The best things in life are free.


But….when these free stuff are  free because you were given a serving of spoiled beef noodles, I guess that is a different story. Yun na!

Tanong ko lang, hindi ba naamoy ng cook yung soup. Pag open ko pa lang ng bowl, Hubz and I smelled the spoiled broth.  Hindi pa ko nakontento, tinikman ko. Confirmed…Panis and soup nyo!  Grabe! Me sipon ka kuya cook? Hays…

I returned the bowl and asked for a replacement, when the replacement was serve to us, I talked to the manager. He asked sorry for the awful service. He gave this 2 servings of halu-halo for free. Okay fine. Buti na lang I am not masungit that time kung hindi, natalakan kita manager.

Anyway…I wont ever come back to this branch again and will try not to eat in all it’s branches. Burado na kayo sa list ko! tse!

This is a late post. This incident happened last May 18,2011.

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On health

It was  early 2008 when I noticed  a small lump inside my right breast, After seeing a doctor, I was scheduled for  breast lump removal procedure. The lump was  found to be fibroadenoma.  A harmless lump consist of fibrous and grandular tissue. It washed all my worries away.

Then, late last year  I again noticed something inside. I seek the help of a doctor and was then asked to have a breast ultrasound. After having the result, ob asked me to see my surgeon for further advice.

It was Friday last week, when I was scheduled to undergo another breast lump removal operation. I asked the doctor to just give me a local anesthesia since it’s just a minor operation lang. 

The operation took and hour and a half. It was an out-patient procedure.  I rested this Saturday and Sunday and went back to work  this Monday na. Yung nga lang, when I went for a check-up yesterday, the doctor asked me to rest muna for a day or two, for speedy recovery ng wound.  Kaya heto sick leave ako.

By the way, the cyst found was lipoma. Doctor says it’s non cancerous and Im good shape. Thank God. 🙂

and to celebrate good health, I had a haircut. wooh!

Very summery. di bah?

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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Watermark my Photos

I dont really put watermarks on photos I share here and in my other blog. I believe that it’s tacky and besides I am no professional photographer so I dont have to  worry on my  photos being stolen but I was wrong.

It happened to me thrice. I somehow let pass the two incidents but the third one which for me was too much…..somebody  used my photo in her blog entry  and place her own site name on my original photo.

I emailed that person, telling her that I am mad for what she did.  Told her to remove the said photo in that blog entry.  She responded and remove it  but it is still uploaded in her blog account. I googled to check. I emailed her again to totally remove it. Up to now, she has not perform any action on my email. sigh! Just irritating.

These people simply don’t care about the rights of content creators. Its just a matter of being respectful to others property.

So from now on whether my photos are worthy or not, I will put my watermarks. Its my craft and I will protect it from unauthorized use online.

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Treetop Adventure: Canopy Chair Lift Ride

For those who don’t want to try out the extreme activities at Tree top adventure. you can pick the canopy ride. It’s a 45 minutes to an hour ride. In here, you will be travelling across station (platforms) riding a set of 3 seater that is lifted as high as 100ft above ground.

I took a shot of a family going down from 100ft to 80ft

In each stations there are people from tree top that will assist you to transfer from another set of seats. They will also give you some information about the place, the owner and stories about the monkey called vernel, then we found out that vernel is not a monkey but a guide too.They were just joking about it hahaha.

The entire ride was really awesome and relaxing though my SIL find it a bit boring in some part. There are 10 stations by the way. The speed isnt that fast but is at a mindfully slow speed which is  enough for us to enjoy nature.

Off we go for the first leg. HUbz the photographer here as I am scared that the camera might fall.

In each stations you can read informations on what tree the platform is attahced and how high the platforms is.

look Im not scared though Im 70ft high. 🙂

The superman ride, the trekking and canopy ride was the package we picked for 600 per pax. There are also other package available. The other exciting rides are silver surfer, tree drop adventure and free fall. Will try these other rides when we will visit Subic again.

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Treetop Adventure: Trekking

It’s a 45minute to an hour serene walk at wilderness. I marveled the beautiful virgin rainforest of Subic.

I experienced drinking water from a bamboo. The water taste really fresh.

Our trekking guide also showed us how to make fire out of bamboo

In a few minutes… there you go….

Manong was able to lit a fire from a bamboo. Galing di ba?

There are lots of huge trees with enormous roots. We didn’t forget to take our group photo here. 🙂

Trekking was fun but it made me tired that I wanted to sleep in bed, actually I didnt noticed that I had a short nap (in a sitting position) while waiting for my turn to try the canopy ride but it’s so rewarding to see the priceless sights of the lovely nature. 🙂

Up next my canopy ride experience!

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Treetop Adventure: Superman Ride

Though I was that brave but when I was about to try the ride, it send shivers on my whole body. I was ready not to try it but wait the minute, Im no chicken and besides it is an experience worth doing, so here goes….

I’m ready to fly!

Yay…it was so fun!

It was awesome. True enough my fear was conquered. A different experience that I wanted to try again.

Then after that we tried the trekking. Will post that later on, for the meantime, have a wonderful Week everyone!

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Off-guard…..No way!

dark sky

And the CNN news said, its another super typhoon.

Praying that you and your family be safe and dry.  Let’s pray for our fellowmen and country’s safety too.  Lets all be heedful.

Take care everyone.

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Let me conquer my fear and hand me the steering wheel.

yahoo, mag eenroll na ko!!!!!
yahoo, I’ll be enrolling!!!!


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Is it okay na?

our internet connection was like a slow moving traffic the past two days.

Maybe your a bit irritated because of the slow internet …well your not alone. The slow internet connection was due to cable break international access link. The APCN2 cable suffered further damage, impacting Hong Kong , China , Taiwan , Philippines, Singapore and Tokyo links. Thanks to Dyanie for informing me about this at plurk the other day.

As f this moment, I suddenly noticed that my connection seem to be a bit faster(keeping my finengers crossed) and I can easily access my Farm Town account compared to the difficulties I experienced yesterday…yihaa.  I just hope that the internet connection would really be back to normal before the week ends.

So with a swift  internet connection (hopefully) and the husband by my side, my weekend would be totally fine. 🙂

So whats up for the weekend by the way!

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On Health and others

For 3 weeks, my upper back was absolutely killing me, most particularly in the morning when I wake up. That was the reason why I was absent last week….now I skipped work again, this time to see the doctor as the pain was getting really sharp.
After waiting for the doctor for 2 hours, he examined my back, according to him; the severe pain that I experienced was due to cold weather. He suggested me to wear a thicker jacket and not to overwork my back,neck and arms. He also prescribed few medicines and a pain relieving cream. I tried the cream and somehow lessen the pain. I hope my back would be in top good shape after all this medication.

Then after my check-up, I was able to dine and bring home my favorite snacks at this restaurant which was just across the hospital. The restaurant has another branch near the University Belt where I used to attend college. My colleagues and I considered this place as our favorite hang-out (starbucks was pricey for us) and our favorite place to eat. 🙂
So here are what I ordered. My all time favorite from that resto. You can click the image if you want.

Yumm. The food was great. It tasted the same, just as I expected. Ahhhh, it brings backs college memories.

Is there any food that reminds you fun memories in school?

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Love them once Hate them now!

Its a holiday here, I was expecting a great bonding day with hubby but he was asked to report to work today. Oh well…guess I will just make myself busy cleaning the house.

So I started my morning calling my favorite food chain to order our breakfast as per husband’s request. I phoned around 7:35am. I was expecting our food be delivered at around 8:00 to 8:15am. I waited and waited, then around 8:15am the phone rang, a call from that food chain informing me that our food would be delayed for 25minutes because of some reasons….What!!!!!
I told them that they are already late. But okay since hubs did asked for that delivery It will be okay for me.
I then kept myself busy bloghopping when I realized it was already 9:00am….WHAT, WHAT!!!!!!

I remembered the lady I talked to said it will be late for 25 minutes. I computed the time and it was so late. I was really upset about it. Poor service indeed. I called their call center to complain. The agent said they will forward my concern with the branch manager. Then after ten more minutes the delivery arrived.
So guess what I did?

a. I did not open the door and let the delivery knock all day!
—Nah!!!I was thinking about this but it’s a childish idea, hahaha!!!!

b. I open the door and gladly get my order and pay delightfully.
—As much as I wanted to do this, I just cannot let this poor service be tolerated! To be honest, their branch has the worse delivery service ever! (yeah I am mean)

c. I refuse to get my orders and told the delivery guy that they have a poor service. It’s not the only time they’ve done this.
—-If you pick this, you are right!
Though I love their breakfast I decided not to get it. They should learn how to be on time. I can understand if they will keep me wait for 45 minutes (okay an hour will be fine too depending on my mood) but hey a hour and a half…that’s a different story.

Yes…I did not get my orders so did husband got upset too?

No actually…because I just made breakfast myself.

I dash to the kitchen and had franks (I steamed them), poached eggs and yummy garlic rice. I may not cook it the MD way but they are equally deliciuos but less the fat! hahaha

That’s how my Wednesday Rainy morning starts. Though it was not really a nice start, I manage to keep my day kicking. I’ll bake cookies later on!

I’ll post it later. For now, let’s just enjoy the day. 🙂

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Got no title


As much as I anticipated to blog more of cheerful thoughts, my brain is preoccupied with sadness. Yeah I am so emotional. A very close friend slash officemate will make her last workday this Friday.

I will understand if she will be living because she wants, but in her case, it’s different. I really do not understand why all this happened. I even do not know what was the basis…

Do not want to divulge more, It would only make unhappy. Sniff! Yeah I am crying! I will surely miss her.

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Veronika decides to die

This made me cry. No, not the story but the book itself…wuahhh…

Somebody borrowed it. She was so persistent and since I am a good soul (yeah I am), I let her have my book. So after a month (gee, took her too long to finished it) she handed it back and I was disheartened on seeing Veronika.

Continue reading

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What is going on there!

Geez..we don’t have connection at home which limits me in updating my blog. Yeah I can view my blog at work (just what Im doing right now) but I cannot access my wordpress dashboard, because dansguardian don’t permit, whaa!!!!

Hope everything will be okay before the week ends or else, I’ll be insane!

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Tissue please

Sabi ko na nga ba eh…

I hate watching tearjerker movies or tv programs like MMk. Tonight’s episode made me a cry baby once again. sniff..sniff…sniff. Hay, iyakin talaga ako.

What last movie or tv program made you cry? Have an extra tissue here for you.

Happy weekend

(got the cute fellow here)

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