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Anniv Getaway – Puerto Princesa day 3

Finally, sharing the last part of our PPS trip….

For our final adventure in the beautiful island of Puerto Princesa, Palawan we went to Honda Bay – Hundo Agua meaning, like a basin of water, just a few feet shallow water then it goes deep, very deep.  It has 19 islets and mostly are known for its underwater activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming.  Various kinds and types of fish can be seen and coral reefs.

The trip to Honda bay takes about 25-30 minutes from our Hotel. We proceeded to Sta. Lourdes Wharf. There is a Tourist information center where you will pay for the entrance fee in Honda Bay and where you rent a boat.  If you don’t have snorkeling gears with you, you can also rent them there for only P150 but I suggest you bring your own snorkling gear na lang. 🙂

I am so ready to explore Honday Bay….

First stop, was the Snake Island. It’s called Snake Island because it shaped like a snake when viewed from the sky. Many people love this island from all other islands in the bay because of the variety of fish found here. Hubs and I spend our time snorkling. We saw school of fish. We were able to feed them too. It was really awesome and fun.  Sayang, we don’t have underwater camera with us. It got broken during our day 2 in PPS. I should start saving to get a new underwater camera for our next summer getaway.

At around 11am we had lunch prepared for us by our Tourist Guide slash chef. 🙂

A sumptous lunch. we had, Grilled pork, grilled eggplant, grilled fish and fresh fresh cucumber. So full!

Then after hefty lunch, we headed to Pandan Island.   According to our tour guide, the island is called that way because it has lots of Pandan grass that grows in the island. The place was almost surreal and peaceful. 🙂

For our last stop, we headed to Pambato Coral Reef.

Pambato Reef is purely a snorkeling and fish feeding area. It’s a couple of floating platforms connected by bamboo bridges. One platform is for fish feeding and has a small store and the other one is a staging area for those wishing to do some snorkeling.

For me this was the best part of the trip. Swimming in the middle of the calm sea. away from the crowded beach with a vast coral formation for you to explore. 

Overall, it was a good tiring day spending a lot of time at the beach and snorkeling in the sea. A definite must-try tour when you’re in Puerto Princesa.

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Anniv Getaway – Puerto Princesa Day 2

One of the main reason why I picked Puerto Prinsesa as our Anniversary getaway was because of the famous Subterranean River National Park or Puerto Prinsesa Underground River.  It is one of the most important biodiversity conservation areas of the Philippines. The famous Underground River is located in the St. Paul mountain range at the North part of the city and is about an hour away from the city proper. 

For our day 2 in Puerto Princesa, our itinerary was Sabang Beach and Underground River.

Kuya Egay our tour guide fetch us at the hotel around 8.00am and travel around 2 hours going to Sabang port.  Kuya Egay checked our scheduled boat ride from a list found with the pier management. We were informed that our turn to ride the banca will be at 3pm.

So Kuya Egay brought us to Sabang Beach.

we walked  Sabang Beach while enjoying the sand and sea water on our feet.

Sabang beach has nice fine sand and clear water. I enjoyed my 3 hours here.

At around 12 noon, I got tired of swimming and got hungry. We then had lunch at Taraw Resort. The lunch buffet is included in the package that I picked at the hotel.

At 2pm, we were asked by Kuya Egay to get ready for to get back at the port for our boat ride to Underground River. 🙂

We rode the boat and were immediately given lifejackets. They are very strict in the use of lifejackets while onboard the boat.

A boat ride to the Underground river is consist of 10-11 person per boat including the boatman slash tour guide. Life vest and hard hats are required to wear for safety measures.

It was raining that time by the way…

The entrance to the Underground River.

a paddle boat will take the tourists inside for a 40 minute round trip up to the designated stretch and back to the cave mouth.

Nothing is heard inside the cave but light splashes of water, the low murmurs of each tourist and the voice of the boatman who also serves as the guide. he would point to us different rock formations like the holy images, some vegetables and animal shapes. and he would constantly remind us not to raise our heads and open our mouths lest droppings from numerous bats on the ceiling would find it’s way to it.

We have seen only the first 1.5 km of the cave even though it is navigable up to 8.2 km. Why only 1.5km ride? Anything more than that would require  to secure permit. The boatman said, researchers and experts usually navigate the whole stretch of the river.

Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is on the shortlist of 28 places competing to become the new 7 wonders of the natural world. After finishing the 1.5km tour I believed that it has a great chance in grabbing a slot.

Let’s help PPS Underground River to grab a slot this year.  If you haven’t voted yet, here is the link.

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Anniv. Getaway – Puerto Princesa Day 1

We left Manila at 8.15 am with cebpac, we arrived Puerto Princesa Airport at 9.30am

The hotel I booked picked us up from PPS airport. It was a 20-30 minutes travel to the our Hotel.

After we had lunch our tour guide Jake fetch us  for our city tour.

Our first stop was at the Crocodile Farm. It’s a breeding house of crocodiles and mini zoo at Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center about 30 minutes away from the city center. Aside from live crocodiles, we also saw the remains of one of the largest crocodile caught in the wild which attacked fishermen in the area.

After that, we visited Mitra’s Ranch, This ranch is owned by the late Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra. The ranch is situated on top of the mountain, overviewing the sea.

Next, we stopped by Baker’s Hill.   Also  known to be a theme park for Puerto Princesa citizens and tourists as well. Baker’s Hill is like a kiddie wonderland filled with fiberglass sculptures adapted from popular Disney characters.
Baker’s Hill started out as a usual bakery but they eventually expanded and decided to make it into a theme park. And now, this has become a popular destination for the Puerto Princesa City Tour.
 Baker’s Hill famous Hopia and Baker’s Kitchen Freshly made Pizza.
Next stop, Palawan Butterfly Garden. Funny, I only saw few as in very few butterflies in this garden.   The butterfly garden in Tagbilaran,  Bohol that we visited last year has way more butterflies and plants than in this one. Anyway, there was this one insect that caught my attention.

Stick Insect

That stick looking thing on top is the Stick Insect.  It’s my first time to see such kaya masyado akong na amaze. 🙂

Then our tour guide brought us to Baywalk where this can be found…

Ang Prinsesa ng Baybay (Princess of Ports)

A fiber glass sculpture by Ronel F. Roces located at the Baywalk. “Ang Prinsesa ng Baybay “Simbolo ng Ating Kultura at Buhay”

Then theres this colorful fish statues also located in Baywalk park. 🙂

After that we headed to The Grim Past of Plaza Cuartel.

Plaza Cuartel, located just a few meters away from Immaculate Conception Cathedral, has a dark past. During the World War II, 143 American soldiers were burned inside the tunnel (see above photo) by Japanese soldiers. Eleven soldiers were able to escape from Plaza Cuartel. In 1997, Plaza Cuartel was transformed into a leisure park after it was occupied by the National Police. 

Our last stop was at a tiangge souvenir shop in the city proper. The shop sells Palawan t-shirts, keychains, pearls, cashew nuts, bags, and many more. I bought, few souvenirs for my family and friend back home.

Palawan City tour is a tiring activity but worth it. So if you are going to Puerto Princesa don’t forget to include this in your itinerary. 🙂

Up next, our Undergound River and Sabang Beach Tour. 🙂

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