Bugis Street and some side trips

After our Esplanade, Merlion visit, we wandered around Bugis Market, one of the biggest and cheapest street market in Singapore, similar to our Divisoria.

 There is a Bugis Junction Mall which is connected to the MRT station. Shops in Bugis Junction Mall are the branded ones however if you really want bargain shopping, just cross the street and visit the Bugis Village. It’s a tiangge set up wherein you can haggle for the prices to be lower. You can buy clothes, Singapore souvenirs (key chains, t-shirts, etc.), food, and many others.  If you are looking for  souvenirs and pasalubong or just about anything, you will surely find it here. I am so sure of that. 🙂

See how crowded the place was. Kakahilo sa init!

I saw lots of street food stand. I initially wanted to try kaso ang mantika ng food. I had too much oil in my stomach since day 1 in sg.

 Red sausage , tempting hahaha!

This is what I want, a refreshing drink. I had a serving of waterchestnut and this time, it was good compared with the one I had in Sentosa.

Syempre a famous pasalubong to friends- Keychains. I think we bought 30 pieces yata. I also bought a sleeveless blouse with layered panels for 300 pesos. Very cheap. 🙂

Saglit lang kami sa Bugis, and init kasi hahaha, So we went back to Bugis Junction mall para magpalamig and I spotted J.Co. My favorite coffee tambayan  sa Pinas.

We had 2 alcapone, 1 green tease with almond (1sgd each).  HUbz and my sister ordered frappe, I had a serving of hot j.coccino. 🙂

After exploring Bugis, we went straight to our hotel and my sister went to her husband office for a bowling session,  we had a quick shower and went out to see my former officemate, hubz was also invited by his former officemate. So we went on a separate gala that evening.

My officemate/friend Mitch invited me to visit her place which is near Ikea.

Armed with a happy heart, we had a quick visit to her place and went to Ikea…Ikea was my favorite place when I was in Australia.  I bought bed sheets for a very cheap price and some mumunting bagay for our home.

If you’ll ask san nagpunta si Hubs…well boy bonding sila ng friend nya dito.

Clarke Quay

Siguro we went home around 12 midnight na. We were so tired but of course very contented and happy. To visit Singapore Icons, buy pasalubong for family and friends and to see your former colleagues  are so so priceless. 🙂

Up Next…day 4 in  Singapore – Chinatown, Singapore Zoo, more on Clarke Quay sight-seeing. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bugis Street and some side trips

  1. Monika

    hi! i just wanna ask. where can i bug cheap merlion chocolates in singapore? or are there merlion chocolates at bugis street? 😀 thanks!

  2. I’ll remember to visit this one day!

  3. oh i wish i blogged about our MY-SG trip too! i just couldn’t squeeze it in. 😦 i’m reliving all the places i’ve seen with your posts. ang saya! 🙂

  4. sayang, di namin napuntahan ‘tong Bugis Mall, sobrang gipit sa oras. next time…hehe, parang may next time pa. 😉

  5. Interesting yung mga drinks nila! Gusto ko ma try lahat. hehe!

  6. Nakakamiss ang Singapore, especially this time na meron silang Harry Potter exhibit. 🙂

  7. Mukang mega shopping ginawwa mo kapatid 🙂

  8. i loved bugis too! we ate lunch there and bought stuff. i remember buying some very cheap cadbury chocolates there! he he!

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