Thank You

Thanks  to those who participated in my year end giveaway. I read your entries a number of times, let me quote some of my favorite lines from your entries;


If there’s one thing I am very thankful for, it is that our lives are still moving on

For my lifelong dream, I would still continue to dream of flying


there’s no place like home …but somehow I was able to manage the loneliness I feel


but it is better to have loved and lost than never to have love at all

Doc Gelo

Looking back, I never planned nor thought of being in these places to witness the turn of events happen before my very eyes. Indeed, God’s love works in mysterious ways.


This year was really something for me.  I was able to accomplish most of my goals and I was even promoted at work.  There may be trials last year but it did not hinder me to attain what i want.


Walang may nagbago sa kanila, yung body size lang naman namin-most of us large size na


If not a nurse, I could probably be an actress?


The thing is, nothing can stop me this year. We’ve all got to live life right, after all, no one got out of it alive.

Thanks everyone. You might not believe it but really I learned something from your entry.It was was really hard to decide that I have to ask my husband’s help to come up with a decision. So without further ado, The DBJ 2011 planners goes …

Doc Gelo, yehey…clap clap. 

and wit its not yet over, I would like to give a special  to….

Mordsith because she was really quick in making an entry for this contest…Im so touched. I would be sending something for you.

Doc G and Mordsith, please email me your address at jeannycdjATyahooDOTcom 🙂

Thank you again to those joined.  Happy New year,

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A year end give-away

Now as we put the finishing touches on another wonderful year. I am giving a simple  gift, a  2011 Belle de Jour Power planner (please click the link to see the planner) to start our New Year more fruitful.  🙂

This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who keeps on reading and commenting on my posts. I really appreciate all of you who continue to visit and post comments in each of my entries.

The contest is just easy. Just make an entry in your blog telling…

what will you most remember about 2010 and what do you wish to accomplish this 2011.

If you don’t have a blog why not start now and make this your first entry. 🙂

Few Notes:

1. Contest is open to all Philippine residents. If you happen to be outside the Philippines, you can still join but will send it to your Philippine address if your the lucky winner.

2. Contest starts today until Jan 1, 2011 (12 midnight)

3. Dont forget to put a link back from your blog  entry to this post  so I can read your entry.

4. Only 1 entry per blogger is allowed.

5. I will pick the best answer and will be the lucky winner.

6. Winner will be announced on Jan. 02 2011 and prize will be shipped via available courier.

So if you love organizing schedules and love to write, you should have this planner or maybe you could give this as gift too.  What are you waiting for let’s start the gift giving. :

PS: I don’t have the actual planner yet but will order at the BDJ site once we have the winner. To see what the planner looks like please click the link i gave above. Thanks

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