Pretty Gems

Fancy bite-sized iced gems biscuits.

This cute biscuits was one of those classic baon food that my classmates and I share in kindergarten. Sometimes. We would swap the biscuit with each other based on our favorite color. Some liked eating the biscuit first and saving the icing for later, some ate it by color naman. Good ol’ childhood memories.

It’s so nice to see and taste again those food that reminds me of my childhood. 🙂

What food reminds you of your childhood by the way?
Have a happy Monday!

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9 thoughts on “Pretty Gems

  1. Diomer Dela Rosa Dy

    Namimiss ko ang pagkain ng Lala…. paborito ko ito nung elementary pa ako

  2. yay meron pa pala nito akala ko wala na =D i just remembered ang kinakain ko lang dito yung icing.

  3. I remember this! May time na ang kinakain ko lang yung nasa top. Heehee.

  4. i remember those biscuits. i loved the pink ones. i just ate a jar of lengua de gato from Baguio. that one always reminds me of my grade school days.

  5. i remember this, meron pa ba nito ngayon?

  6. hayyy hindi ako nakakapag baon ng ganyan 😦

    i guess yung chocolate coins yung naaalala ko and santa would send it to me as a gift hehehe.

  7. hehehe. this one reminds me of my elementary days. kakatuwa, after how many years eh nasa market pa din sila.

    happy monday sis!

  8. naalala ko to jeanny! super funny! baon ko din yan dati ! he he!

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