All I want for Christmas

Last year, PM organised, All I want for Christmas project for her blogger friends and readers. It’s an exchange gift thing, organised online. It was a blast last year. Now, since Christmas is just around the corner, she is again organising another All I want for Christmas. Salamat PM.

I did, enjoy last year exchange gift. So hindi ko ito mapapalampas kahit sobrang busy. 🙂

So to start off, here are my wish….

Something small:  A black coin purse

Something big:  A hand purse

Something cute:  earphone

Something soft:  socks or a pillow

Something techie: IPAD or a Kindle or a GPS or a memory card for my camera

Something fancy: A D&G or Fossil Watch

Something (insert your favorite color):  Pomegranate Shower Gel from body shop

Something wearable: A silver necklace with cute pendant (from silverworks)

Something you need: A parker nice ballpen

Something you can use for work: Since I got lots of pens, pencils and marker on my work station, I badly need a cute, pen/pencil/marker organizer (please)

Something sweet: Lipton Milk Tea

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: A new house or my own car (don’t worry this is a wish for my hubby)! Yeaaha!!!!

For those who wants to join, well…you could try, hop on to her blog , today kasi is the last day of joining hehehe.

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When I was in Melbourne for 6 weeks, I had this favorite Malaysian/Singaporean resto which taught me how to love laksa. Their laksa  is the best.

So when I come back here, I started to miss that resto. I have tried singaporean restos here in Manila but it didn’t satisty my taste.

Then my officemate Grei, invited me and hubz to have dinner at Orhcard Road, not in singapore ha.  It’s located at the 2nd Level, Bridgeway in SM Megamall.

After getting our table. I went to the cashier to order and pay.

We had Roti Prata with curry as appetizer. This reminds me of a friend who asked me to eat at spice kitchen in CBD, Melb. I ordered something like this, though it was more spicy.

Then my glass of bandung came

 This drink is a mix of milk  and rose essence.  It tasted the same as what I had before though a bit sweeter.

Then came, hubs’ Milo Dinasaur.

 It’s basically iced Milo with spoonfools of Milo powder on top. This reminds me  of my childhood. Drinking milo then eating a spoonful afterwards. 🙂

Hubs also got a bowl of Bah Kuh Teh. I cannot tell if this taste authentic as I have not tasted Bah Kuh Teh yet. But I  remember my sister told me before, that Bah Kuh teh was her staple food when she was in sgp. According to her,  it has a rich flavor of herbs and spices. Hmmm….while this serving has a strong flavor of star anise. Anyway, masarap pa rin naman sya.

Bah Kuh Teh

We also had Mee Goreng. Eating this noodle dish reminds me of Ros and Yumnie,  lovely people I meet in Sydney. They were the ones who taught me to love mee goreng.

Mee Goreng

Then my warm bowl of seafood laksa came. Yehey….

It was good but not as good as what I have in kopitiam. I wanted it a bit more spicy sana (mild spice lang kasi) and more noodles din, ang konti eh.

Over all experience…the service was quick, the food was okay naman. The place was fine. I will go back definitely to try their other menu naman.

Feeling just a little nostalgic while eating here last Friday. I began to miss my friends from downunder.

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Bonding with Friends

Last Friday, after work, my friends and I went to Sta. Rosa Laguna to unwind after a tiring work week.

It was around 7 pm when we arrived Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Dj was waiting for us there since he works a few minutes away from Paseo.

One of my officemate who happens to live nearby suggested us to have dinner at Industry Bar and Resto.

It was my 2nd time there and what I love about this restobar is that they have vegetable on their menu like okra, ampalaya and calabasa flower.

Like this one….

A serving of Adobo flakes  and mashed talong beneath.

and this one is a serving of okra wrapped in lumpia wrapper. Yumm. 🙂

We also had grilled pinakbet. Sorry I forgot to take photo.

Then  fried pla-pla with binurong kanin was served.

I love the pla-pla but not the burong kanin…not yet ready to taste it pa. lolz.

While some of my girlfriends had this beer tower,

 I ordered a glass of frozen margarita.

The food was really good, filling and cheap.  If you love eating vegetable, I know you will love this place.

It was a fun evening with lovely acoustic music, good food and great friends.  🙂

 How was your weekend?

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Never be without a great smile

This wacky photo was taken last Friday at Greenbelt, Makati. Starbucks was promoting their ready brew coffee, along with their coffee tasting, we had a chance to have our photo taken at their booth. Cool!

All smile with a wacky pose. Looking at this photo just made me smile. Thanks Starbucks. 🙂

Im placing this photo on my work desk, to drive bad aura away hahaha.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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All I want for Christmas – The Christmas Gift Exchange


Few more weeks and it’s Christmas. Now to start the Christmas cheers, blogger friends, PM is hosting an online Christmas Gift Exchange (CGX)

So how does this work?

 Just leave a comment at her All I Want for Christmas post.  She’ll then email  you the name of your partner blogger and the blog’s URL.  You also need to make a post about  gift/s you want to have this Christmas to give your CGX partner an idea on what to give you. The gift price starts at PhP200.  Dali di ba?

Oh here’s my list by the way;

Something small: Bag Charms.

Something big: unbreakable plastic shoebox

Something cute:Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Something soft: A purple pashmina

Something techie: A purple colored card reader

Something fancy: Rhinestone Barrette

Something (insert your favorite color): Purple or Green

Something wearable: A purple headband

Something you need: Bookmarks preferably the magnetic one

Something you can use for work: A planner

Something sweet: Stuff toy that can be place on my working table. 🙂

All I Want For Christmas
I love anything in purple may it be a shirt, a bag, shoes, accessories or whatever things that are in purple will really make me happy. 🙂

Joining? visit PM‘s site now… See you there.

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Meeting A friend here

One thing good about blogging and involving yourself in social networking is that you meet people around the globe. 🙂

Like in my case, I meet Ibyang here in Sydney last Friday. It was an awesome experience to meet her and her husband.

By the way, we had dinner at Pepper Lunch.

This was my hot plate.  Yummmm

Then she showed us around the city while her husband was taking photos. 🙂

We then headed straight to Darling Harbour….

That was my officemate and I talking… 🙂

Then we had coffee at Lindt Cafe which is located at Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour.

I had caffee latte….it was so good

These delice are my favorite…yummy

If your a choco lover, you will surely enjoy this place. It will make you a happy soul while looking at the chocolates that surround the place…ah such a choco bliss!!!

we had hours of chatting and exchange of stories about Manila and Sydney. We even figure out where we actually meet online, sa plurk ba o sa LP, hehehe.

I think it’s around 9pm that we left the cafe.

Look a ferris wheel….

Sydney is a lovely place indeed. 🙂

Sis and Chris, thank you very much ha. Dahil sa inyo hindi na kami naliligaw sa city hehehe 🙂

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Coffee shop stopover

After work,  the husband and  I usually went to this place, fall in line and have a doze of freshly brewed coffee! We’ve been too many coffee shops but this one is our favorite.


In my previous entry, I considered this place as  another home. We’ve been visiting this coffee shop for more that a year already and up to now  hubz and I keeps coming back.


Let’s just say that I love their bagel and cream cheese  plus their coffee and coffee refill, I also like how they treat their  guest (they call each costumer as guest).  They are so friendly, very accommodating,  would you believe two staffs are in my facebook and friendster account . Another thing,  here, you can have the peace and quiet while reading a book or listening to an ipod. No smoking being will pesters you,  no one will  bother you with their laughing out loud madness. So cheers for such nice place like this. 🙂


Want to share your favorite place, join  caryn’s birthday give away visit here. You still got time 🙂




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Meeting with friends

One fine hot Saturday Sunday I dragged my husband to Cafe Metro at Greenbelt 3 to have lunch with blogger friends Dyanie, Kg and Rico.

It was our first time to meet but I tell you, the laughing and story sharing was non stop. It was fun meeting with these guys. Hopefully maulit. 🙂


Oh here are the food that we ordered by the way

gising gising
This is my favorite….it’s  Gising gising (wake up-wake up in english). I guess it’s called that way because it will surely wake your senses kasi it’s a bit spicy.  This dish was made with vegetables(baguio beans), ground pork and coconut milk. Yummm!

lechong kawali
I dont know what this dish is…kasi hindi ko sya tinikman… layo nya kasi sa akin hahahahaha! Basta it’s lechon kawali with kangkong  (tama ba Rico?)

and here’s another favorite…chicken with eggplant (ano nga to ulit Rico, hahaha) sorry I really didn’t get  the exact name of this dish but It taste good.

crispy tadyang
I requested for this naman. Crispy tadyang. It was good but nothing spectacular, kahit sa bahay kayang kaya natin tong gawin 🙂

and this one is a fancier way of frying Tilapia. Im glad this dish is just infront of me. Kaya siya pinapak ko plus the gising gising. 🙂

The five of us enjoyed the food but what we enjoyed most was the getting to know each other part. Dyanie, Kg and Rico, thanks for sharing that wonderful afternoon with us, hubz and I really enjoyed it!

Oh by the way, I did not post our group photo, I wanted you to personally meet us.  So kelan kaya?!

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Birthday giveaway

Im a celebrating my birthday this coming 15th. To make it more fun, we are having a little game. I will be giving a Moleskine Large Ruled Notebook (as per poll result). Everyone is welcome to join. 🙂



Birthday giveaway

So here’s how to join:

Just leave your birthday comment below. It maybe a greeting, a short prayer, a poem, a letter, whatever you want as long as it has something to do with my birthday. One birthday comment is allowed per person.
Now, want to double your chance to win, just blog this birthday giveaway in your own blog, just dont forget to link back to this post and I’ll give you one (1) extra point.
This contest will run until the February 15, 11:59pm, Manila Time. Winners will be drawn via randomizer.

So there….let’s start the party as early as now and be….
happy shalala…it’s so nice to be happy 🙂



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Coffee and stuffs

Lately, I’ve been going to mister donut for a cup of coffee and their Tuna turnover. One thing good about this coffee shop is that, they do not just offer doughnuts like krispy kreme and gonuts, they have other sandwiches and pastries which are good and not pricey. So I can have their tuna turnover everyday if I want hahaha.


Mister Donuts reminds me of old high school days by the way!

Oh here’s another one that I love having….the bite size smidgets. Eating their regular size doughnuts are cloying so the smidgets are just perfect. The bavarian filled and strawberry filled are my favorite.
Sometimes, I wish Krispy Kreme has this bite size treats. So I can taste all my favorite in one pop. 🙂

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Just Wanted to Know?


this post will remain on top for a week (Jan. 25th) — when voting has concluded. Thanks for your awesome help



Thanks to all who participated. Voting is now close.

For the Tally..
Moleskine Large Ruled Notebook – 43%
Moleskine Large Plain Reporter Notebook – 33%
Moleskine Large Sketchbook – 24%

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A very quick note


Hello all. It’s 1:00am and I just got home. I wanted to hit the sack but before I brush my teeth and be at neverland, let me just say my hi and hello to everyone who visits here. I really appreaciate it and your comments makes me energize. I really miss you guys!

Later I can sense that I’ll be going home much earlier from work because, I have already submitted the required documents for our project. Therefore, I can do more bloghopping (yebah…)

I’ll just see you all later. 🙂

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Notecards and More

As a kid, I love buying stationery and specialty papers. Up to now, I still have the love for the said goodies. Whenever I am at a bookstore I always end of having a bag full of those lovely looking papers.
So when I knew that dear Odette sells lovely notecards, I did not hesitate to buy from her when she was still here at the country. Indeed my first purchase was worthy.

Albeit she is in Dublin with his husband right now, I ordered another set from her. So last week, I went to the post office to pick up the package she sent. Though I knew what was inside, I am too giddy to be home to check my items.

So what was inside the package….
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Seven Random Things About Me!

I was tagged by Mai. Thank you dearie.

Her blog is one of my favorite, if you haven’t been there, well visit her place and see why I so love her.

Now for the tag, here are my answers:

1. I love to cook (obvious!!!). If I don’t know how to cook a certain dish, just hand me a recipe and I can easily prepare it…but I really don’t know why oh why I cannot perfect adobo. Argh!!!!

2. I am allergic to prawns & crabs…(so mean!!!)

3. I really don’t eat Okra since birth but because my officemate forced me to taste it, I then realize that it doesn’t really taste badly after all. Okra is now part of my vegetable favorite. Do you eat okra?

4. Been working for a decade now and I badly need a vacation…a real vacation.

5. I first meet Dj in 1997 then after five years we meet again for the 2nd time. A week after that meeting I became her girlfriend. Then after 8 months we got married. Now were on our 5th year as husband and wife. We are so meant right! 🙂

6. My birthday falls on the month of February. As a birthday gift to myself, I yearly donate blood to a children’s institution. I’ve been doing this for the last 4 years. However, for this year, I wasn’t able to donate because I just got a minor operation. Next year for sure I’ll be a donor. My blood type is B+ by the way.

7. My heaviest weight was 158 pounds (I am 5 flat) and yes I am obese that time. Glad I shed those 40 pounds in a year. 🙂

So that would be 7 things about me, actually I have 100 more

Now, I am tagging everyone who enjoyed the holiday this week! 🙂

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One great reason why I love blogging is that I meet new friends online, one of them is Rachel. She’s a very sweet lady and she’s like a little sister to me. Chel just opened her online store at She’s selling cute accessories made of baked clay. All her items are individually detailed by hands no special tools were used. So you could just imagine the love she spends in all her accessories.

Claychelicious…yummy treats with a twist

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