

So yes….
We celebrated mom’s birthday last Saturday and feasted on the great food we prepared. We had the Pork kare-kare , Beef Caldereta, Steam fish, Pancit, Lumpiang Shanghai, the cake I bake and my sister prepared Maja Blanca. Mom was so happy with the preparation we did though she cooked most of the food. hahaha!
When dinner was served, I was too excited to start eating. I enjoyed the kare-kare with bagoong..and the spicy kaldereta, oh heavenly. It’s not that often that I eat this kind of food, you could imagine how giddy I was. 🙂

Oh NO!!!!!!!
I gained 3 pounds, after that uhhhohhhh. Bad Jeanny!!!!
But hey I can’t resist these yummies.

Another thing to celebrate….

my sister’s boyfriend was there. I could not help looking at them. It reminds me of our days where Dj was still my bf. Mushy!!!!hahahah
Anyway, sister and A are such a cute couple. I did not post their pic, my sister will kill me if I’ll do that. Actually she did not know that I am sharing her love story here, she knew I have blogs but she really don’t know it’s url, hehehe….
sorry sis, I am just so excited for you! Just in case you might find this blog, rush on the wedding Bells please!!!

and finally!!!!!

Just today the 22nd of September, hubby and I celebrated our 6th years as sweethearts. 🙂
Imagine we’ve first found out that we we’re in love 6 years ago. Awesome! Love you labs. Thanks for the rocking gift. I so love it!

Okay, okay enough with all the excitements!
as a wrap-up, my weekend was a great one as usual.

How was yours by the way?
and oh….what’s the next celebration you are preparing? How was it?
Hope your enjoying it. 🙂

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At the province!

This weekend was a tiring one. Husband, my-in-laws and I went to Nueva Ecija Friday evening. On arriving, we were greeted by their relatives whom I barely knew and I did have a hard time remembering all those names. Though we’ve been married for five years, I only met few of his relatives because most of them lives at Nueva Ecija. I was also amazed knowing that large part of the baranggay are all their relatives. Actually, it was my second time to be there, my first one was a quick visit. So I didn’t have the ample time to see the wonderful fram and the sunset view beyond rice fields. I know it was not the right time to explore the beauty of the province since whole clan mourns for losing their beloved uncle but my husband and the in-laws are so kind enough to bring me and Aunt B Saturday afternoon at this beautiful place where we saw the abundant beauty of nature.

It was a lovely sight. Seeing the true beauty of the sun about to set.

Then the next day, I was amazed with this beautiful sight
great gift from God!!!!
The sunshine greeted me!

Though there were no internet connection which I cannot live without, my 2 day stay was okay but of course I’ve been wanting to go back in the city, I miss my blog and bloghopping. So I’m off to blogging. So how was your weekend? 🙂

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Senti mode

Lapit na anniv namin. It would be next week na. The great question is, will he be with me to spend our wedding anniv together or will I just email to greet him. Wuahhhh!!!!!

Keeping my fingers cross. Two weeks lang naman kaso not now please, pwede a week after next week na lang. huhuhu….

Just don’t wanna be lonely…..

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Weekend Saya

yes…It’s a Saturday. Time to unwind and be happy. After the tiring week, I deserve some relaxing right. For today, hubz, I and my ever loving in-laws went swimming. Guess what??? I havent forgot hubs swimming pointers, hehehe. Yung nga lang I enjoy it at 3-4 feet lang. Cant go deeper yet, still don’t have the guts but who knows, we might go swimming again and I might try having the glory 🙂

and oh, it’s AJ birthday. He’s 10 now. I baked coffee cupcake (which my mother inlaw so loved) and devil food chocolate cupcake both topped with buttercream frosting. I’m so glad they both love my cupcakes. Yebah.


here’s the two flavors I baked. Sorry not yet good in swirling. I’ll practise more 🙂

Fave ko

here’s my favorite, coffee cupcake (hubs too love this) promise this is yummy 🙂

Hmmmm come to think of it, I have baked 4 flavors already. Done the butter cupcake (lasang puto to, hehehe) Chocolate cupcake (that’s actually 2 kinds, chocolate chip cupcake and devil’s food chocolate cupcake), banana cupcake and my latest coffee cupcake. Hmmm…Im excited to try a new one. Got to do more research pa 🙂

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My Niece Kath and little Jed. On our way to Subic

Don’t you just love kids’ laughter? It brings back the days where I was just a little girl, doing nothing but laugh and play. Making my mom’s head aches because I don’t want to go home yet to take a bath because I’m outside playing with the girls. Times where mom is shouting in the mid afternoon because it’s time to take a nap and her promise that a yummy meryenda is waiting for me when I wake up. Hay ang sarap maging bata. Pero masarap din maging oldie kaso me sweldo at nakaka gimmick hehehe. Hay lapit na birthday ko and tanda ko na….

by the way, this is my favorite photo 🙂

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Bakasyon engrande!!!

Hi everyone.

How’s your Christmas. I know it’s all great like what I had.

Spend the Christmas eve at my parents place. After the Noche Buena we are all excited to open our Christmas gift. I gave hubs a new cellphone. Medyo 2 years oleder na kasi yung cell nya. He gave me naman a digital camera. Yehey…sa wakas napalitan na rin yung old camera ko. 🙂

Then the morning of 25th we hit the road going to paranaque, sa mga in-laws naman. They wanted kasi na pumunta ng Tagaytay. So ayun, at around 12 nasa tagaytay na kami, enjoying the coldness and the sweet smell of nature. 🙂

Then the 26th naman, in-laws picked up us at our place sa qc and went to subic…double yehey… 🙂

(Secret lang to ha…first time ko sa subic kasi kaya pagbigyan nyo na akong ma excite, hehehe 😉 )

It was a wonderful trip. No traffic…me with hubby while enjoying the view to subic. We stayed overnight. So yun napuntahan lang namin was, Jungle Joe theme park. Soft opening pa, hindi pa ayos yung ibang main attraction nya (kaya pla 50% off ang entrance) pero ok na rin, nag enjoy naman yung 3 kasama naming kids. Then the next day, mag zoobic safari naman kami. Here, nag enjoy talaga ko. Na ka close encounter ko pa ang mga tigers which are really huge and scary. Its exciting to feed them chicken, talagang lalapitan sila and grab the chick pieces, and kami naman na nakasakay sa caged jeepney will shout and be scared to death, exciting di ba. 🙂 Kaso saglit lang yung tiger safari trip, maybe because it will be dangerous if magtatagal pa yung jeepney namen inside the tiger safari adventure place. Aside from that marami pa ring attraction like the bone museum, the serpentarium, the savannah, the crocodile land, and more pa. The zoo trip took us 2 hours. Basta ako nag enjoy dito 🙂

I’ll post some pics. Im just aranging it pa. for the meantime, dj and I are wishing you guys to have a very prosperous 2008 and see you guys bext year. muaahhhh!!!!!

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Ang tagal na pla since ako nag update. Very sorry po. Ive been through a lot lately. Been to a very troublesome times this fast few months. Well its not my marriage ha you might ask…We are still going very strong. Its my work. Medyo naka encounter ng mga hindi kaaya ayang tao. Medyo naging matindi nga mga hurt lalo na this week pero I think things will be over soon. I just need to be strong.

Ive been absent sa office for a day na and Im planning to skip work tomorrow too. Pag medyo hindi pa rin maganda ang aura para sa akin. I really need sufficient rest para ma regain ko ang love ko sa work.

Hey..lapit na Christmas, I have to be happy na. Buti na lang hubs is always there to make me feel safe and happy. Thanks for that labs and I love you!

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Ok Na!

My long wait is over 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be starting at work….Finally!!!

Last wednesday, the american big boss interviewed me and he was a little bit impress with my eagerness to wok. (Ikaw ba mawalan ng work for a month)

So last Friday, MS. HRD informed me that I’ll be starting on Monday. According to her Mr. Big Boss found me smart & bubbly (nakabola, hehe). Im so happy and excited.

Wish me luck for my first day 😀

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Updates po

Hi there…

 Im into the net talaga, kasi pati online shopping nakakahiligan ko na ren. I got this cutie from stellar and another cutie piece from hanagirl I’ll post the purchased items by next week na lang. Wala pa ko sa pictorial mode kasi, hehehe.

To update, I have resigned na sa work ko sa makati.My last day would be this March 12. My one year stay, I’ve meet new people and made friends with them. I’ll surely miss them pero small lang naman ang engineetring world, magkikita kita ulet kami. Why ako mag reresign you might ask, aside from the reason na hirap ako mag byahe, me mga things na nde ko kayang sakyan sa company. So better na umalis na lang ako. Pero Im not bitter naman ok lang.

…and the good things is, I have a new employer. American company naman this time. qc ang office nila kaya nde na ko mahihirapan mag byahe and one more nice about it is that this american company is ka partner ng previous emloyer ko. Remember the one I worked with for 5 years. They contact me and told me I could try applying and since I do planned to resigned, I tried nga. Luckily ako ang nagustuhan nung mga americans sa interview. Hay God really is so good talaga. He has his perfect timing in anything. 😀

Excited na naman ako kasi makaksama ko na naman yung mga officemates dati. This would ba a new challenge na naman for me. Hoping for the best :d

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