My friend M asked me to accompany her at Patchi to grab a box of chocolate. When we entered the Patchi store, OMG…the place was chocolate heaven.
This brand of chocolate is known for its line of decorated chocolates. Handmade decorations are wrapped around chocolate pieces and presented in colors and styles that match many occasions and season. I checked the price and they were really expensive ha. I saw one box (half kilo) and it cost 169 riyals (around 2000 pesos). I got curious why this choc is so pricey. So end up buying a box to bring home and share it with my husband in Manila. ūüôā

This famous brand of chocolate came from Lebanon and is closer to Swiss or Belgium style chocolate.

I know my husband will go mad when he finds out how much this cost but sabi ko nga sa friend ko, might as well buy it here rather than buying it in Manila. Mag dadalawang isip lang ako. Besides it’s only once you get to have the chance bucks to buy something special.
By the way, the Patchi store in Manila was made famous by Ben Chan when he brought the franchise last year with a store at the Fort. ūüôā

I tried a piece and I have to say, I understand why Patchi chocolates are so pricey. Patchi is a brand that blew my mind.  It really good. It is chocolatey delicious.  Really like it.

Maiba naman….

So…how are you everyone. Sorry wasn’t updating lately. Was really busy with work and tons of deadlines but thinking that next weekend I will be home, it ease all the tiredness. ūüôā

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1 month in ME

Time really flies¬†so fast, imagine few more days and I’m on my 1st month here. Konti¬†na lang uuwi¬†na ulit¬†ako¬†sa Pinas.¬†I cannot wait…excited na naman¬†ako, I miss hubz and I miss my parents and siblings and my niece.¬† I am counting the days again…..

So in my one month stay, I had adjusted somehow….the weather here is getting better, the temperature¬†is slowly dropping , ¬†they say winter in nearly coming.¬†¬†¬†About the food naman here in Doha,¬† I seldom cook because the serving here is good for 2 people.¬†So we usually buy food and bring it home. One¬†meal cost around 15 riyals¬†(175 Php). ¬†I dont¬†really miss pinoy¬†food because there are lots of pinoy¬†resto¬†here.¬†During lunchtime, we¬†eat in this¬†pinoy¬†restaurant. Their menu are¬†filipino¬†dishes like¬†nilagang¬†baka, bulalo, chopsuey, bangsilog, longsilog¬†at kung anu¬†ano¬†pa. Wala¬†nga¬†lang pork…so sa¬†Manila na ko mag sisinigang na pork.¬†

Hindi ko rin¬†namiss¬†si Jollibee…

Hi Jollibee.

¬†Jollibee opens its first store at the Al Meera Consumer Goods Mall in Doha. Accodring to some of my friends who lives here, when Jollibee newly open last year,¬†there were¬†large crowd inside the and long queue outside the restaurant. ¬†One of my friend waited 3 months before she visited Jollibee because she was avoiding the long queue. ūüôā

¬†By the way, there’s also a chowking store here but haven’t tried it yet.¬† I am not sure if I’ll try it after my bad chowking experience in Pinas (my phobia, hehehe)

Here is my serving of chicken¬†and fiesta palabok¬† with drinks for 15 riyals¬†(around 175php)…..yummy. The serving¬†is very Filipino (except for the lemon instead of calamansi which is not available daw in this country). It was just enough compared sa serving ng regular resto here. This time no sharing for us. Namiss ko yata si Jollibee.

Since we are talking about food….let me share¬†pics of our take-away dinner the other night…

¬†Beef Sisig. The photo above doesn‚Äôt give justice to how the food taste but I tell you, mas masarap pa sya sa natikamn ko sa Pinas. This is just a single serving by the way but¬† it is¬†a big one and ¬†it’ s good for 3 people.

We also had Fried Chicken Biryani

Fried Chicken Biryani.

I first tried Biryani¬†in Melbourne. I got hooked the first time I tried it. Kaya I¬†am¬† happy that Biryani¬†is almost in every menu of most resto here.¬† Biryani according to wikipedia is ¬†is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. The name is derived from the Persian word beryńĀ ¬†which means “fried” or “roasted”.

Again, that serving of Biryani is just a single serving but I tell you, it’s huge that 3 of us shared.

Hay pano kaya ko mag didiet kung ganito hehehe.

Have a splendid week everyone. Kami dito malapit na mag weekend ūüôā



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Off to the Souq

This shopping destination is renowned for selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It is also home to dozens of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, as well as Shisha lounges. Although this market dates back at least a hundred years, it has been recently restored back to its original glory.  It is now considered one of the top tourist destinations within Doha.  Souq Waqif is located in the center of the town, this old Bedouin souq has been renovated and transformed into a tourist attraction plus the eatery and fancy dining places

Virtually anything can be found there, from local traditional garb and beautiful embroideries and perfumes, to food, spices, musical instruments, and pre-colonial antiques.  The shop and stall keepers are laid back, not in the least bit pushy, and do accept and expect some bargaining.

more souvenirs here.

garments and lots of garments

 Colorful pashminas

We wanted to have coffee but most of the coffee shops are full¬†then¬†we saw one familiar coffee shop, CBTL. There¬†was no¬†customers but when I asked for a latte, they run out of coffee (wht¬†the….) so¬†we¬†just ordered¬†Freez. Freez by the way is a non-alcoholic drink.

To¬†purchase liquor,one must have a license. ¬†You can only get a license when you have obtained your residency permit and you will need to get a letter from your employer confirming your salary in addition to paying a certain amout of deposit.¬† –wikitravel

So walang lasing dito hahaha.

Before heading home, we dropped by at the Gold Souq¬†which is just a stone’s throw away from Souq¬†Waqif. There are lots of lovely and pricey jewelries¬†to choose¬†from and this eye pendant caught my attention

and here is another pricey eye candy, I saw on our way home

at maraming ganitong luxury car and nagkalat sa daan….

It was a lovely evening for us. A great experience to keep too.

Happy weekend everyone.

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Shawarma Dinner

Friends and co workers said that the middle east caters the best shawarma so that Friday night, we wanted to give it a try.  We headed to Marmara Istanbul Restaurant located just  near Al Asmakh Mall (about 10-15 minutes walk from our apartment)

At first we, were a bit intimidated to try this resto because all crew are men and most people eating that time were men but we were really craving to have shawarma at that very moment. ūüôā

So we headed straight to this resto and  ordered 3 beef shawarma for take-away (sawa na kasi kami sa chicken). Each cost 14 riyals (around Php 160), they have a smaller serving that cost 7 riyals, gutom na kami kaya we bought the larger serving.

While waiting for our shawarma, we  noticed that there are cars stopping in front of the store to order for takeaway.  This resto must really offer good food.

I took a photo of those men preparing the shawarma…..this made me hungry….

A few minutes our order arrived. We headed straight home. Excited to eat our beef shawarma.

It’s a big serving. I think it’s twice longer that what we have in Manila.

The shawarma¬†was good and taste even better with¬†their garlic sauce which looks a bit different…

Looks more like a mayo to me but it’s garlic sauce indeed…

Since the shawarma is too long, we cut it in half and I was happy to see whats inside…

Pure, thick slices of beef. Yummm. I was that full after finishing the half. The other half, well, It was my dinner the next day hahaha. ūüôā

You like shawarma my friend? ūüôā

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Mall visit

Hi everyone. It’s been few days since I last updated. I was really busy with work (as usual) and was really busy coping here, hehehe.

I haven’t got to explore Doha yet because 1-it really is hot out here, 2-our place is ¬†a bit far to Qatar’s tourist spot that we have to have a car, 3- we don’t have a car and ever if we have a car,¬†we don’t know how to drive.¬† There is a mall near our office (Royal Plaza) and¬† I’ve ¬†been inside, thrice and I got bored already¬† because there are less to see and the shops are a bit pricey but last Tuesday when my friend JG invited us for dinner at Royal Plaza,¬† I was able to spot a sale on Guess store. We went there and found a cute item¬†on sale….

So that was I that day….a happy Girl….can you see it?

We then got hungry, so we had dinner at Roma Pizza located at the 3rd level of the mall

I had a serving of roma pasta…hay It was a huge serving that I wasn’t able to finish the whole plate.

I got to thank my friend JG for the pasta dinner. ūüôā

Then that night too,  our Aussie team leader, asked if we wanted to come and visit Villagio. He was scheduled to do his weekly grocery. Villagio by the way is  a shopping mall located at Aspire  Zone in the west end of Doha.

Villagio¬†caters signature¬†shops, including many famous brands in the US, UK, Italian and German markets. So wala¬†akong¬†nabili¬†hahaha¬†but I happen to enjoy¬† the malling¬†experience….¬†or should I say, the great¬†window shopping malling¬†experience. ¬†Maganda¬†kasi ang place.

Painted sky like in Venetian Hotel, Macau

Then there’s the Gondolino¬†– The main feature of the Gondolino trip is the gondola, the legendary venetian rowing boat. ūüôā

There are lot more to see at Villagio¬†Mall but we weren’t able to totally¬†roam the¬†whole place since, our Aussie team leader is in a hurry din. Oh well….sana makabalik kami before we head home. ūüôā

Weekend here is almost over…Friday and Saturday kasi¬†ang off, work start on Sunday naman. So enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, wherever you are. ūüôā

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Away from Home (again)

Qatari Riyals

I’m in Doha, Qatar right now. I arrived here last Saturday afternoon (Qatar time). The temperature was around 39C and boy it was really hot. Will be spending a few weeks away from home ūüė¶

I’m on my 3rd day here. First day of work was last Sunday. I am amazed that there are lots of Filipino here. You can find them anywhere and they talk to you in Filipino. I found few filipino resto just near my work so I think I wont be missing some filipino dishes, yung nga lang no pork here.

By the way, let me share photos of the hotel where I’ll be spending 4-6 weeks here.

My access card.

A short hallway going to my bed but before¬†that let me show my huge bath tub. Too huge that I cannot get a whole shot. ūüôā

 cute giveways.

Finally my comfy bed

I’ll be sharing more of my Qatar stay next time. For now, have a blessed week everyone. ūüôā

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