Meet Cy

I remembered what Jo Avila said in one of his class photography lesson I attended before….always bring a camera with you.
Well, I am living with what he said. but since, I cannot bring my NK (DSLR) everyday, I opted to bring CJ (Canon Powershot) my p&s. I have this camera since 2008 and it’s been a great buddy until now. It’s still in top good shape and working perfectly. The only thing is, I find it a bit bulky. Sometimes, I left it at home and use my cellphone to take photos whenever I needed too.

See how bulky my p&s.

After 3 years, I decided to have another p&s. With hubz help, I decided to get a Sony W530. 🙂

Meet Cy
The camera is 14.1 megapixel, 26mm wide-angle lens. It’s  light, sleek and super-pocket friendly. It is easy on the eyes too. I got the silver one. I originally wanted a black one but changed my mind after an hour, hehehe.

With this new cam, it made me so happy!!!

Cannot wait to start clicking with this new baby. 🙂

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Finally a new one

My three year old Motorola V3xx died. Hubz tried recovering it and I was hoping that it will still work. Had this plan of buying a new one this coming Christmas but my motorola was hopeless then.

The result, hubz bought me a new one. 🙂

samsung omnia II.

What I mostly like about this phone is that it has a  5-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, video recording and on-device editing capability. So it wont be a problem If ever I forgot my camera. This phone gives me sleepless nights hahaha!

Hubz thanks again for this. 143!

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Crush it Baby

You know what this is? If you most likely watch this cooking show in one local tv network, you might notice this gadget being used by the celebrity chef. 🙂

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My Fave thing next to my bags

It is sometime heartbreaking when your at the restaurant and you don’t have and extra chair or a place where you can safely put your most loved handbag, you then ended up placing it on the floor or just put it on your lap. Ako kasi when I place it on my lap, I feel uncomfortable lalo na if my bag is big.

Gladly there this great gadget that solved this little problem of mine.


The non-foldable bag hook

They keep your bags in sight and in style. So your bag will always be safe beside you. They are incredibly lightweight, yet sturdy and compact. slips easily into any bag or pocket when not in use. 🙂

To use it, simply un-fold its hinge hook and place it securely on any tabletop and your bag is safe from the icky floors. 🙂

I bought mine at the department stores. It ranges from 180-350 depending on the design. 🙂

So girls do you have this na if you still dont have, I tell you, you will love it. 🙂

happy weekend

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Playing a bit

Lovely colorful birds inside the cage. Might as well take their photo.

Wait….I’ll adjusted my camera focus a bit…

There you go…..

No more cage, sort of….hehehe

Sana pala hindi ko inikot yung camera ko para pareho hehehe

Happy Weekend!

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An early Christmas Gift.

Yes….I got my early Christmas gift from hubz.

The Asus Eee PC 1005HA netbook. Yipee!!!!

Oh….I will still love you my old laptop so dont be jealous, okay.  We shared so many things together. I will still use you specially during work related things. 🙂

So anyway,  this Asus Eee PC 1005HA features an excellent balance of size and battery life. It’s beautiful “seashell” size design and with a 10.5 hours battery life, I can go anywhere in style, naks (yun kasi sabi ng ads nila, hehehe).

Thank you very much D. You really spoil me that much. 143!

TIP: Just in case you don’t know, If you can pay in cash, do so……you can really save money if you buy gadgets or appliances in cash.  Sometimes, stores only display the credit card price with the zero percent thing to attract buyers. Try to ask for their cash price and you’ll be amaze with the difference .

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Trick or treat????

Okay… I’m not trick-or-treating here that ghost look alike fellow up there is my……

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Weekend Rambling

Last Friday, our department was scheduled to go to Laiya Batangas for a 3 day team building. I was eager for that trip because it means a photo opportunity for me but because our team had a submission that afternoon, 4 of us wasnt able to go. hay….I’m bit disappointed.

Since I wasnt able to come, I find it rewarding naman of enjoying another fun weekend with the husband. We watched G.I Joe. After seeing the movie, all I can say was Oh Man!!!! the movie blew me away. It’s a ton of fun and a great ride. I just love it! Have you watched it already?

and lastly

I got a new lens. Weeee!!!!!


It’s a  Nikkor 55-200mm VR lens (courtesy of my husband, thanks so much muah, your the sweetest ever!). We bought it last Saturday morning at Henry’s.  I am excited to use it for our next out of town trip (saan kaya yun?). Now my camera bag is getting smaller and heavier. I think I have to buy a bigger one since I intend to buy  a  50mm f/1.4 or 1.8 lens this coming December.  🙂

So there, I thought I’ll be disappointed for the whole weekend but again, there’s husband to the rescue. Thanks Hubz. 143!

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Wishlist Granted

When I woke up that Christmas morning, I quickly ran to the kitchen to see what’s for breakfast but I remembered, I got a real mean present that I really wanted…

so there, I am excitedly explore my new toy (havent comb my hair in that photo hahaha) .


The ipod touch rocks. I love it. Thank you dear husband for spoiling me that much. Your the sweetest person on earth. 143 🙂

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