It’s your birthday

Happy Birthday AJ. We will miss celebrating it with you today and the following years but it’s rewarding to know that you will be celebrating it happily in heaven.

We love you!

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To the bravest boy I knew

AJ was as an inspiration that captured the hearts of many. He was such a dauntless boy whiles battling cancer. AJ was the strength of his parents throughout those trying times and made the family stronger to handle such ordeal.

Thanks for sharing the sunshine in our lives. Thanks for the sweet memories you left behind, it would be our solace that we will cherish forever.

You live a beautiful life here.

Let me share, a video prepared by his Ninang Alma. It was played during the service. I watched this video many times and it still made me cry but then again, it reminds me of his wonderful years with the family.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” – Psalm 116:15.

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A Celebration of Life

Let me remember you as a kid with great talents. A sweet boy. A loving nephew to us, a caring brother to your siblings, a good and caring son to your parents.

AJ battled brain cancer for two and a half years. He was an inspirational kid, gentle, extremely loving, and a child who showed wisdom beyond his years. He never complained despite the operations, treatment and pain he had to endure in his short life.  His been in coma for a month and was sent home last Sunday. 

His spirit was willing, but his flesh was already weakened that his spirit has to let go.

AJ joined his Creator at 10:45 AM this Friday.

Your life is a celebration. You will always be remembered. You’ll always be our loving AJ. Its goodbye for now and see you soon.

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Thank You

I got an email from Grace asking me how’s the little boy doing now? Thank you dear for the concern and prayers. It always works 🙂

Now, just if you too are wondering…
The little boy is okay. According to the biopsy  the mass not harmful but he has to undergo radiation to make sure that it wont reoccur. The radiation therapy is scheduled this 3rd week of the month for five consecutive days.
Its a solace for the whole clan that everything are okay now. For all those who helped in prayers…thank you very much 🙂
Here he is now!
After the operation, he is now rocking!!!!

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Random things on a weekend!

It was indeed an exhausting weekend. As we had to go back and forth to the hospital to bring food, do errands, take care of AJ’s younger brother because he is not allowed to enter the hospital due to his younger age. It just made me worn-out but knowing that our brave boy is getting better as days pass, things are becoming rewarding to us.
After his operation, the boy has his whole face swollen that made his eyes hardly to open but after a few days it slowly returns to its normal form. He can smile now and his little brother who got an entry pass finally saw him for the first time this afternoon. His doctor said, he will be discharge this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Glad things are becoming normal. We are praying for a positive lab result by the way. Do help us more in prayer :).

So okay, I was a bit bored at the hospital this afternoon, I then made myself busy looking at the ID pass that the guard issued at the lobby. Then I asked for hubz ID pass…I was amaze to see his ID because we both have the same 3 digits only the second and the third numbers were mix up and what is more funny, I entered the hospital first because he had to park the car. hehehe. What a coincidence 🙂

We are really meant right?!

So after our hospital visit, we headed straight home. I had a quick shower while the husband fall a sleep. Since I was not really that sleepy, I bake more cookies. You see baking seems to be therapeutic. I feel relax, while I was beating the butter and sugar, while I was whisking the eggs, while I drop a large spoonfuls of cookie dough onto ungreased pans. Ahhh!!!!

bake these after the hospital visit

and oh I bought two colored canister glass the other day and put the baked cookies in. It was lovely. I handed the red one to my mom. She loved the canister and the cookies too. 🙂

So how was everybody when I was so busy? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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The boy and the cookie

The brave young boy had his operation this morning. His mom texted me these words :

Im here with him at the recovery room. He looks ok. He smiled at me and kissed my hands when he saw me then he sleep again….

Thank you to all who prayed for him. We are positive that everything will be okay after all these and claiming that the tumor is not malignant. We believed in God’s divine healing. 🙂
The husband and I will visit him tomorrow. I baked this chocolate chunky cookies and will bring his tomorrow for him.
Hope he will love it. 🙂
Once again, I thank all my friends who helped the family through prayers. 🙂

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That’s my GBA

He never fails to give a striking pose

He never fails to give a striking pose

This is Jed. Dj’s cute and playful nephew and that guy behind him is AJ, his big bro. Aren’t they cute 🙂 Continue reading

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