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When in Cebu,  you might heard of the word Larsian.  It is one of Cebu’s popular eating havens. Located along a nameless road adjacent to Don Gil Garcia street near the Fuente Osmeña in Cebu City. It is a place for barbecue lovers. Larsian is a collection of stalls which virtually serve the same thing, grilled meats and seafood.  Since it has many stalls, competition is really tight. Upon entering the said place, several vendors would scream at you just to get your attention and convince you to eat at their stall. You would become like a celebrity for a short while where vendors are like fans screaming for your attention.

Pick what you want…

Puso – rice wrapped in coco leaves and boiled.

When eating in here, you will just be given a plate covered in plastic, and there are no spoons & forks to use.   You will be given plastic cellophanes which you can use to cover your bare hands!

Eating at larsian is MUST-try when you are in Cebu City just don’t expect too much on the ambiance. It’s smoky and it’s really noisy, you will be hearing vendors convincing customers to pick their stalls. 🙂

Royal Concourse

One of the popular dining establishments in Cebu City known for best value for  money is Royal Concourse.  It is know as the unlimited Crispy Pata Buffet. You can enjoy a variety of dishes from dimsum (siomai), eggnoodles (pancit), seafood choices of clams and mussels and hot-piping Bulalo (Cebuno called it pochero) for a very cheap price of 200php.   🙂

Crispy Pata Plate – ubos lagi

Buffet area.  Presentation…okay lang but for 200php, who cares,  the food taste good naman.

Again…200php with dessert. Super sulit 🙂

Royal Concourse is located at Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines with Tel No. 032-3465345


Sutukil is a portmanteau of the three ways fish are cooked in eateries near the Mactan Shrine.  Su is for sugba or grilled, tu is for tula or prepared into a soup and kil is for kilaw or turned into a raw fish salad.  Since we arrived Mactan a little bit early we weren’t in the mood to eat heavy breakfast that is why we didn’t tried the sutukil . Nevertheless, we tried the restaurant’s other menu like;

  Sizzling squid

Ensaladang Seaweed

We also ordered few pieces of pork bbq.  As usual no photo. Naubos kasi kagad. 6 bottled water and 6 cups of rice.

 You might ask….how much will you spend for a good meal in sutukil? At least P500 pesos or more if you come in as a group . It’s a bit pricey eating here. You should also keep in mind that the price of the seafood is different from the cost you pay for cooking it.

For our meal that day, we paid around 1000php plus. Mahal di ba?

Taboan  Market

 Dried fish found in Tabo-an (Taboan) Public Market

A kilo of danggit that time was around 480php and a kilo of pusit was 420php. If you will be buying to bring it home as pasalubong, need not to worry if you’ll travel by plane, they use sealer machine, so your plastic bag is super sealed, fishy smell no more 🙂


Basta Otap Shamrock…true!

Shamrock is the tastiest otap I ever tasted.  Gladly there is a Shamrock store near Crown Regency. Kaya we were able to buy 2 boxes of these goodies. I also love their rosquillos and hojaldres. 🙂

La fortuna bakery

This bakeshop is known for different varieties of tikoy, from plain white tikoy, tikoy  ube, to the one with sesame seeds, that come in six dices per package. We had a quick bite of these small square cuts of two different kinds of tikoy.  It’s good though I must say, the place was not that organize kasi, one side is an eatery, the other side naman is like a grocery with bookstore then the other side is bakeshop naman….hang gulo noh hahaha. Nevertheless, their tikoy is a must try. 🙂

So with all these, what am I missing…hmmm lechon.  Too bad, when we went to CNT, wala ng lechon…naubusan kami. Super sikat ang lechon nila ha.  🙂

So that’s it pancit.  Will do the our singapore adventure! Stay tuned

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Sumilon Island

Sorry I wasn’t able to update lately. Husband and I just arrived from Singapore for our wedding anniversary. I am so excited to share my experience but first let me finish the last leg of our Cebu trip. 🙂

Now, as i was saying in my last entry,  after our whale watching activity,  we hop on our rented taxi and went straight away Sumilon Island .

To get there,  we headed to Sumilon’s Port (about 5mins drive from the the resort where we had our whale watching activity) At the port, we were led to the lounge and served cold welcome drinks.

Afte minutes and minutes and minutes  of waiting, the boat arrived

There is a boat transfer schedule. I wish they will post this information on their site, so their guest would know or atleast, fix their itinerary. It’s a waste of time if you miss your ride  and need to wait long for the next pick-up. By the way, we miss our boat ride and waited an hour for the next ride.  😦

If a guest request for a special trip. they charge 1000php.

Sumilon Island is 125 kilometers away from Cebu City and almost 20 kilometers to Dumaguete City. If you are coming from Dumaguete and plan to go to Sumilon, it will take you around 30-45mins boat ride. The island area is 24 hectares which is surrounded by crystal clear waters with 39-hectare of marine sanctuary. 🙂

The 15mins boat ride.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the lovely sand bar.

Thanks to RC. I grab this photo from him. 🙂

The day tour during the weekdays is 1500php (per head) and 2000php (per head) during weekends. The package includes;

  • Set lunch
  • Boat transfers (Bancogon – Sumilon – Bancogon)
  • Island activities (kayaking, trekking, snorkeling)
  • Use of swimming facilities
Since it’s almost lunch time, we headed straight to the buffet area. The food was okay but nothing special. I was expecting more seafood like mussel, crabs or oyster sana  😦

So after lunch, we did the activities the island offers.


Walking Trek

The Infinity pool

lovely rock formation and the breathtaking clear water (Thanks again to RC for photo)

We would like to go snorkeling sana kaso, the waves are big that time and it won’t be safe so we just enjoyed their jacuzzi That’s my nephew posing sa jacuzzi 🙂

My niece posing  🙂

We headed back to the sand bar for a swim. That’s Hubz and I. Syempre pose din kami. 🙂

my family…goofing around

Our day at Sumilon Bluewater has been relaxing. I love the place.  The price was a bit pricey but the experience was really nice.  Would definitely comeback and stay for day or two to experience the nightlife in Sumilon. 🙂

Next….food in Cebu 🙂

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Whale watching in Oslob

Oslob in southern Cebu is now one major destination of local and foreign tourists because of the  sightings of gentle giants in the southern shores of Cebu.

To get to Oslob coming from the town proper, you have to ride a Bus or a car. It was a long ride to get there,  it will take 3 hours travel time approximately, depending on the traffic. And it is also advisable to travel early in the morning for better spot and to avoid large crowds in the whale shark watching. The place really is not that difficult to find due to large trampolines and banners along the road.

As I’ve said in my last entry, we hired Manong Jet to bring us to Oslob.  He fetch us around 5am. We were 4 dults with 2 kids.  Pwede na rin. Kasya na rin sa car.

After 2.5hrs, we arrived. The Whale Watching Operators in Oslob are  color-coded.   We go for the Blue Operator  (Aaron Resort) because it’s what I usually read on blogs. 🙂

Here are the fees for Whale Watching:

whale watching – P200
snorkeling fee – P50
life vest – P50
camera fee – P100
Resort Fee (shower/changing room/parking) – P50

Since we brought our own life vest and snorkeling gear, they didn’t charge us 100php. Then no one asked us to pay 100php for camera fee. We just payed the Resort Fee, and whale watching fee of 200php.

 To start, you have to attend an orientation first before going into the water.

 Then after attending the orientation, We were instructed to go to our boat . A few minutes, we were at the  watching area.

It’s not hard to spot a butanding,  there are boatman throwing food to whale sharks  and they were just chasing

I was just too excited, I jump over even though the wave was really big.

Hello Mr. Giant

Here is another one

Bye bye Mr. Giant

It was a really different experience having an up close encounter with the butanding. But I know, our presence and the feeding that the boatman are doing  to the butanding is altering the natural process of the ecosystem and our presence near them is giving them stress that they might die.  The tourist officers and the fishernmen are trying their best to implement strict procedure in the whale watching activities and I do hope, tourist will also give their own share in respecting these little giants.

To get to Oslob by Bus;

From Cebu City ride a bus going to Oslob at the Bus South terminal. Tell the conductor to drop you at Tan-wan.  Fare is at 156Php.

You wont be lost as I’ve said there are lots of resort offering this activity.  🙂

After our Whale watching activity…we went here….

 On my next update…. 🙂

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Portofino Beach, SM Cebu and Sky Walk

On our 2nd day in Cebu, we planned to go whale watching in Oslob. Googling, we found out that it will take roughly  3-4 hours to be there when taking a bus.

So we decided to wake up around 4am to take the bus going to Oslob.

Great… we have a plan for our 2nd day…but the next morning….

We  got up at around 7am….WHAT!!!??

We can’t go to Oslob…it’s so so late. So we have to change our plan. After having breakfast and prepared ourselves we decided to go to the beach. Hubz suggested Portofino Beach.

Portofino Resort by the way is an easy and affordable getaway for Cebuanos and travellers in Cebu. It is located in Mactan Island – the nearest place in metropolitan Cebu City where one can enjoy clear waters and white sand beaches

We went to the nearest jollibee for breakfast. Husband kinda interviewed the guard  at jollibee  in how to get to our destination.  Then after a few minutes, there was a cab waiting for us. Si manong guard pala and tumawag and instructed the driver to bring us to Portofino. Ang bait ni manong guard. We grab take-out food for lunch in Portofino, off we to beach with Manong Jet, the driver’s name.  He said,. it would be a 45mins to get there. Manong Jet is mabait. While he was driving,  we asked him things about Cebu. We even asked him if he can bring us to Oslob the next day. It was okay with him…Yes…makakapag whale watching din. We agreed to pay him 300Php for his driving service to Portofino.

In Portofino, there is an area where you could go snorkeling.  Super clear water.

That hubz (left) and me (right) doing our favorite thing when in the beach…snorkeling

On the other side of the resort is the beach.

Not unlike the snokeling area were there are less people, here there were a lot.

marami activities sa Portofino like ziplining 🙂

You can also do aquanaut where in you can walk under water and you can swim with the fish, you can  do paragliding, Jet Ski, ride with their banana boat swimming of course. 🙂

You can also use the facilities in the  beach area from 6am to 5 pm only.

gazebos with 2 tables and 12 chairs for 1,700 pesos
Shade Sails with 2 tables and 12 chairs for 1,400 pesos
Tents with 2 tables and 12 chairs (first come first save basis) for 1,400 pesos
Table set with 1 table and 6 chairs (first come first save basis) 350 pesos

Extra table 140 pesos
Extra Chair 35 pesos

If you have plan for an overnight in Portofino Beach Resort they have rooms to use from 2 pm to 12 noon. I checked the prices and it ranges from 3,000  to 3,800.

So we were there until 4Pm. We called Manong Jet ulit para hatid kami sa SM Cebu. 🙂

We bought our Cebu souvenir shirts at SM (Island souvenir) then by the time we got hungry, we decided to go to CNT lechon, which malapit ang sa SM. Sobrang excited na ko kasi, sabi nila, it’s one of the best lechon in town. When we got there, I was disappointed kasi ubos na yung lechon….boooh…wuahh. So we went back to SM,we had our dinner.

After the dinner, and extra shopping (again) we decided to go back sa hotel for our Sky Adventure.  I posted days ago my rant about the photos we had while doing the adventure. I emailed then and they did, answered na they will inform their head about my comments regarding their service. They haven’t emailed me back pero atleast, I informed them about it.

Moving on…sharing few photos for that adventure….

Among the many photos they they took (and pose we did) , we only bought 3 phoros. 1 photo of my nephew and the other photo of my niece. Syempre, we wanted the kids, to have their memories. Then we bought this group shot.

So yeah…right  this shot cost 230Php.  Oh well..

So how was my  SkyWalk adventure well…My knees almost buckled but  managed to remain calm except for a few panic attacks.  I was that paranoid that I was going to fall. I also did a pose were I have to stand at the edge of the steel flooring, gosh…nanginginig ako but I did the pose, yun nga lang wala akong mashare the photo. You know why….

I promise, will comeback here and will do this again.  Para magkaroon ng maganda photo hehehe.

As I’ve said, we are not allowed to take photo within the preparation premises and the actual activity area so after the Sky Walk and exiting the area, Hubs and I took the opportunity to pose.

Buti pa tong shot na ito…maganda…hmp!

Our 2nd day was fun.  I enjoyed our beach trip, SM trip and syempre, I somehow conquerd my fear in SkyWalk Adventure. 🙂

Oh by the way, If your going to Cebu, you might want to get Manong Jet (Nanay Taxi) as a driver. He also do, City tour.  I highly recommend him. His taxi is in good condition. He is mabait and honest. My SIL gave him  money as a tip but he refuses to get it kasi it was a big amount daw.  Here is his contact number 09157979323

Up Next…our Oslob Trip 🙂

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Touring around Cebu

Finally… I’ve seen Cebu.  🙂

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and is hailed as the Queen City of the South. The city itself, though not very large in size, holds a lot of historical memories that dated even to the time of the Spaniards.  Kaya when we did the Cebu city tour, it seems like we are travelling back in time 🙂

Mactan Shrine

The Lapu-Lapu Shrine is inside a plaza commonly known as the Magellan Shrine park that commemorates the events of the Battle of Mactan. Thousands of foreign and local tourists visit the park every year. The park includes the Magellan Shrine and a covered structure that houses a huge mural painting of the Battle of Mactan and a commemorative marker

The Lapu-Lapu Shrine is a 20-meter bronze statue located in the Mactan Shrine park in Punta Engaño, Mactan Island, Cebu. The statue was erected to honor Rajah Lapu-Lapu, the native chieftain of Mactan Island who defeated Ferdinand Magellan during the historic Battle of Mactan in 1521.
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Off to Cebu

Last April 28, my husband, niece, SIL, BIl and their son went to Cebu. Actually, our Cebu trip was not really plan. During our Batangas trip, my Husband asked me if I want to go to Cebu….well, I was hesitant at first because, I dont really have the budget and I don’t have time to research about the place. Whenever I go on a trip, I do make it a point to plan ahead, do research and save money.

Pero napapayag pa rin ako…why???

Because I love to travel and because we got a free voucher for a 2 night stay in Crown Regency Cebu. Oh di ba….free accomodation. Who wouln’t be tempted di ba?

So ayun na nga, we booked a flight to Cebu via Zest Air which was really cheaper than Cebpac. It was also my first time to try Zest Air. Zest Air by the way was Asian Spirit before. So I was a bit terrified to take the flight hahaha.

If you plan to get  Zest-Air, you should be early at the airport because, they don’t have online check-in sa website nila. Kaya expect long  queues and mabagal na service. 😦

Our flight was 4.05am. Ang aga noh? Ganun kami ka excited pumunta ng Cebu. hehehe. 🙂

Our flight was on time, It was still dark when we left Manila.  Oh the take-off by the way was okay naman. 🙂

I said I was sleepy di ba, pero hindi rin ako nakatulog while on the plane so I checked the plane’s restroom. It was clean but there were no hand soap or and sanitizer.  I am not sure sa cebpac if they have….haven’t really checked their restroom. Next time pag nag cebpac ako, will check that out.  Anyway,  I ordered a bottle of juice at syempre ang brand ay zest-o.


This dalandan juice bottle cost 60php. So alam na….where the name Zest-Air came from 🙂

We landed Mactan Airport aftr an hour.  If you’ll ask me how was the aircraft touchdown….it was a rough and bumpy. Yaiks….scared na ko sa pag uwi namin, hehehhe

This is inside Macan Airport. I love their airport. Very Clean 🙂

We really don’t have an itinerary. Bahala na si Batman sabi ko sa kanila hehehe.

 I was advice by my officemate na we should try Cebu City tour.  There are lots of taxi offering this daw. So upon exiting, the airport, we were  looking for those taxi.  Masyado pa yatang maaga kaya wala kaming makita. May mga lumalapit pero ang mahal ng offer nila. My officemate said, the whole day tour will cost around 1500-2000 for a taxi.

Buti na lang, a few days before, I researched (okay nag research ako kahit papaano) and found a name na kilala at tinatawagan when wanting to tour Cebu.   Si Manong Danny Noy. I called him around 6am. Nagising ko pa yata sya, hehehe. After an hour, a black starex picked us up at the airport and we started our City tour. Yebah!!!

 By the way, Mang Noy was giving this ride for 3k (8 hours) but my ever good in haggling husband bargained and got the ride for 2500php.  Ayos!!!

Here is Danny Noy’s contact number;  +639061534659 or +639224633757

Next Update….our cebu city tour. 🙂

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