Singapore Zoo and raincoats

And so the story continues…..

On our 4th day in Singapore, my husband and I (with my sister) took a spur of the moment trip to the zoo, after our Chinatown trip, we  hopped the MRT alighted Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and we took the bus service 138 from the bus interchange.

A few minutes after the bus left the station, it started to rain. The rain didn’t stop even though we arrived the zoo. 😦

We waited a few more minutes hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t.

me with the paawa and upset look…

Got tired of making funny faces , so I decided  to buy a 10sgd flip flops for myself because I was wearing my espads (I don’t want it to get wet) and 5sgd  rain coats available at the zoo’s gift shop .

ang lakas ng ulan di ba???

By the way, there is an option to take the tram (with added cost) to tour the zoo but we opted to just walk  around the zoo.  

masarap naman maglakad sa ulan….

Anyway, let’s get on to some of my favorite animals:

Because it was raining, the monkeys was hiding from his guest. We only saw one 😦

We went inside Australian Outback to see the Wallaby. I told hubz to pose with the wallabies.  Kaso ayaw lumapit.  Inggitin ko sya kasi I got a close encounter with them when I was in  Sydney 🙂

Pretty Zebras. Did You know that the stripe pattern of the zebras are to distinguish different zebra species.

Elephants…seem here they are playing.

There should be an elephant show but because of the rain it was cancelled that time. 😦

There are several species of elephants is Singapore Zoo and some of them already passed away because of old age.

The rhinoceros

Oh…by the way, did you know…..

The horn on a rhino’s nose is just a mass of hair stuck together. It is loosely attached to the skull. When it gets knocked off, a new horn will grow in its place. Rhinos are hunted to near extinction because of their horns.

 I have no idea what this is, but she looks like smiling 🙂

There are lots of snakes but this one for me is lovely.

A warthog a.k.a pumba of lion king 🙂

Giraffe. When I was a kid, a trip to the Manila zoo won’t be complete without seeing a giraffe.

“Giraffe have this huge problem of having a head that is 2m away from the heart. So in a really big animal how does it get blood up there?” (Professor Graham Mitchell, Centre of Wildlife Studies in Onderstepoort, South Africa).

The giraffe has an extremely high blood pressure (280/180 mm Hg) which is twice that found in humans. Additionally, the heart beats up to 170 times per minute double that of humans. It was previously thought that a giraffe had a really big heart, but recent research has revealed that there isn’t room in the body cavity for this. Instead, the giraffe has a relatively small heart and its power comes from a very strong beat as a result of the incredibly thick walls of the left ventricle.

A giraffe’s skull. Ganito pla itsura nya.

Can you tell the difference between a jaguar and a leopard. Well, the jaguar tends to have larger rosettes with spots in the middle; the leopard has plain rosettes with no central spots.

A jaguar. She seems to be snobbish. See the rosettes with central spot.

The leopard….snobbish sila pareho hehehe.

Awesome scenery.  This is my favorite part of the zoo.

Singapore Zoo has more lot to offer. This is a perfect family place that everyone would enjoy.  Just don’t forget to grab some maps and schedules of activities in the entrance because you might miss some shows that every animal will perform.

To get there please visit this link .

I still got few more Singapore entries to share. Please be back. 🙂

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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8 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo and raincoats

  1. Ang lakas nga ng ulan! Ang sweet namn nung 2 elepante mukhang nag lalambingan. hehe!

  2. Oooohh!!! Wildlife! Gusto ko yung Jaguar! HAHA! 😀

  3. I’d bear this in mind whenever I get a chance to visit SG. Thanks!

  4. Ganda naman dyan. was supposed to do a 1 day visit sa SG when i was in Thailand sayang hindi ako natuloy.

  5. Hello there sweetheart! It’s me, Anne- from Chicago, IL USA “JavaQueen” – Oh Jeanny, how I adored looking through you & your husbands pics at the zoo. Looks like you had fun regardless of the rain and I admire that about you! Always seeing the positive. The pics of the animals are all wonderful- I love giraffes too so that info about its heart is very interesting, never thought about that before. I love your husbands photography (and yours too). Nice to see you again! XOXOXOXO

    • Ih…Hi ann… I miss you. I was looking for you in the blogospehre. Glad we are connected again, now I kno where to visit you 🙂

  6. SG Zoo is one of the best in the world..

    at least diba, kahit umuulan nakapagikot kayo! haha!

    • The Singapore Zoo is famous for their incredible landscape design, with habitats simulating life in the wild for each of their animal species. I am very blessed o visit the place.

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