Birthday Boy

Let me first great you all a Merry Christmas and a very wonderful Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been ignoring this blog for some months now but I just cannot let this day pass without greeting my travel buddy, eating buddy, Shopping buddy, my inspiration, my all…my husband in this blog.

happy birthday hubs. You are such a great person. As I always said 1435254 🙂



I still owe my Malaysia trip and our latest Baguio food tripping trip..sa aking pagbabalik….

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Welcome 2012

I’ve definitely been missing in action lately, honestly am touched when getting emails from some of you checking in on me because you have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while.  Well, I wasn’t really blogging because I find it very hard to write, in short….I lost my blogging mojo (again). As of this moment, I really don’t know if it’s back but I do promise to try to write more often 🙂

Ofcourse I won’t let the New Year start without my year end post. I don’t want to be in hiatus for the rest of 2012 di ba, hehehe.

So…like 2010, 2011 had been a fruitful year for me. I was really blessed with lots of things….in work, my family, travels, friends, health and lots more. So many that it’s countless. Thank You Lord for everything.

Now, as I face 2012, I am praying God’s guidance.  To give me wisdom as I face more challenges in life. To keep the family safe and healthy.To make my husband more patience  and more loving and most of all a prosperous 2012 not only for me but to everyone.

As we end 2011 may we reflect and be thankful for every event, every moment to this
point that has shaped our lives.

May we let go of any hurt, resentment or regret.

As we enter the first moments of 2012 and beyond, may the opportunity of all that the
new year brings fill our hearts and souls with love, joy, contentment & the desire to achieve all that we see is possible for ourselves and for others.

May we discover, believe in, and truly live our passion, remembering to give…. to also receive  and to continually pay it forward in the hope of making our world an even more beautiful place.

May 2012 and beyond be everything you dream it can be.

I miss all of you and Happy New Year everyone.

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Anniv Getaway – Puerto Princesa day 3

Finally, sharing the last part of our PPS trip….

For our final adventure in the beautiful island of Puerto Princesa, Palawan we went to Honda Bay – Hundo Agua meaning, like a basin of water, just a few feet shallow water then it goes deep, very deep.  It has 19 islets and mostly are known for its underwater activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming.  Various kinds and types of fish can be seen and coral reefs.

The trip to Honda bay takes about 25-30 minutes from our Hotel. We proceeded to Sta. Lourdes Wharf. There is a Tourist information center where you will pay for the entrance fee in Honda Bay and where you rent a boat.  If you don’t have snorkeling gears with you, you can also rent them there for only P150 but I suggest you bring your own snorkling gear na lang. 🙂

I am so ready to explore Honday Bay….

First stop, was the Snake Island. It’s called Snake Island because it shaped like a snake when viewed from the sky. Many people love this island from all other islands in the bay because of the variety of fish found here. Hubs and I spend our time snorkling. We saw school of fish. We were able to feed them too. It was really awesome and fun.  Sayang, we don’t have underwater camera with us. It got broken during our day 2 in PPS. I should start saving to get a new underwater camera for our next summer getaway.

At around 11am we had lunch prepared for us by our Tourist Guide slash chef. 🙂

A sumptous lunch. we had, Grilled pork, grilled eggplant, grilled fish and fresh fresh cucumber. So full!

Then after hefty lunch, we headed to Pandan Island.   According to our tour guide, the island is called that way because it has lots of Pandan grass that grows in the island. The place was almost surreal and peaceful. 🙂

For our last stop, we headed to Pambato Coral Reef.

Pambato Reef is purely a snorkeling and fish feeding area. It’s a couple of floating platforms connected by bamboo bridges. One platform is for fish feeding and has a small store and the other one is a staging area for those wishing to do some snorkeling.

For me this was the best part of the trip. Swimming in the middle of the calm sea. away from the crowded beach with a vast coral formation for you to explore. 

Overall, it was a good tiring day spending a lot of time at the beach and snorkeling in the sea. A definite must-try tour when you’re in Puerto Princesa.

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Birthday Blast

Through the years that we’ve been together…hanging out with you is still my favorite thing to do. 🙂
Happy Birthday hubz. Every year with you is better than the last. 143!

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My new toy

I was worried that my luggage be overweight so I decided to buy this new toy.

It’s a digital luggage scale. Its so handy for travellers. This digital luggage scales help you check in your luggage safe in the knowledge that you are within the airline’s required baggage limits. So no more paying for excess baggage. 🙂

Anyway, I am still on the process of packing my things up….


Since Im going home na, lets have a welcome party and have a contest. Hulaan time. But before that I’ll finalize everything first I’ll post the mechanics on Sunday na lang. Right now kasi, still busy oraganizing my things. So watch out.

If you like eating chocolates and sweets and if you want some cute souvenirs from OZ (not koala and kangaroo ha), this is the contest for you mate. 🙂

Hope you will join. See yah!

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Hubz day!

It’s my baby’s birthday again. Yehey! Your a number older than me na, hehehe!
Time flies so fast. It’s another year again. I thank the Lord that your still the same person that I meet 6 years ago. Thanks for being patience, thanks for the loving and the spoiling.

Kaso la ko gift. Ok lang ba? hehehe!

Happy Birthday Labs, 143! See yah later for dinner! Muah!!!!

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2010 is here

I look forward to seeing what 2010 will bring me. It’s gonna be a long road to travel. I won’t be naive  to think that there won’t be any hard times  but then again I’m learning to sail my own ship. I learned that I’m more than tough enough to survive. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m capable of handling whatever life throws my way. So I’m so ready….bring it on 2010.

See yah more in life’s journey this year!

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Christmas Celebration

Chocolates, slippers, keychains, sarong, shirts, pants, kikay accessories are all from friends and relatives and my favorite… the pink laptop bag from hubz are the Christmas gifts I received. I didnt expect anything (except kay hubz syempre, hehehe) but look, I got so much. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and relatives and a sweet husband of course.

How’s your Christmas?

We’ll the husband and I spend our eve at my parents house. Had Noche Buena and gift giving as what we do yearly. Though my sister is in Singapore, we celebrated it with her and his husband through the internet, thank goodness for the technology.
Then on Christmas day, we visited the in-laws and we decided to enjoy the evening in Nuvali at laguna.
NUVALI, has a 1700 hectare property of the Yulo family that is being developed by Ayala Land Inc. They have a wonderful vision of making the place a business, commercial and residential community that promotes green and healthy living where nature and technology meet.

It’s a nice place. Great for family bonding. You could go boating, you can feed the fishes (mga koi ata yun), you can dine or had coffee or just walk around the place. So if ever your in Laguna, do check this place out. 🙂

So thats it. A blast Christmas celebration.
How was yours?

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Dj’s Day

My big boy, my hugmate and cuddlemate, my gadget techie geek….your a great blessing in my life. You made me a better person and I thank you for that. 143!
Happy Birthday husband. 🙂

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Birthday ng Labs ko

Last January 4 was the birthday of my ever loving hubz. We celebrated it in a simple way. At exactly 12am, I gave him my gift a bottle of body oil. Simple noh. I gave him that kasi I use it and gave him a full body massage as a gift. He found it vey special kasi I never gave him a message na ganun katagal, kakapagod kasi eh pero that time, I was so excited while I was massaging him…then I whisper a happy birthday. Then that morning when he wake up, he found a brown teddy next to his laptop. The teddy has this pin na me message na happy birthday. Kunyaring sleeping pa ko pero I saw him smiling while holding the teddy I gave. He kissed me and went to work. Pero ok lang he promised to be home early to celebrate his birthday for dinner.

Hmmm….after a few minutes he texted me saying thanks for the loving messgae and for the cute teddy, he said na I really made his birthday so extraordinary….so…so sweet. Thanks labs for loving those simple things I made for your birthday.

Happy Birthday and more loving birthday to come…lab yah 🙂

salamat pala sa lahat ng nag text sa hubs ko ng birthday greeting, well appreciated nya po yun..thanks ulit 😉

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It’s Husby’s Day!

It’s the birthday of this wonderful guy that I’ve been sharing my married life for a year and a half. I wanted to give him something for his birthday but I cannot think of anything. I wanted to cook a great and intimate dinner in our place tonight but since I cannot skip work today, I asked my mom to cook a dish for his birthday. I know this guy that I married is a very simple guy who can be pleased by simple thoughts. So tonight, I’ll lit the candle on the cake that I’ll buy later. I’ll sing a birthday song. Whisper in his ears and tell him that I love him, love him more than before.

To you lovey, my ever loving husband, Happy Birthday and I love you very much

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