Motogp 2012 Experience


Going to Malaysia was not really a plan trip

The thought of watching a live Motogp race had never been in my wildest dream. My officemate slash friend invited me to come with her to Malaysia, I was only thinking of seeing Petronas and of course, shopping. The time I bought the plane tickets and asked here, our plans, she said…we are going to watch Motogp! After hearing that, I asked myself, what?!  Ano gagawin ko dun. I no nothing about the game and I am not a fan!

The heck…but I already bought the plane tickets, might as well join the ride the lang. Next time, when someone will invite me to join, I will ask the itinerary muna hahaha.

So on our 2nd day, after visiting Putrajaya, we headed to Sepang Circuit.

The sky was getting dark when we arrived the place, like in any other well-known event, super traffic ang papunta dun.


And of course expect hundred or even thousand of people….


Then, after a few minutes while we were waiting for the race to start, it rain…very hard that the game was delayed


 We have to wait for the rain to stop.

The video below is the actual race.  I though I’ll find it boring but it’s  really different if you’re in the actual game, watching  the game with crowd. It was really exciting.

From time to time while the game was on going, there were occasional rains,  My ever loved shoes was all soaking wet huhuhu. Napilitan tuloy ako bumili ng shoes the next day. Anyway, the game ended at 5:00PM and would you believe a much heavier downpour started at around 4.30PM. So we have to wait a while before going home.

We don’t have lots of photo kasi nga umulan but syempre pose muna ko kahit isa lang hahaha.


Kita nyo baha at ang aking favorite red spadrille ay sobrang basa huhuhuhu

We left the place around 6PM. I though everything will be okay na, I was so wrong, there were no bus service going to Sentral Station…wuaahhh. We then so a super long queue of people waiting for the bus, badtrip talaga. We waited again for another 2 hours.  At 8PM the bus arrived and the travel time from Sepang to Sentral is roughly an hour. Hays. After all the pahirap, D and N told me na hindi na to mauulit ulit hahaha.

Since we arrived Sentral a bit late, we were really hungry,  My friend D wanted to have rice,  some restos are already close and KFC and MCdo are the fastfood that are open. We checked the menu in Mcdo syempre walang rice dun hindi uso, I think sa atin lang meron yatang fried chicken with rice meal, swerte nga naman. We decided to have dinner na lang at KFC, kaso ubos na rice nila.  We just had this plate for RM9.25 (around 120-130Php)


Snack Plate from KFC. This meal includes drink, coleslaw dinner roll and 2 huge pieces of fried Chicken. Infairness sa laki ng chicken 1 piece lang nakain ko at naumay kagad ako at promise mas masarap pa yung kfc sa atin 🙂

So this ends, my 2nd tiring day in KL.  I still have few more stories to share…Batu Cave, Bukit Bintang and Merdeka Square. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Motogp 2012 Experience

  1. diba, mas masarap ang kfc natin sa pinas? 😉 hehehe. may ibang timpla ang manok. looks like you had fun despite the rainy weather ;-D

  2. inulan pala ang karera nyo; basa pa sapatos mo! honestly, it’s rare we have heavy downpour here in malaysia. kung uulan, saglit lang. tagal na isang oras unlik sa atin na minsan isang araw non stop. hindi daanan ng bagyo ang bansang ito, kaya din siguro mas resilient ang pinoy sa problema. that’s another issue.

    tama ka, kfc in pinas is so much better (halos lahat naman yata more fun in the philippines!)
    pero iyang snack plate ang lagi naming friday meal ni tina kung wala kaming baon, kasi pag friday 12:30-2:30pm break namin dahil may prayers sila. saka ang gravy nila pang whipped (mashed) potato lang, pero alam na ng crew na lagi kami hingi ng extra gravy for the chicken (saka parang sabaw ko iyon, hahaha)!

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