Missing you blog.

Hey there, I am still here. I miss you blog. It’s been a year of hiatus. I have so many stories to tell. Will update you soon, I am just gathering my thoughts ūüôā

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Motogp 2012 Experience


Going to Malaysia was not really a plan trip

The thought of watching a live Motogp race had never been in my wildest dream. My officemate slash friend invited me to come with her to Malaysia, I was only thinking of seeing Petronas and of course, shopping. The time I bought the plane tickets and asked here, our plans, she¬†said…we are going to watch Motogp! After hearing that, I asked myself, what?! ¬†Ano gagawin ko dun. I no nothing about the game and I am not a fan!

The heck…but I already bought the plane tickets, might as well join the ride the lang. Next time, when someone will invite me to join, I will ask the itinerary muna hahaha.

So on our 2nd day, after visiting Putrajaya, we headed to Sepang Circuit.

The sky was getting dark when we arrived the place, like in any other well-known event, super traffic ang papunta dun.


And of course expect hundred or even thousand of people….


Then, after a few minutes while we were waiting for the race to start, it rain…very hard that the game was delayed


 We have to wait for the rain to stop.

The video below is the actual race. ¬†I though I’ll find it boring but it’s ¬†really different if you’re in the actual game, watching ¬†the game with crowd. It was really exciting.

From time to time while the game was on going, there were occasional rains,  My ever loved shoes was all soaking wet huhuhu. Napilitan tuloy ako bumili ng shoes the next day. Anyway, the game ended at 5:00PM and would you believe a much heavier downpour started at around 4.30PM. So we have to wait a while before going home.

We don’t have lots of photo kasi nga umulan but syempre pose muna ko kahit isa lang hahaha.


Kita nyo baha at ang aking favorite red spadrille ay sobrang basa huhuhuhu

We left the place around 6PM. I though everything will be okay na, I was so wrong, there were no bus service going to Sentral Station…wuaahhh. We then so a super long queue of people waiting for the bus, badtrip talaga.¬†We waited again for another 2 hours. ¬†At 8PM the bus arrived and the travel time from Sepang to Sentral is roughly an hour. Hays.¬†After all the pahirap, D and N told me na hindi na to mauulit ulit hahaha.

Since we arrived Sentral a bit late, we were really hungry,  My friend D wanted to have rice,  some restos are already close and KFC and MCdo are the fastfood that are open. We checked the menu in Mcdo syempre walang rice dun hindi uso, I think sa atin lang meron yatang fried chicken with rice meal, swerte nga naman. We decided to have dinner na lang at KFC, kaso ubos na rice nila.  We just had this plate for RM9.25 (around 120-130Php)


Snack Plate from KFC. This meal includes drink, coleslaw dinner roll and 2 huge pieces of fried Chicken. Infairness sa laki ng chicken 1 piece lang nakain ko at naumay kagad ako at promise mas masarap pa yung kfc sa atin ūüôā

So this ends, my 2nd tiring day in KL. ¬†I still have few more stories to share…Batu Cave, Bukit Bintang and Merdeka Square. ūüôā

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Putrajaya and it’s lovely structures

Finally…sharing the¬†long overdue continuation of my October Malaysia trip ūüôā


The next morning after our first day in Malaysia  we headed straight to Putrajaya.  The very first time I set foot in Malaysia, I noticed the impressive architectural and  urban planning and transportation.  So visiting Putrajaya made me admire the country more.

Putrajaya is a planned city, which is located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur, that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. All the government offices is located here.  Nice urban planning, very impressive.

To get there,  take the Express Rail Link train from KL’s Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral. We hire a taxi for  RM40 that will tour us around the place for 1 hour. The taxi driver spoke good English. He served as our tour guide and photographer too


Seri Gemilang Bridge. The road from the bridge leads to the Putrajaya International Convention Center at the end


Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC)


PICC overlooking Putrajaya


Putra Mosque (Pink Mosque) oh…I hate that bus

The Pink Mosque or the Putra Mosque was named in honor to Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunkun Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. It is also recognized as one of notable landmarks in Putrajaya, a must visit for tourist. It’s located in the Precinct 1 just in front of Putrajaya Lake and beside the Dataran Putra ( Putra Square).


Perdana Putra (Office of the Prime Minister)

Perdana Putra is the Prime Minister’s Department Complex. Strategically located at the new Federal Government Administrative Centre, Putrajaya is within radius of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and about 40km from the Federal Capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Perbadanan Putrajaya

The local authority which administrates the Federal Territory of Putrajaya

ha;;of justice

Palace of Justice

The Palace of Justice is influenced by the Islamic culture that built the walls of the Taj Mahal in India, the Moorish culture like the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur, and the Western culture of the Palladian.

A short trip to Putrajaya ¬†made me admire how clean the city landscape is as we drive along from one road to another. It made me remember home and the possibility that one day…Manila could be as progressive as this country.

After our Putrajaya visit, he headed straight to Sepang Selangor to watch motogp….up next. Please be back ūüôā

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Birthday Boy

Let me first great you all a Merry Christmas and a very wonderful Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been ignoring this blog for some months now but I just cannot let this day pass without greeting my travel buddy, eating buddy, Shopping buddy, my inspiration, my all…my husband in this blog.

happy birthday hubs. You are such a great person. As I always said 1435254 ūüôā



I still owe my Malaysia trip and our latest Baguio food tripping trip..sa aking pagbabalik….

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Kuala Lumpur Adventure – Day 1

It just last week that my friends and I decided to visit Malaysia for motogp. Husband was so inggit because he cannot come because of work.¬† ūüė¶

So on to my short Malaysia trip…

We booked seat sale plane ticket to Malaysia from cebu pacific. My total 2 way ticket cost 4,835Php (exluding travel tax and terminal fee). Actually I dont have plans to go to Malaysia napilit lang ako ng mga friends ko hahaha.

Our flight was scheduled at 2.10PM. We arrived, LCCT¬†(low cost¬†carrier terminal)Malaysia at around 6PM. Their Internation¬†airport is called KLIA¬†(Kuala¬†Lumpur¬†International Terminal). Before going to our hotel, we picked our motogp¬†tickets at Sepang¬†. It’s a 5 minute taxi ride from LCCT. So iamgine, us, dragging our travel bags while getting our tickets.People are looking at us…iniisip siguro nila, masyado¬†kaming¬†excited for the race. hahaha

We bought this ticket online around July ata. It was cheaper if you will buy ahead.

After getting out tickets, we searched for buses going to Sentral¬†but wala¬†na raw buses so we hailed a taxi.¬† It cost 90ringgit…ang mahal. We asked for discount, we ended up paying 70 ringgit (around 900 pesos).¬† Ang¬†tagal¬†pala ng byahe¬†from the airport to sentral. It took us 1 hr to 1.5 hours. Kakainip. Iw as seated at the back, while my friend who seats in fron¬†keep on talking to the indian-malay¬†driver. It’s good the manong¬†driver speak good english, so he kinda, tell short stories about malaysia. Yung nga¬†lang medyo¬†tumagal¬†ang aming¬†byahe¬†because, he was driving a bit slow…a dont know if it’s because that he just drive safely or if he drives slow because kinukwentuhan¬†namin¬†sya. ūüôā

It was around 9PM that we reached the hotel. We had our late lunch at Old Town White Coffee which is very near to our hotel

I like this noodle dish. It’s egg noodles with minced chicken. It fits my taste buds. Lasang¬†pinoy.¬† This cost around 100php.¬† When I dine outside, I don’t¬†usually ordered drinks, because it makes¬†me¬†full agad. I just ordered water. Their bottled water cost 3 ringgit.

After dinenr¬†we¬† headed to Suria¬†KLCC¬†where the famous¬†Petronas¬† Tower is located. ūüôā

Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers (Menara Petronas, or Menara Berkembar Petronas)

The towers were designed by Argentinian architect¬†C√©sar¬†Pelli, Indonesian architect Achmad¬†Murdijat¬†and Filipino-Malaysian Engineer Deejay Cerico¬†under the consultancy of J. C. Guinto, and Filipino Designer Dominic “Minick” Saibo¬†– via

After taking load of photos with the Petronas, we decided to head back to the hotel. We found out that the last train was at 11PM, we went rushing back to the train station, we were lucky to catch the last train but we did not notice that we took the train¬†going to the other opposite direction hays….bummer.¬† When we asked people from the station how to go to Sentral, we did a hard time getting the directions because¬†not all can speak english and if ever they speak english, it was a bit hard to understand. Anyway, we reached our hotel after a bus and a taxi ride.

We stayed at Summer View Hotel, KL. This hotel cozy, clean, convenient, comfortable and affordable too.  This hotel is very near to KL Sentral terminal about 300 meters away.  There is a 7-11 near the place just in case you need to buy anything.   I forgot to take photos of our room but I grabbed one from a site. The photo below which is similar to our room.

Pictures of Hotel Summer View, Kuala Lumpur
This photo of Hotel Summer View is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If I have to compare our sg hotel with this one, our room in Summer View is spacious and can fit 3-4 person. ūüôā

The 3 of us¬†was really tired and sleepy.¬† After having a quick shower, I hit my bed and told myself…tomorrow would be another exciting (and tiring) day ūüôā

By the way, this tour is without itinerary and we did not do any research compared to our HK-Macau and Singapore trips…kaya mas exciting. ūüôā

Please be back for my next adventure in Malaysia ūüôā

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Singapore

Kaya toast¬†is a popular¬†breakfast or snack¬†¬†amongst¬†Singaporeans¬†and¬†Malaysian.¬†¬†It consists of¬†kaya, a spread of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan¬†on toasted or fresh bread or cream crackers. Butter or margarine may be spread as well. Singaporean loves to start their day eating kaya, in fact it is almost impossible to find a coffeeshop that doesn’t serve kaya.

I first tried Kaya toast in a Singaporean restaurant in Megamall and at first bite I fell in love with it. So when we visited Singapore last May I aim to have a bite of the authentic Kaya Toast.

It was a good thing that our hotel is near Ya Kun Kaya Toast. One of the best places to get your kaya fix in Singapore .

The typical way to order Kaya Toast is to get a set with Singaporean coffee and eggs.  Singaporean coffee reminds me of what I think is a Vietnamese style, or rather originally French coffee.  Using a tall metal pot and a high pour to add air into the coffee itself is wonderful technique that is employed in Singapore.  They also use condensed milk and hot water to keep the coffee from being too strong.

According to most Singapore locals, Kaya Toast is best eaten with wet and runny eggs with black sauce. Thanks to the waiter (or uncle..they call older men as uncle and older women as auntie), he instructed us how to eat kaya toast, we were  able to enjoy Kaya Toast much like how the locals do.

Uncle said, a bowl of  half-cooked eggs, needs drizzle pepper and put some dark soy sauce on it.  Swirl the thing around until the mixture becomes brown and gooey.

Take a kaya toast and dip it in the egg mixture. That’s when you take a bite of sweet and crunchy heaven.

Grab your cup of  kopi (coffee) or teh (tea) and take a sip. You will find that it is the perfect accompaniment to the kaya toast dipped in egg mixture.

By the way, when ordering kopi or teh in Singapore one must specify how you want it to be served to you,  So here are just some being offered in Ya Kun Kaya Toast:

Kopi, coffee with condense milk
Kopi-C, coffee with evaporated milk
Kopi-O, coffee with sugar only (Coffee Black)

Teh, tea with milk and sugar
Teh-C, tea with evaporated milk
Teh-O, tea with sugar only

That’s it. It is an enjoyable experience. If I were living in Singapore, I’d have this every single morning. True story! 

By the way, there are several branches of Ya Kun Kaya Toast here in Manila (MOA, Robinson’s Place, NAIA, Ortigas) ¬†that I have to visit too ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Clarke Quay, Singapore

Have not updated lately…reason-I’ve been smitten with Anastasia and Christian. ūüôā

Anyway, before I get busy with my reading let me share our last night in Singapore.

If you are traveling to Singapore, one of the places you must visit is Clarke Quay!
Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area. The quay is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay. Рvia

There are lot of things to do here like….

 Dine, Drink and hop around pubs!

The Cannery at Clarke Quay has many pubs and bars for you to drink and chill with your friends. What’s great about drinking there, is that the every pub and bar is unique in a certain way.

Stroll and sit along the river

Not someone who drinks? Don’t worry! Simply spend your time strolling and walking around the Quay. The breeze is cooling a or you can just sit down along the river, and enjoy every moment.

At night, there will also be street performers or buskers performing along the river to add life into the night. Shopping carts are also situated all around for you to shop for your souvenirs. All in all, you won’t feel bored at Clarke Quay!

Party is everywhere in this part of Singapore, even on the steets. Meron performer. ūüôā

One thing I noticed, ¬†even though it’s a party place, the place is still trash free. I admire their discipline. Inggit mode!

Scream at the top of your lungs

G-Max Reverse Bungy. ¬†You’re thrown up ¬†that reaches¬†60 metres in the air at speeds of up to 200 kph and hits G Force 5 ‚ÄĒ your hair might never look the same again¬†.¬†This is one hell of a ride and¬†definitely¬†not for the faint hearted. ¬†It is located along the Singapore River and within walking distance from Clarke Quay MRT station.

By the way, I am a scardy cat so I did no try it hahaha.

G-Max Reverse Bungee


Would you try?

Aside from the G-Max Reverse Bungee there is also the GX-5 extreme swing, a rapid flying and free fall ride, it’s equally scary but looks fun. ¬†I did not try it also. Yoko nga hahaha!

Ticket coast 49sgd each for G-max and Gx-5 (buti na lang mahal kaya hindi ako nag try hahaha)

A few walk from Clarke Quay is MITA Building.

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MITA) Building was originally the old Hill Street Police Station and Barracks (1934-1997). This colourful 6-storey building was designed in the classical Renaissance style. It comprises blocks arranged around two courtyards.

So that is how we spend our 4th night is Singapore. ¬†I was a bit sad because the next day, we will fly back home. I will surely miss this immaculate clean place. ūüôā

My trip was surely over but I still owe an entry about Singapore food….up next ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Singapore Zoo and raincoats

And so the story continues…..

On our 4th day in Singapore, my husband and I (with my sister) took a spur of the moment trip to the zoo, after our Chinatown trip, we  hopped the MRT alighted Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and we took the bus service 138 from the bus interchange.

A few minutes after the bus left the station, it started to rain. The rain didn’t stop even though we arrived the zoo. ūüė¶

We waited a few more minutes hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t.

me with the paawa and upset look…

Got tired of making funny faces , so I decided ¬†to buy a 10sgd flip flops for myself because I was wearing my espads (I don’t want it to get wet) and 5sgd ¬†rain coats available at the zoo’s gift shop .

ang lakas ng ulan di ba???

By the way, there is an option to take the tram (with added cost) to tour the zoo but we opted to just walk  around the zoo.  

masarap naman maglakad sa ulan….

Anyway, let’s get on to some of my favorite animals:

Because it was raining, the monkeys was hiding from his guest. We only saw one ūüė¶

We went inside Australian Outback to see the Wallaby. I told hubz to pose with the wallabies. ¬†Kaso ayaw lumapit. ¬†Inggitin ko sya kasi I got a close encounter with them when I was in ¬†Sydney ūüôā

Pretty Zebras. Did You know that the stripe pattern of the zebras are to distinguish different zebra species.

Elephants…seem here they are playing.

There should be an elephant show but because of the rain it was cancelled that time. ūüė¶

There are several species of elephants is Singapore Zoo and some of them already passed away because of old age.

The rhinoceros

Oh…by the way, did you know…..

The horn on a rhino’s nose is just a mass of hair stuck together. It is loosely attached to the skull. When it gets knocked off, a new horn will grow in its place. Rhinos are hunted to near extinction because of their horns.

¬†I have no idea what this is, but she looks like smiling ūüôā

There are lots of snakes but this one for me is lovely.

A warthog a.k.a pumba of lion king ūüôā

Giraffe. When I was a kid, a trip to the Manila zoo won’t be complete without seeing a giraffe.

‚ÄúGiraffe have this huge problem of having a head that is 2m away from the heart. So in a really big animal how does it get blood up there?‚Ä̬†(Professor Graham Mitchell, Centre of Wildlife Studies in Onderstepoort, South Africa).

The giraffe has an extremely high blood pressure (280/180 mm Hg) which is twice that found in humans. Additionally, the heart beats up to 170 times per minute double that of humans. It was previously thought that a giraffe had a really big heart, but recent research has revealed that there isn’t room in the body cavity for this. Instead, the giraffe has a relatively small heart and its power comes from a very strong beat as a result of the incredibly thick walls of the left ventricle.

A giraffe’s skull. Ganito pla itsura nya.

Can you tell the difference between a jaguar and a leopard. Well, the jaguar tends to have larger rosettes with spots in the middle; the leopard has plain rosettes with no central spots.

A jaguar. She seems to be snobbish. See the rosettes with central spot.

The leopard….snobbish sila pareho hehehe.

Awesome scenery.  This is my favorite part of the zoo.

Singapore Zoo has more lot to offer. This is a perfect family place that everyone would enjoy.  Just don’t forget to grab some maps and schedules of activities in the entrance because you might miss some shows that every animal will perform.

To get there please visit this link .

I still got few more Singapore entries to share. Please be back. ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Chinatown in Singapore

On our 4th day,  we headed to Chinatown.

Any country in the world would have a Chinatown but Singapore’s version is quite different. The place is with colonial Dutch shop houses, a tourist attraction that showcase it’s contemporary mix culture and towering temples of the old. Large sections of it had been declared national heritage sites officially designated for conservation by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

A very clean Chinatown

I had been to Chinatown in other countries and among them, Singapore’s version stand-out. It’s rich culture and architecture made this trip very worthy.

Buddha Tooth Relic

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple rises up at the heart of the Chinatown.  The temple is considered as a living cultural monument inspired by the golden age of Buddhism in china during the Tang Dynasty.

Side View of the temple

The  Statues that Guard the Entrance of the Temple

A few walk from the Tooth Relic  is another interesting Temple

 Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest and most important Hindu temple in Singapore

Notice how intricate the gopuram is?

 I can say that this is a nice piece of art.

Aside from temples, Chinatown has so many things to see and explore.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

This is a museum located Pagoda Street. You can buy a ticket to visit. This museum display the outlook and history of Chinatown. We did not went inside though.

The buildings here are very prime examples of , Shop house architecture in Asia – with Portuguese, European, British and Colonial influences. The richer the owners are, the more elaborate the design – so you can usually tell from the facade the wealth and status of the original owners.

As any Chinatown, the streets are strewn with stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets for a very cheap price. Key chains of Singapore in 5’s are sold for SGD$10 which we found out was the cheapest when compared to everywhere else.  

We also found few camera stores in Pagoda street. ¬†We entered one and hubz ended up buying a wide angle lens. ūüôā

It was pass 1pm that we leave Chinatown and headed to Sinagpore Zoo. ¬†Up next….

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Bugis Street and some side trips

After our Esplanade, Merlion visit, we wandered around Bugis Market, one of the biggest and cheapest street market in Singapore, similar to our Divisoria.

¬†There is a Bugis Junction Mall which is connected to the MRT station. Shops in Bugis Junction Mall are the branded ones however if you really want bargain shopping, just cross the street and visit the Bugis Village. It‚Äôs a tiangge set up wherein you can haggle for the prices to be lower. You can buy clothes, Singapore souvenirs (key chains, t-shirts, etc.), food, and many others. ¬†If you are looking for ¬†souvenirs and pasalubong or just about anything, you will surely find it here. I am so sure of that. ūüôā

See how crowded the place was. Kakahilo sa init!

I saw lots of street food stand. I initially wanted to try kaso ang mantika ng food. I had too much oil in my stomach since day 1 in sg.

 Red sausage , tempting hahaha!

This is what I want, a refreshing drink. I had a serving of waterchestnut and this time, it was good compared with the one I had in Sentosa.

Syempre a famous pasalubong to friends- Keychains. I think we bought 30 pieces yata. I also bought a sleeveless blouse with layered panels for 300 pesos. Very cheap. ūüôā

Saglit lang kami sa Bugis, and init kasi hahaha, So we went back to Bugis Junction mall para magpalamig and I spotted J.Co. My favorite coffee tambayan  sa Pinas.

We had 2 alcapone, 1 green tease with almond (1sgd each). ¬†HUbz and my sister ordered frappe, I had a serving of hot j.coccino. ūüôā

After exploring Bugis, we went straight to our hotel and my sister went to her husband office for a bowling session,  we had a quick shower and went out to see my former officemate, hubz was also invited by his former officemate. So we went on a separate gala that evening.

My officemate/friend Mitch invited me to visit her place which is near Ikea.

Armed with a happy heart, we had a quick visit to her place and went to Ikea…Ikea was my favorite place when I was in Australia. ¬†I bought bed sheets for a very cheap price and some mumunting bagay for our home.

If you’ll ask san nagpunta si Hubs…well boy bonding sila ng friend nya dito.

Clarke Quay

Siguro we went home around 12 midnight na. We were so tired but of course very contented and happy. To visit Singapore Icons, buy pasalubong for family and friends and to see your former¬†colleagues ¬†are so so priceless. ūüôā

Up Next…day 4 in ¬†Singapore – Chinatown, Singapore Zoo, more on Clarke Quay sight-seeing. ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Singapore Icons – Merlion, Esplanade and MBS

On our 3rd day in Singapore, our itinerary was set to see Merlion Park and Esplanade.

The Merlion Park and Esplanade are two of the most recognizable landmarks in Singapore. They stand across each other, on the opposite sides of the rivers. A lot of people say… You’ve never been to Singapore unless you have a seen (and take photo) of these famous landmarks.

Once there was a legend about a mythical creature with the body of a fish and a head of a lion, thus amalgamating both terms ‘Mermaid’ and ‘Lion’ together into ‘Merlion.

This sign(One Fulelrton) which is adjacent to the Merlion Park  is photo fave of tourist  pero here, hinintay ko talagang ma clear sya hehehe

The Esplanade ‚Äď Theatres on the Bay is an awesome Theatre and Concert Hall complex that is the heart of the arts scene in Singapore. It is¬†¬†located on six hectares of waterfront land alongside Marina Bay¬†near the mouth of the Singapore River, purpose-built to be the centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore.

The building is colloquially known to locals as¬†“The Durian”¬†or¬†“The Big Durian”

 The structure has glass domes with cladding of aluminum sunshades, each uniquely shaped and intended for one exact location. It stops a greenhouse effect from heating up the structure.

Inside Esplanade Theater (click the photo for a larger view)

Marina Bay Sands

Maybe next time, if I have load of bucks I might try staying in MBS and enjoy the luxury it offers but for now, I will just enjoy it’s amazing architecture. ūüôā

The Singapore Flyer.
First impression was, yeah right another giant ferris wheel. The flyer is not just an ordinary ferris wheel ride, It has an air-conditioned capsule that can accommodate 28 persons so just imagine how big it is a. Currently it’s the world’s highest observation. I ¬†had this on my itinerary but because we have less time, we weren’t able to go there to have a try. Maybe soon….

By the way hubz took a panoramic views  of the lovely place.

Feel free to click on the beautiful panoramic views  for a full-frame view

After our Merlion, Esplanade and MBS sightseeing, we headed straight to Bugis, which I will share on my next update ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Universal Studio Singapore Part 2

Lost World

Divided into two themed areas: Jurassic Park  and WaterWorld, this zone is for fans of the two blockbuster movies, as they can experience a dense tropical forest where dinosaurs lurk, then watch death-defying stunts filled with thrills and spills!

Jurassic Park

Inside Jurassic you can try the Canopy Flyer, a flying vehicle that allow you to enjoy a prehistoric bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park.  which gently glides over the tree-tops.

Another favorite attraction in Jurassic Park is the Rapid Adventure. ¬†If you‚Äôve been to Enchanted Kingdom and have tried Rio Grande then you more or less have sort of already experienced Jurassic Park’s Rapid Adventure

Ay wala pa yung round car hahaha

Oh dinosaur!!!

Dinosaur Eggs –¬†A baby dinosaur becomes a companion in a photo portrait


It is ¬†based on the blockbuster film, ‚ÄúWaterworld‚ÄĚ, a scheduled live action show that you can watch in Universal Studios Singapore. Watching here, you¬†we get to witness a death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water at this sensational live water show,¬†apparently, there is a chance that you might get wet.

Amber Rock Climb

An attraction which allows guests to scale the walls of The Lost World to explore imitation precious stones and fossilised insects. A treasure awaits those able to climb to the top. You have to pay  an additional $5 per climb for this attraction.

Far Far Away

Another  popular (and my favorite)  among the visitors is the Far Far Away. It has kingdom alike atmosphere and has many attractions  in the area


They have the Shrek 4-D adventure, Donkey Live , Enchanted Airways and Magic Potion Spin.

Inside the¬†Shrek 4-D cinema¬†you will experience action from your seat to join Shrek the movie characters in their fairytale adventure. ¬†The seats jolt you at all the right times and you are bombarded with bursts of fine water spray and vibrations to give you the excellent 4D effect. Awesome…


 In Madagascar we tried the crate adventure.  Based on the most successful animated 4D  movie franchises of all time, the ride is a simple boat ride.

As you catch the ride inspired, you will get to see familiar characters such as Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo. Pambata nga talaga, a bit boring pag sa adults hahaha.

Our new friends –¬†With Marty, Melman, Alex and Gloria of Madagascar

USS was scheduled to close early (6.00pm) because they have an event that day. We remembered that we have a¬†$5 ¬†voucher for the food. So we hurriedly catch the food snacks. Many are about to close, luckily Fossil Fuel is still open…

¬†Upon ordering, we had a little misunderstanding with the crew. He didn’t understand what I am saying, kaya my sister, strike her singlish accent hahaha…

We had, French fries with beef and cheese and chicken fingers. Nakakabusog¬†in fairness…

After our snack, decided to leave USS but before that I must have a second look at the Universal Studio Store. 2nd look because before we start our USS exploration, I already entered this store and bought some souvenirs like shirts, pens, bags, magnets etc…hahaha

Husband took a photo our  USS souvenirs in our hotel.

My favorite is the USS globe that cost $21.90 (around Php 750)

It was pass 7 na when we exited USS, we were so damn tired, kaya I sat muna under this Candy Tree. ¬†It nice sana if the candies are real. It will surely ease my tired feet. ūüôā

As I’ve said, it was really a tiring day for us 3 but what‚Äôs important for us is that we ¬†enjoyed our day (Anniv day) to the fullest. ūüôā

Oh special thanks to my sister na sobrang napagod hahaha….

Salamat kapatid…lab yah!!!

More on our Singapore adventure for the meantime….

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Universal Studio Singapore Part 1

One of the most popular tourist destination when visiting Singapore is the Universal Studios Singapore.   It is the second Universal Studios theme park  open in Asia  and the first in Southeast Asia.

I can say that Universal Studios is all about fun. Just need the patience with the long lines and you‚Äôll definitely enjoy every ride. If you want to get away with long lines and large crowd, I suggest that you visit the USS on a weekday. ūüôā

Since we went there on a non-peak season our ticket cost 68sgd and it comes with a 10sgd voucher.

Universal Studios Singapore offers seven themed attractions Р  Madagscar, Far Far Away, the Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Lost World,  Hollywood, and New York.


It is the main entrance area of the park. Its only attraction, a broadway-style theatre, is accompanied by several restaurants and a variety of flagship shops. Being a replica of the famous Hollywood Boulevard, this area is filled with great architecture.  It also features a replica of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Character appearances like Po Panda,Frankenstein,  Woody Woodpecker, Winnie Woodpecker, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Beetle juice and Betty Boop will be seen in the streets once in while.

Hollywood – You will meet Frankie and Po Panda

Mae West strikes a sexy pose and lovely girl dancing gracefully

New York

This isn‚Äôt actually a ride, it‚Äôs more of an experience. ¬†In here you will experience the¬†incredible special effects done on a movie. ¬†There are two rooms that we passed through here. The first room is a briefing about Lights! Camera! explained by Mr. Spielberg’s video and the 2nd room is where you will see the entire special effect attractions.

¬†Steven Spielberg’s Lights! Camera! Action! – See how the windows are smashed on the 2nd photo. That is because of the hurricane special effects. Ang galing!

 Ancient Egypt

As the name suggests, the Ancient Egypt zone is themed after the rich Egyptian architecture and artifacts found during the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration in the 1930s Рvia

Sci-Fi City (Battle Galactica, Accelerator, Transformer the ride)

 Battlestar Galactica has two different tracks,  The red  called Human and the blue  is called Cylon.  The Human loop is a closed car like a regular roller-coaster. The Cylon loop is where you ride with your feet hanging in mid-air. (spell scaryyyy!!!)

This ride looks scary hahaha. Would you dare try this?

Accelerator –¬†If roller coasters aren’t your thing, then a spin on the Accelerator could be just the ticket. A wild spinning ride, the Accelerator is based upon the ideas of electricity and power, including solar and wind power. Whirling guests around like electrons around a nucleus, the Accelerator provides thrills and chills.

My sister excited to start the spinning. 

The crowd was of course gathered at the park’s¬†newest¬†attraction – TRANSFORMERS The Ride!

We weren’t able to get inside because there were¬†long queues. ¬†So did some photo opps na lang.

By the way, the¬†estimated waiting time was 120 minutes. Two whole hours. ¬†Grabe di ba? ¬†Too bad…but who knows, we might comeback ūüôā

So, It’s almost midnight and I am so sleepy. Will continue my Universal Studio Singapore chronicles. Ta-dah!!!

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Imbiah Lookout and Merlion

After exploring Palawan Beach, we took our quick lunch in Koufu,  which is open  9AM-9PM.  Food here are a bit pricey compared to mainland prices.

So we had pork (parang sweet and sour) and¬†hainanese chicken. ¬†My sister and I didn’t like what we had. Our food was a bit bland. Si hubz, he said the food was okay daw. ¬† Well, knowing hubz, kahit ano okay naman sa kanya, hahaha.¬†Buti na lang I ordered, ¬†fried dumplings. Kahit papano, nagkalasa yung lunch namin. Each meal by the way cost¬†S$5.

For dessert we also had ice kachang. It ¬†is traditionally served in a shallow bowl and shaped up to appear like a mountain on a small bowl. The syrups not only add colors but also flavor to this simple and yet exquisite ice dessert. ¬†I enjoyed it. Ang init kasi that time sa Sentosa. ¬†We also had water chestnut that taste like iced water. ūüė¶

If you will be in this part of Sentosa, I suggest you to eat somewhere else na lang. ¬†ūüė¶

Moving on….

We took the shuttle bus to Imbiah lookout where the Merlion is located.

The  Sentosa shuttle bus is free when you are already inside Sentosa which will go around the island and to various attractions

Upon arriving at Imbiah lookout,  I initially wanted to try the Luge but the waiting line is so long so we decided to try Tiger Sky tower.  

Tiger Sky Tower  standing 110-meters tall, the tallest observation tower in Singapore. The ride takes you 131 meters above sea level, giving you a wonderful panoramic views of Sentosa , Singapore and  Southern Island.

 From the top of the Sky Tower, you can see all the way to Malaysia and Indonesia

That’s us at the top of Sentosa Tiger Sky Tower. Happy looking. If it was my first time malamang kinakabahan na ko but since I already tried something like this in Hongkong, all smile na.

During the 10 minute ride, there is a cabin commentary describing the history of Sentosa and its surroundings as well as pointing out various places of interest visible from the cabin.

Ticket cost S$15 for adults/$12 for kids and is open 9AM Р9PM daily.

After the Tiger Sky tower ride, we were led by my sister to this famous statue. The Merlion. There are 5 Merlion statues recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board, including the one standing in Sentosa Island.

The Merlion, as said, he stand 37 metre and and rise 60 metre above sea level.

The Sentosa Merlion is the 40th tallest statue in the world.

If you want  closer Merlion encounter, it will cost S$8 for adults and S$5 for kids. You can take the lift to go to the 9th floor and see the island through the Merlion’s Mouth Gallery Viewing Deck or to the 12th floor for an even better view.

We weren’t able to explore the Merlion Park because ¬†I am so excited to see Universal Stuido. It was pass 2pm already.

We hurriedly took the Sentosa express and alighted Waterfront Station.

¬†When I saw the arrow going to Universal, I was so giddy to take big steps to get there ūüôā

More stories, up next….

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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Sentosa Express and Palawan Beach

May 24…it’s our actual anniversary day. Hubz and I are together for 9 year already, ang saya di ba? To make it more special, I scheduled ¬†our Sentosa and Universal Studio on that day.

So we started our day with a hearty breakfast, a complimentary from our hotel.

Hubz ordered Nasi Lemak while I ordered american breakfast. ¬†Two sunny side eggs…yaiks. Syempre I gave the other sunny side to hubz.

After the breakfast, my ever bait sister, went to the hotel to fetch us. ūüôā

We took the MRT to get to Sentosa.

To get to there, take  North-East Line MRT rail system, alight at HarbourFront Station.

From HarbourFront, there are many ways to get to Sentosa, but we opted to take the Sentosa Express.  It is located at the 3rd level (Lobby L) of VivoCity shopping mall but before we went to  buy the tickets, my sister brought us at the rooftop of the mall.

VivoCity’s rooftop. Amazingly beautiful!

The Sentosa Express. View from Vivo City

After a few photo opps…we bought our¬†Sentosa Pass for S$3. ¬†By the way one can also enter the island via Sentosa Express using your ez-link card.

The Sentosa Express is a light rail system that provides easy access to Sentosa. ¬†Stations are as follows – Sentosa, Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach station ūüôā

Sentosa Express at one of the station.

We  first went to Palawan Beach (Beach Staion)

Nice fine sand…but for me our beaches are more prestine. ūüôā

This is the suspension boardwalk that leads ¬†to Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, known as the closest point to the Equator in Asia. ūüôā

If you are in this part of the beach, your at the Southern tip of Sentosa ūüôā

There is nothing much to see in this part of Sentosa but the the relaxing  fresh air and peacefulness of the place is priceless.

Just sitting here is a moment of quietness

That’s us goofing around ūüôā

Up Next…Universal Studio ūüôā

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Singapore…I am beginning to love this place

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