Creative Swap Goodies

Last Week, I received my Creative Swap loot from my good friend Odette.

Look how she creatively wrapped my gift.  So creative it was really lovely that it took me an hour to open it. 🙂

Lets take a look whats inside.

Oh look a Chocolate. Oh I love everything with hazelnut!

A Hand made purse.  Im already using it. 🙂

A sweet letter, some printables from Martha Stewart which I badly needed when Im baking. 🙂

I was then surprise to see this….

Gift  cards.

It was the gift cards Odette personally made for me months ago through our exchange of tweets at twitter.  Odette your so sweet.

She also included, baking stuffs such as sprinkles and muffin cups. That red  one is my favorite of them all….


A handmade Apron.

Odette just read my mind. I really wanted to have a handmade apron. Thanks for this Odette, The apron’s so gorgeous.

I’m indeed so lucky to have all this love coming from you. Again, thank you very much Odette. Thanks for everything and the sweet friendship.

Oh by the way, want to see more of her creativity  please visit Odette’s etsy shop

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Creative Swap: August-September round

Im sending tomorrow a very late package for my August-September creative swap partner. I am terribly sorry. August and September were such busy months at work plus I am helping my sister for her upcoming wedding this coming 3rd week of October. 🙂


Anyway, I will send my partner a crochet headband. I made this headband a longtime ago and I think my partner would be the perfect person to have it.  I’ll  included 5 cute magnetic bookmarks.  By the way this bookmarks are part of my collections. Im  sending my all time favorite chocolates, meiji strawberry choc and m&m. 🙂

My partner wanted to try painting thus I am sending  a  starter set of oil paints, round palette, chinese brush, flat brush and a round brush for her to enjoy it.

 Hope she will love everything.

Hey, would you love to join the next round. You may email Caryn, our creative swap hostess at gandarynako (at) yahoo (dot) com for more details.

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Fun Project

Hubz been itching to have this Photo R230 Epson printer for a long time. 

 So weeks ago, he bought it. 



He also  bought packs of photo paper for our hundred photos to be printed and a pack of heat transfer paper for his new project. 

Then when he got home he was like a kid too excited to test his new toy.

and this was his first attempt…



cant read it here’s a closer shot!
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Creative Swap!

My creative swap loot arrived last week. It came from the very creative Caryn
The time I received the package and saw that it was from her, I at once opened it with excitement. I knew already what was inside since she posted in her blog. She hand painted two shirts. The other pretty shirt was sent to Glenville. The black one which I was gunning when I saw it on Caryn’s blog was sent to me. Yipeee!!!


 It’s so lovely! She used bronze paint to make this intricated design. 🙂



Also included in the package was a post card with her warm greeting, a pack of rice sprinkles, a new pair of earrings (she gave a pair two months ago for my bday, sweet nya noh?) set of beads, a box of chocolates and a cute chopstick.

Domo Arigato Caryn san!  🙂

Cant wait for the nround! If you guys are interested to join, do visit her place to know more 🙂

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Creative Swap: First time on everything


I sent them today. 🙂

Yesterday, I phoned three courier services to inquire; one of them gave me an estimated amount of 1800+ pesos for half kilo package. Hmmmm….pricey (kuripot ko ba, hahaha). Anyway, it’s fine with me but before I decide to phone again the courier service I will use, I remembered that Sheng has already sent her goodies to her creative swap partner, so I emailed her to ask what forwarding company she used. She emailed back and suggested to use the post office which according to her is reasonable and MORE RELIABLE now (yeah in capital letters, lolz). Hmmm…Why not. Oh by the way, thank you dear for the suggerstion. 🙂

So I went to the post office this morning. After my items was checked by some guy, he placed all of it inside a cushioned mailer and sealed it then the kind lady at the counter helped me out on what service to use, you see I am not really familiar with sending packages using the post office. After I paid (yeah it’s cheaper alright), I thank the lady and went outside. People at the post office are so friendly; methinks I’ll be a regular. I just hope my parcel get there safely and on time (keeping my fingers cross).

For my creative swap partner;
I hope you will like everything. The crochet purse is not that perfect but I made it out of my best. The earrings though simple I am sure it will look grand on you.


and to spread early Christmas cheers, I made a card too.


I also included magnetic bookmarks, as I know you like to read. To make your writing more fun I included two colored ballpens, hope you love the color. A pack of dried mangoes and 2 sampler of nutella.

So my dear creative swap partner, I hope you can wait a week or two (that what the lady said) for these things to reach you. 🙂

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On Crochet and Planner


Busy busy…not with work but with my new project and this time I am enjoying it.

With youtube’s help, I’ve rekindle my passion for crocheting. So far, I’ve finished the round purse (the green one), next to finish is the flat pouch that I will be sending to my creative swap partner this coming weekend. Hope my partner will like it. I will update as soon as I finish it. 🙂


Last Year, I saw my officemate using a 2008 Belle de Jour power planner. I got captivated with its bright-hued pages and cute design. Thus I told myself to bag my own BDJ planner this coming 2009. Last October, I reserved online a copy and because I was an early bird I got a discount.

And this last Saturday, my purchased item arrived


For 568 pesos (cut price)….not bad. The planner is very colorful, stylish, girly and it has a lot of discount coupon

Starbucks planner 2009…I won’t be getting you this year. Lets see next year!

Oh… you plan to get Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2009 Planner?

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Learning More!

How was your weekend?
Mine was a crafty one. 🙂


I began to crochet again and it’s so addicting. Few more rounds of single crochet and stitches, I am done with my first project- a purse. (smiling!!!!)
I will post pic when I am done (this week perhaps).

So everyone just have a great week and see you around.

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Joining Creative Swap

Yup I am joining this creative swap hosted by the pretty and creative diva Caryn. This is a fun activity and not only that you can make new friends too. It’s like Christmas all time, exchanging your own craft with someone else. That sound exciting.

Now to answer her meme:

1. What kind of creative things are you into?
Photography, I love to do sketching, crocheting & learning some beadworks.

2. How would you describe your personal style? (girly, ethnic, modern, etc.)
Sometime girly, sometimes ethnic, sometimes modern. It all depends on my mood.

3. What are your favorite colors?
I love green though purple fascinates me. Blue makes me smile and yellow just makes my day shine.

4. What is one craft you would like to learn?
Knitting looks interesting and I would love to learn pot making….I love mud lolz!

5. What other hobbies are you into?
Aside from blogging, I love to cook and bake. I love singing alanis morissette’s song at videoke. 🙂

6. What items do you really wish you had right now?
I wanted a new lens for my dslr. 🙂

Here are the mechanics on how to join:

1. Post the mechanics and logo on your blog and answer the meme. This will serve as reference for the people who will be sending you stuff. If you could, please tag back to Caryn’s sari-saring kulay so other interested people can also sign up.

2. The swap is on a monthly basis. You will be assigned a swap partner on rotation. Consult the meme that your partner posted on his/her blog and send 4 items.

3. The four items are as follows (1-something you made, 2-a craft material you think he/she would enjoy and 3- a snack or something you like munching on before, during or after the creative rush—It’d be nice to send something interesting from where you are currently based, 4- a short note or card to say ‘Hi!’)

4. Items should be posted on the last day of each month.

5. Wait to receive your items and then post something about it on your blog.

6. Other crafters who aren’t bloggers are also welcome to join; they just have to send Caryn an email with their name, adress and answers to the meme above to be included in the rotation. Emails may be sent to gandarynako-at-yahoo-dot-com.

7. On the first week of each month you will be sent the details of your next swap partner. Please try to keep all details confidential.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact Caryn.

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