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It was my Birthday last Wednesday.

It was my birthday last week, a day after Valentine’s day. After celebrating my 2 consecutive birthdays in Australia, I again experience celebrating it, here. It was really awesome to celebrate it with my husband, family and friends. 🙂

A week before that day, I was figuring on taking a birthday off but my friends, keep on insisting me to go to work,   sige na nga….

Since, I wanted to treat myself  a sleep all you can treat on my birthday, I went to work halfday and these greeted me….

my workstation filled with balloons and a photo collage of me. Glad I went to work. So sweet ng mga friends ko sa office. Thanks girls. Na pa smile ako sa surprise na ito. 🙂

They also bought this cake for me…

Cookies and Crean Cake from red ribbon. My favorite!

Then they  started singing Happy Birthday.

I’m good with singing birthday songs for other people but when it comes to people singing birthday songs for me I feel a bit awkward. Like don’t know what to do but just look around awkwardly hahaha.

I am so lucky having good friends at work. Because of the good people I made friends at work, it made my stay at the office so worthy. 🙂

That day too, the birthday greetings  from my other officemates  was non stop. sarap ng feeling.  Ito and na miss ko when I celebrated my birthday in Sydney and Melb.  I’m so glad to be home on my birthday.

Then after work, my husband asked me where do I want to have dinner. Since my sister texted me and told me to come home because she prepared a simple birthday dinner for me. 🙂

I was excited to go home. I usually prepared birthday dinner for my family so this time, my sister is doing it for me. Kaka excite 🙂

When we  got home, she cooked Jap Chae. Good job to my sister. She did it very well. Sorry no photos, I forgot eh.

Then, she also bought a lovely cake. 🙂

Strawberry Cream Fudge bought from goldilocks. I am not really fan of goldi cakes, but this one an exemption. 🙂

so I have to blow the candle again. Excuse for the bad hair ha, lolz!

I think that day, tumaas and sugar ko, kasi and daming sweet people na nag show sa akin ng love. 🙂

Oh here was another reason for me to be happy, hubz bday gift

A new camera! Fuji Film XP30.

Yehey! I have a waterproof/freeze proof/dust proof  camera.  It would be very useful sa mga darating kong activities. Thanks hubz…You really know how to treat me hahaha. 143!

Hay…it was the best ever birthday I had. Not becuase, I got tons of surprises but because, I felt na many people  loves me. 🙂

So yes, It was my birthday last Wednesday…I was a year older and more happier. It feels like it is going to be a good year! 🙂

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Happenings for this Month of Love

Here I go again….I am missing in action 😩

Was really busy with lots of stuff and besides, I felt na, I don’t have anything to share kaya I wasn’t blogging but of course I do want to update somehow kahit once in a blue moon baka kasi matuluyan na itong blog na to. hahaha.

Anyway, It’s February na. How time flies so fast. This month has so many highlights for me, one is valentine’s day. I asked hubz not to give me flowers or chocolates anymore.  Gone are the days that I like getting flowers for valentine. Flowers easily dries and died in a couple of days, chocolates are fattening and besides, we still have inside the fridge from my last trip and pasalubong from my friends. I am not really into eating chocs talaga. So maybe a good dinner on that day will do. Yun nga lang jampacked na naman ang mga restos for sure and most restos dont take reservation on that day pwera na lang cguro if I’ll have a very posh dinner. Oh well. Bahala na si batman….

Then of course my birthday.  Another year and another wonderful life.  So happy indeed. Cannot wait to get another year older. More older more wiser hahaha….Will post a bday entry for that.

Then in less than 2 weeks,  hubz, my friends and I will try another wonderful experience, will go explore a beautiful place.  I am really excited the up coming adventure. I just hope I would be physically fit for this. I still got few more days…off to the exercise machine. 🙂

Oh…since I got a slippery feet, Husband, required me to buy this for the up coming adventure. 🙂

So gets nyo na anong adventure ito? Will share don’t worry. For now, will think of where to have dinner on Vday. Kayo..what’s up on that special day?

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Loving and living


It was a rainy weekend and according to PAG-ASA forecast, this week would be another rainy week.  I love summer but rainy season cast a wonderful spell on me whenever it’s here. I can smell the fresh sweet fragrance of the rain. It reminds me of the times that my two siblings and I were kids. We enjoyed it when it rains. We love-making paper boats and let it sail the rainfalls that overflow the streets. We enjoyed playing on the streets while the rain touches the ground.  Ah…my treasured memories as a kid.

 I remembered if we can’t play outside during heavy rains, my siblings and I used to play pretending. I pretend that I’m a doctor, or a model or a Hollywood celebrity or an Architect. It was fun pretending. I could be the president of the country if I want too or a famous scientist if my playful mind does so. Oh gee, I really miss those days. Those days that we were still kids and got nothing to do but to study and play.

Now I’m older, being a grown-up is not that easy. It’s not like a paper boat that flows smoothly on rainfalls. Being a grown up has to face many responsibilities and struggle in life. I sometimes stumble, I sometimes fall, but because there are people who loves me, it makes me a stronger person.

I know, life just like the rain has its end, so let’s all make life worth living and worth loving.

Have a blessed week everyone.

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Quiet time

Warrior is a Child
by Gary Valenciano

Thank you Lord for the strength you are giving us. Thank you Lord for the continous blessing. We experience your mighty power, your mighty hands. Everyday is a miracle. Your such an awesome God.

To God be the glory.

Dante and Jeanny

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Pill Popper

vitamins – i need.
but still cant get away the fatigue, I guess it’s the vacation I need. A week long vacation. Cannot really wait for Christmas. 37 more days to go and I’m so excited!

How’s your week going? Hope your having a great one.

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My Incredible Mom

You have good kids. You  raised your kids really well

This was the comment said by the optometrist when we brought my mom at the eye clinic for her to find the perfect eye glasses last Sunday. She not only mentioned it once but twice. Gee I really don’t know what she saw with us but I am so happy with what the doctor commented.

Anyway, here’s my mom  trying the cute eye glasses that I picked.

After trying about 15 eye glasses or so, she finally picked the red one that I said. Mom gave her contact number so that they can call her if the glasses are ready to be pick.

Wednesday morning, the eye clinic phoned, informing her that her glasses are ready. When she was at the clinic that same afternoon for her glasses, my mom saw the optometrist and told her the same thing….

You have good kids. You raised your kids really well

Well….I guess my mom is just so incredible. 🙂

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Happy Weekend

Happy Friday.

Again….Im excited about  this weekend with limited plans, I’ve been exhausted lately with work  and I’m looking forward to just laying low and catching up on my sleep. Ahhh..just what I need, long hours of sleep. Ang sarap lalo na at lumalamig na sa umaga. It smells like Christmas already. 🙂

Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

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The Weekend is Here

Sorry for the lack of posts. I can’t tell you  how happy I am that today is Friday. This week has been a really exhausting one.  I am looking forward to just enjoy the two days off with hubz and catching up on my sleep.

So what’s up for the weekend. Whatever it is, hope you’ll have a good one!

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Weekend na naman!

Happy Friday!

As always, I am  excited for the weekend. Waking up late with no bothering alarm clock. Eat my favorite brunch – the silog series, go out malling and just enjoy the non working day with the husband.

Whats your plans for the weekend.

Have a fantabulous Saturday and Sunday everyone!

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Fresh Start

It’s Monday….
and wearing this purple shoes makes me happy today 🙂

What makes you happy today?

Hope your week is off to a good start!


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My secret to a Happy Monday

I agree with what health experts says that breakfast is the important meal and it  provides the fuel we need for the day. Therefore, I cannot miss it.  

If I am tamad to make sandwhich for breakfast I’d go fastfood like mcdo or jollibee (in Ayala).

Like this morning I had longanisa meal.   A heavy breakfast that is enough to keep me going throughout the entire day.


I do hope sooner, I will learn to wake up a bit earlier (I usually get up at 5:15am when going to work). So I can eat a healtier breakfast at home.

Happy new week dear friends.

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Weekend Rambling

Hello everyone. Thanks for the get well soon messages each of you left in my previous entry. I feel much better now though still sniffing a bit because of slight cold but as I said, I am getting better. The 2 days off from work works. 🙂

How was your weekend?

Mine was fantastic. Finally, we were able to watch A-team. Husband keeps on bugging me for us to watch the movie, it’s not that I dont like it, I grew up with this tv series. Its just that there are more nice movies to watch like prince of persia, sex and the city 2, toy story 3. For 3 consecutive weeks, we saw each movie. So I guess it’s his turn to decide on what shall we watch. hahaha!

So okay since I’m feeling much better, I am back to cooking. Yesterday, I prepared Fish Fillet With Mushroom Gravy for dinner. Hubz love it. This very easy recipe will be added to my household menu. 🙂

I posted the recipe here if your interested.

After my cooking stint last night, I noticed my hands are looking awful. Poor hands. The fix, I decided to do my own nail coloring…on both feet and hands. 🙂


Wala lang feel ko lang magpaka kikay. Pag balik na naman kasi sa work, sobrang busy again that I wont have time to do my own or visit a salon to have mani and pedi. 🙂

Guess, thats about it, I’ll visit your blogs later on. For now have a fab week. See yah later.

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Love ko ‘to

Good Morning.

Whats your breakfast for today?
Mine…well its sausage mc muffin with coffee lang.

If your a sausage mc muffin fan, you will notice here that the sandwhich was wrapped in a different paper. Actually, I did noticed that when the crew place the sandwhich on my tray. I think he saw my confused look so he immediately said…
“ma’am its sausage mc muffin, we just ran out of its original wrapper. later pa po and delivery ng wrappers.”

Mega explain ba…natawa na lang ako sa kanya. 🙂

Anyway…its again another challenging week.  I will be busy with some commitments at work. Hands are full again. Oh well, work is one reason why my life is exciting!

Do have a splendid week and see yah later!

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Commuter Life

Cinnamon roll and a cup of steaming coffee was so perfect that it soothed my tired body after the pushing and squeezing inside the sardine packed MRT train…hay ang hirap maging commuter lalo na pag rush hour sa MRT.

So after that horrible ride this afternoon, I looked for a nice place to just seat, relax, have somthing to eat and play plant vs zombies (yeah addict na ko sa game na ito, hahaha)
Buti na lang talaga masarap ang cinnamon roll at coffee ng Le Coeur de France. Nakakabawas tense. 🙂

Happy weekend by the way!

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Morning at work!

What a big mess on my table!!!!

Yeah….your right, I am busy…so busy that I havent figured out where I placed my stapler and where are those checkprints that I badly needed. I really have to organize stuffs para hindi dagdag stress. Sigh!!!

So okay….I’ll be back to work or shall I say, I’ll start organizing na. see yah all later guys!

Have a nice day!

See yah!

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