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Trick or treat????

Okay… I’m not trick-or-treating here that ghost look alike fellow up there is my……

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Asian love


I can’t read it but husband’s Korean boss who gave it to him two nights ago said it’s Soju.  I have not ask hubby if he already sampled it but I guess he already does. He always tag along with the their team gimmicks and Iam sure his Asian boss, brings the group to some Korean restaurant or bar. I’ll just ask him later, that is if I’ll remember. I am forgetful you see.

So have you tried soju?
How did you enjoy it? Drunk straight up in shots. Chilled…drink it on ice.
Now if you haven’t yet, what was the last alcohol bevarage you gulped?Liked it?
If your interested to know what was my last, that would be tequila and I swear I will drink it in moderation hahaha, go figure. :).


On a non-alcohol talk:
If you happen to love watching asian novela, hop on here. They got lots in there. Right now my favorite watch is General Hospital 2 starring Kim Jung-eun of Lover’s in Paris (remember that flick). She’s my favorite korean actress. 🙂

So okay…Whether you’ll celebrate valentine’s day with a shot of alcohol drink or not , I am sure you’ll have a wonderful one.

Take care and see you all in my bday celebration on the 15th!


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Kitchen Helper

yesterday went to my in-laws place at sucat. Hubs and I got a little bored so we decided to do malling and do the groceries as well. Going to the grocery is my favorite. I love buying almost everything to keep our tiny home organize. Then I found this

I’ve been looking for this kind of dishdrainer for quite sometime. It will keep my dishes dry and clean. Before, when this drainer is not in my kitchen, I wipe a white cloth to dry my dishes but when in a hurry, I just put my wet dishes inside and boy oh boy, it’s a total mess in there. But now, I just place it inside the covered drainer even I’m in a hurry I could just leave it there and get back to it later on. No worries that a roach will happily walk in my plate. With this little kitchen helper, It saves everything. Yebah for that 🙂

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Health Buff

After 3 months of absence, I’m hitting the gym once again. The first day (which was this evening)at the gym was so tiring and I felt like I was torturing my whole body but again I thought of the great things that gymming offers, I healthy bod and a proud soul. Naks

I’m hoping that hubs will soon go to the gym with me, to shed some unwanted pounds. I’ve been convincing him but he doesn’t have enough time because he is too busy with work (he works at Laguna). Let’s see if I got enough charm to get his running shoes inside the gym but for now, he uses this

Orbi Track

The only question is…how long he stays using this machine, for my hubz reputation I won’t divulge 😉

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Whats inside my bag TAG

Months ago, there’s this tag that mama meeyah shared and promised her that I’ll do this too.

Hmmm… I do love big bag simply because I like bringing everything hehehe. I have small bags too which I used on weekends and if hubz is there to drive for me 🙂

Anyway here, Im sharing you whats inside my bag.

My office bag

My office bag. a big one noh. Hehehe. Got that from a mall last month. I just want it that big so I can put just anything there 🙂

and…inside my bag is a bag organizer.

a bag inside a bag with key holder and coin purse

yup that’s my handy bag organizer. I got it from a dept. store for only 180 pesos. Very cheap but very useful. If you love changing bags often, you have to have a bag organizer. No need to worry if you loaded everything. It has compartments that helps to organise things, it also has a keyholder so no more missing keys and with a nifty coin purse too. Great noh. Now it’s easier to find your stuffs. No more messy bag for me 🙂

so here it is. inside my bag organizer:

my shades

My sunglasses. A gift I received last november when my dear friend got from the states. 🙂

Then my basics…


This 3 stuffs starts my day to work.

The milk sunblock, the dewy flower moisturiser and the phytogenic face powder, all from the faceshop. I just love everything from the faceshop. Very gentle just enough for my sensitive skin.


From L-R. An intrerdental brush for my metal mouth, a clear mascara, want my lashes curly but simple looking, a brown liner for my eyebrow, my favorite, faceshop lip shimmer. Can use it with lipstick or without, still looks good pa rin. Then a lipstick which I often use.


My hair brush and my hair accessory. It’s very important for me to bring a hairbrush, a heaband or a clip. dont want my hair to scattered all over my face kaya nga i chopped my hair short eh.


my perfume, my dental floss. I just love Liz ardens green tea. So mild ang scent, very simple. 🙂
The dental floss naman, it’s very essential to person who has braces. 🙂


My office ID. Im a good employee. Following rules, hehehe

my wallet

I usually bring two wallets in my bag. The big one is the wallet that carries everything. credit cards, membership cards, id, calling cards, pictures and so on. The smaller wallets carries little money and some pics. During lunchbreak, Officemates and I went out so I bring the smaller wallet for safety reasons, you can never tell, lots of agaw wallet are all over the place. hehehe.

Tin Box

I also bring a tin box with candy, pain reliever for migraines and vitamin c.

I also bring two cellphones. The SE is my old cellphone. It has a smart sim. The Motorola V3xx is the new one, a gift from hubby when he went to china. It has a globe sim naman. This is the one I often use.

So if all that things are inside my bag organizer, this is how it looks

Neat noh. Time and space saving pa. 🙂

I love answering this meme. hehehe

So if you want to share what’s inside your bag, post it in your blog and inform me so I can see yours.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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