About Me

I am Jeanny.A 30 something Filipina…
Some calls me jenny others genie, pick whatever you preferred. 🙂

This is my place. I’ve been blogging since 2004.

I got married that rainy afternoon of Saturday 24th of May to this wonderful guy, lets call him Dj. It was the best time of my life…that day was the start of my new life.

As I wife, I love pampering my husband with all the foods that I cook and bake. Would you believe… when we were starting I hardly knew how to maneuver the kitchen. But since cooking runs in the family, I slowly learned it’s art. Now, husband says, I can own a restaurant or a bakeshop perhaps hahaha!

Aside from being a wife, I’m also an employee, who oftentimes do overtime until my hands and eyes can no longer function. That is what I get for taking a designing course in college, hahaha…but hey I love my job.

You could also see me at Startin’ A New Life Too. Do visit me sometime, I will gladly appreciate it and kindly include it in your blog list. Thank You by the way 🙂

……with all those things keeping me busy, you think my life is boring, na-ah!

Oh heres more 100 things about me

If you like to get in touch please email me at jeannycdj@yahoo.com


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